GlobalGiving Terms and Conditions

1.    Fees – There is no set-up fee or monthly fee to post your project on The GlobalGiving Foundation (“GGF”) retains a flat 15% fee from each donation received online or by check to support organizations in their fundraising efforts. The donor has the option of making a separate 15% donation to the GlobalGiving Foundation so that 100% of the donation amount will be granted to your charity.

2.    Disbursement – Approximately monthly, GGF will forward funds to your organization. For international wire transfers, GGF does not disburse less than $250. GGF will provide the amount to be allocated to each project you have posted at In all cases, GGF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel transfers to your organization if it is not satisfied with the progress of your organization’s project or the contents of any update or report.

3.    Use of Funds and Duration of Project on – You commit that funds disbursed for projects will be used only for activities described on the corresponding project page at and any of its sister sites and only for the exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. No GGF funds, nor income there from, shall be used for efforts to influence legislation or to intervene for or against political candidates. Projects that continue to receive donations, but have not reached 100% of total funds requested, will remain on until completely funded, and you may request that a project be deactivated at any time. Projects receiving no donations after one year or failing to report for two consecutive quarters will be marked as ‘retired’ and removed from the site.

4.    Multiple Projects – Once you have been approved, you may post multiple projects to the website.

5.    Copyright - GGF shares the copyright with you to the project content and other media (pictures, video, etc.) uploaded to and will attribute content used to your organization.

6.    Use of Logo and Name - GGF may use your name and/or your logo for display purposes on and in marketing efforts designed to obtain donors for your project.

7.    Reporting - You agree to provide brief quarterly updates for each project you have posted on GGF will display updates on your project page and will e-mail them to donors. [Upon GGF’s request], you will provide annual narrative and financial reports regarding the progress made on the funded project(s) and detailing how all funds provided by GGF and any income earned there from were spent. You also agree to maintain adequate books and records regarding your use of the funds provided by GGF, to allow GGF access to such books and records at reasonable times, and to cooperate with periodic visits to your projects by GG staff and other visitors, as agreed upon by you and the Foundation.

8.    Donor Privacy – GGF will forward name and e-mail information for each donor to your project who has chosen to allow GGF to forward this information for the sole purpose of sending thank you notes. Physical addresses are not available. You commit to not redistribute to any third party the donor information you receive from GGF or to automatically sign these donors up for your own organization’s communications.

9.    Volunteer Disclaimer - As a service to its member organizations GlobalGiving lists on its website volunteer opportunities offered by its member organizations. By participating in this service and forwarding information on volunteer opportunities to GlobalGiving, you agree that GlobalGiving shall have no liability to you with respect to any aspect of this service, including your selection, retention and termination of volunteers. For example, you acknowledge that in electing to accept volunteer services offered you have done so only after independently making your own inquiries and assessment as to whether the professional skills and background of any such individual are appropriate for the needs of your organization.

Notwithstanding the above, GGF retains the right to change these terms and conditions and will notify signatory within 30 days of such changes.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the above GGF Community Terms and Conditions.