A donation was made in your name by Alison on GlobalGiving.org to "Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India," a project of Karuna Trust.
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You must be pretty incredible. How do we know? Because Alison just gave you a generous gift, choosing to honor you with a donation to Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India, a project on GlobalGiving.org.

Alison asked us to pass on a personal message as well:

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About this project:
Empower girls like Priti in slums in Pune, India
13 year old Priti lives in Burma Cell, a slum of corrugated iron huts in the suburbs of Pune. This empowerment project helps 1,100 girls like Priti take control of their lives each year. Confidence is the key to escaping the poverty cycle of illiteracy, child-labour, child-marriage and ill-health that these girls are trapped in. This project provides the girls with the skills and confidence to engage in society and it challenges traditional views and stereotypes about gender roles.
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