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WRC empowers Cambodian women by providing emotional support and information that enhances their ability and confidence to make informed decisions about their own lives. In a society where women hold significantly less influence than males and disparities in health, education, economic opportunity and personal safety, WRC believes access to information is by far the most effective way to promote women's equality and human rights. Providing information and programs related to health education, mental health counseling, legal aid, family life, literacy education and work skills training builds on each woman's strengths, abilities, and confidence, with which WRC aim to positively impact the wa...
Dec 21, 2012

URGENT: Holiday Matching Gift BONUS Offer for Women's Resource Center

Your monthly gift helps girls like Sreysor
Your monthly gift helps girls like Sreysor

Hello and happy holidays! I have great news to share with you: In an act of extraordinary holiday cheer, an anonymous donor has offered to match recurring gifts to Women’s Resource Center’s project for rest of this month! This means that when you commit to give monthly to WRC right now, your first gift doubles to help girls like Sreysor, pictured here.

Although her life in Cambodia afforded her only an 8th grade education, thanks to your kind help, 16-year-old Sreysor just completed WRC’s two-month women’s health course. Here’s what she told us afterward: “I think it’s very important that I understand now that when I get married, I can make a decision not to have a baby if we can’t afford it yet.”

Sreysor is spreading the word, too: “After 7 sessions of WRC’s health education workshop, I visited home and shared this information with my sister and with my neighbor, who has many children because she didn’t know about family planning. After sharing this, I saw her again later. She said, ‘Now I use a [birth control] method that my husband doesn’t know about because if he knew, he wouldn’t allow me to use it.’”

With your help, we’re not only reaching the girls in our classes – through them, we’re educating and empowering entire communities of women.

Your monthly gift to WRC helps ensure that we can continue our fight to empower Cambodian girls through health education they simply can’t get anywhere else.

Please act now so we don’t miss out on this excellent matching gift opportunity!

Monthly commitments up to $100 will be matched, but only if enough people sign on to activate this time-sensitive offer. A gift in any amount truly does make a difference:

  • $10 a month provides educational materials for 8 women in need
  • $30 a month provides a women's health and contraception session for 8 teenage girls
  • $100 a month Provides positive parenting skills for 8 parents

For more information about the offer, please visit the GlobalGiving website.  Thank you so much for your continued support of Women’s Resource Center Cambodia. Your generosity is changing women’s lives every day. 


Sally Douglas

Nov 21, 2012

I'm devastated, and thankful

Yesterday evening, as I was wrapping up for the day, our health facilitator came into my office to discuss a young Cambodian woman who had called her for help.  

She was nearly three months pregnant. Her boyfriend left, and she’s scheduled to visit her mother next week. Due to a legitimate fear of being shunned for life by her own family, she felt she had no choice but to end the pregnancy, and fast – before seeing her mother.

Rather than referring her to a doctor, this woman’s pharmacist sold her a sketchy mix of pills and enemas to end her pregnancy. (Safe abortions are available in Cambodia, but not so widely available as misinformation and druggists looking to make a buck.) Last night, our staff worked to get in touch with this woman – who never had the benefit of sex education – with the vital information she needs to ensure this decision doesn’t cost her life. 

I’m devastated that another young woman may lose her life today to fear and misinformation. But at the same time, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that we’ve come so far. A year ago, we had no health facilitator. Today, because of all the support you’ve given us, this woman has someone to turn to for emotional support and information that – hopefully – will save her life.

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in Cambodia, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thankful. Truly, we wouldn’t be where we are today, helping women like this every week, without for generous friends like you.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sally Douglas
Women's Resource Center, Siem Reap, Cambodia 


Oct 10, 2012

Thank you for supporting our successful educational workshops!

Center Manager Pisey and Health Facilitator Ratana
Center Manager Pisey and Health Facilitator Ratana

WRC is proud to report that our schedule of Center activities over the past few months has been full and fruitful—something not possible without the generosity of our GlobalGiving supporters.

Recently WRC welcomed the newest addition to our team, Sophal, our Legal Aid Workshop Facilitator.  Sophal recently graduated from the Royal University of Law and Economy in Phnom Penh and has moved to Siem Reap to join the WRC team and follow her passion of contributing to women’s empowerment.  Sophal will soon recommence WRC’s Legal Aid Workshops to continue raising awareness about women’s rights during instances of domestic violence, family law, property settlements, child custody and reproductive rights.

Last week ten parents (8 women and 2 men) completed the final session of WRC’s eight week ‘Parent’s Talk’ workshop where the topics of: child development, the importance of play, positive parenting strategies, building a happy family, healthy body and healthy mind, child rights and child protection were discussed. Some feedback from the participants included: 

"I feel more confident as a parent and have more skills..." also "I now know my children's needs, and can help their development" and "...I understand how domestic violence can impact children." The next group of 8 mothers and fathers started last Friday 5/10/12, with the wonderful Pisey.

Ratana who WRC welcomed on board in July after she recently graduated from 4 years of nursing study and training, continues to facilitate WRC’s successful Health Workshops.  Last week 10 young women completed the final session of WRC’s eight week sessions covering the following topics: how the body works, feminine hygiene, contraception, birth spacing, family planning, pre and post-natal mental health, danger signs during pregnancy and labor and safe abortion.  Participants report feeling an increase in confidence with more knowledge about their bodies and how to stay healthy. 

The WRC team felt very proud that our Center Manager, Pisey, delivered a TedX type talk to a group of young women at the Bamboo Dorm in July about the importance of education in all its forms to achieve one’s life and career goals. Pisey was touched by the moving feedback she received from the girls after sharing her inspiring and powerful story about her life as a young Khmer girl and the hard work and persistence she took to become all that she stands for today.

Following up from our last report, Pisey held 3 workshop sessions at the Camp GLOW retreat (a camp/retreat for young women to learn about their bodies, health prevention and much more). Pisey shared inspiring sessions to a group of high-school aged girls about setting and striving towards one’s life goals, healthy versus unhealthy relationships and self-awareness.

WRC also continues to operate as a drop in center for women to come and share their problems and worries and we are excited to see almost all women returning to speak with us. They return to talk through their options and share their feeling of relief and increased confidence after talking through their issue with us. 

We thank you for your continued support as we proceed to impact the lives of women here in Cambodia.

Best wishes to you from the WRC Team.

Parents Talk Workshop in action
Parents Talk Workshop in action
Ratana's Health Workshop - small group activity
Camp GLOW 4 day camp/retreat
Camp GLOW 4 day camp/retreat


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