We're re-booting February 14 as Generosity Day
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You've probably been planning for tomorrow to involve a fancy dinner, a Hallmark card, some roses, and/or a few too many chocolates.
But you do that every year!

What if this year you gave a Valentine to a girl you don’t know?
If you give a gift like this tomorrow, your act of sheer generosity will help kick-start a worldwide movement in re-booting February 14 as Generosity Day.

What if, for one day, we all committed to spreading love, being generous, and saying "yes" to people and causes that need our help?  We have a hunch that you’re just the kind of person who might be into this. Sign the Generosity Day pledge here, and click here to find a cause that warms your heart.
Happy Generosity Day,
Alison Carlman and the GlobalGiving Team
p.s. To prevent any relationship problems that may stem from giving a gift to a girl you don’t know, consider making your donation in honor of your original Valentine, and sending a personalized e-card or print-at-home tribute card as evidence of your love and generosity.
p.p.s.  Just to demonstrate how grateful I am for you, I gave your Valentine to someone else. :)

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