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The mission of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS is to improve the lives of children and youth struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We provide cost effective relief, services, medical and social support, education and advocacy to help these victims achieve their full life potential.
Jun 10, 2013

A Family is Helped

Innocent, Bandile and Perfect
Innocent, Bandile and Perfect

Simon Moyo is an 81 year old guardian who is looking after Innocent Moyo who is 5 years old, Bandile Moyo, 3 years old and Perfect Moyo who is 2 years old. They reside in Mayezane village. The 3 children lost their parents two years ago, and since then, the children have been staying with their grandfather, who struggles to purchase food, clothes, and blankets to stay warm.  He has found it impossible to pay the school fees for Innocent who should be in kindergarden.

Thanks to this project, this small family received three pregnant goats, which are doing really well in their new home. The manure is helping the garden grow (they also received seeds as part of this project) and everyone is excited, waiting for the baby goats to be born.

In the words of a child much older than his real 5 years of age, little Innocent said,“having goats has been the most exciting thing that happened in my life. I enjoy driving goats into the kraal in the evening. I can see the life of my family change for the better as the flock size grows. I can't wait to hold the little goats and to see them grow up.  And, I really like drinking milk - I hadn't tasted it before and I find that I really like it.”

Thank you for giving hope to Simon and his grandchildren! Thank you for changing lives in a country so far away...this is truly a hand up, not a hand out.  

Simon and the kids
Simon and the kids
May 29, 2013

Some Guinea Fowls for Nyaradzo


While guinea fowl is not a bird we usually have on our daily tables for dinner, it will be a delicious meal to 30 orphan families, thanks to your generosity.  These families, headed by adolescents who were left to care for younger siblings when their parents died, were each given 4 hens and one male guinea fowl, along with training on how to care for their animals and the know-how to detect illness before it causes death to their livestock. 

Nyaradzo was given her starter flock and she couldn't be more thrilled.  She never dreamed of becoming a business woman, but with the proper training and the gift of her flock, she is well on her way.  Now, with support from the ZOE team in Zimbabwe, she and many other heads of households have the ability to become owners of large flocks, providing protein and funds for their families.  During the first year of the project, these families may eat eggs, but they cannot eat the birds themselves.  So, they learn to budget their eggs - some for eating and some for growing chicks.  As their flock grows and time goes by, they will be able to eat, sell and barter their birds, but only once they have an established flock that can sustain the removal of birds from time to time.

You, through your participation in this project, have given Nyaradzo and her siblings a gift no one else has ever given her - the ability of fending for herself.  She and her siblings will soon be able to return to school, thanks to earnings that will pay for school fees.  She and her siblings already have protein to add to their meager diets.  And, she has hope for a future. 

On behalf of Nyaradzo and the other 29 families you've supported through this project -THANK YOU. 

May 29, 2013

We did it!

Spiwe and her children
Spiwe and her children

What seemed quite impossible to do has been done!  We aimed high and decided to enter Give for Youth's Matching Challenge in March.  With a great call to action and lots of time spent on social media sites, we were able to raise funds for children like Tabiso, Ropafadzo, Mduduzi and many more.

One family, headed up by a widow named Spiwe, received rabbits which they can raise for meat and manure.  How exciting it is to know that our efforts and your generosity produced such hope and joy in the lives of others!  Spiwe and her children are so excited to see how their rabbits reproduce and as they are sold, become food, blankets, school fees, soap, and rent for them.  They are thrilled to know that people they've never met cared enough for them and that they, after many trainings in how to care for small livestock, were called to receive their animals.  So far, so good!  The rabbits are healthy and with the last bit of rains that came on Zimbabwe, they had plenty of greens to eat.  Babies are being born and their warren is growing!

Thank you so much for your generosity, friends.  Without you, Spiwe and the kids wouldn't have their bunnies and the hope that came with them.

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