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The mission of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS is to improve the lives of children and youth struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We provide cost effective relief, services, medical and social support, education and advocacy to help these victims achieve their full life potential.
Jan 24, 2013

They are Going to School!!

Sahara with Micael, volunteer and siblings
Sahara with Micael, volunteer and siblings

Friends, you did it!  Your donations are enabling three siblings in Mombasa, Kenya to go to school.  I just returned from Mombasa last night and am so excited to tell you that I had the chance to visit with Sahara, Micael and Brian, along with their younger siblings.  They are soooo excited to go to school!

The kids were sweet, shy, clean, and excited.  They thanked me over and over again for "allowing" them to go to school and told me quietly how they hope to become "someone better" when they are educated.  I could see a fire in their little eyes, an excitement. As I looked around the single room space they call home, I could see why they want an education.  They want to get out of this slum and they want to have a better life than what they currently have.  While their space was clean and orderly, their living situation is not what any child would dream of.  And these kids know that the only way out of a slum is through education that leads to a good job. 

Thank you for making this happen, friends.  Thank you for caring enough that you'd donate to allow these kids to have a chance at a future.

On their behalf,


Jan 2, 2013

Three Goats and a Kit

Gabriel and Gibon with goats
Gabriel and Gibon with goats

Covenant Christian School in Harrisburg, PA raised funds to purchase three goats and a veterinary kit for children in Zimbabwe.  While the kids had the option to pay a dollar in order to wear jeans to school one day,  many chose to donate much more and they surpassed their goal!

Here's a note received from Mr. Khumalo, who presented three pregnant female goats to two boys and the veterinary kit to a veterinary assistant trained in by our program. "The goats were given to the orphans, Gabriel, a boy aged sixteen and his brother, Gibon, aged twelve. They come from Sizeze village. Their mother died in 2005 and they are currently staying with their sickly and unemployed father. The boys say, "it is great to know that there are children who care about us who can go an extra mile to an extent of giving us the life-changing gift of goats. We can't wait to have our own herd and to always have milk to drink".

The veterinary kit was presented to Yekelani Ncube, a trained veterinary assistant who is working hard to assist orphan families. He also comes from Sizeze.

Thank you for making donation that affect children like Gabriel and Gibon - you are changing their lives and giving them a future.

Happy 2013!

Gabriel and Gibon
Gabriel and Gibon's house
Mr. Ncube with his vet kit
Mr. Ncube with his vet kit


Jan 2, 2013

Water for the Land

Me tasting a tomato from a greenhouse...yum!
Me tasting a tomato from a greenhouse...yum!

Water is a rare commodity in Mombasa, Kenya.  With a drought which has plagued this part of the country for the past 7 years, the land is dry and plants find it hard to grow.  While greenhouses are a wonderful solution to production of good food, they also need water.  The Portriez farm has a borehole, so the greenhouse and garden are doing wonderfully and veggies will be ready to harvest in one month.

The larger piece of land owned by our partners in Mombasa is 50 acres and we'd love to establish 10 greenhouses there.  What is stopping us?  Water.  A borehole must be dug, but this is expensive (approximately $17k).  AFCA is looking for partners who might be interested in helping meet this need.  Maybe you know someone who'd like to donate specifically towards a borehole?  Or, maybe you know someone who has a company who drills these boreholes and who'd like to lend their expertize?  Or, maybe you know someone in an organization who does just this sort of thing and you'd be willing to speak on our behalf so that they will partner with us?  If any of these ring true with you, please don't hesitate to contact me at  I'd love to hear from you so that we can get these other greenhouses up and functioning, to benefit children who need good food in order to stay healthy.

Happy New Year, all of you.  Thank you for helping our kids.


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