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Lucy Mariela Cachi Lopez is fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the skill of dental hygienist to raise her from subsistence poverty level to a woman who will be able to support herself, and in turn help her Bolivian community and her family. Lucy speaks directly to you about how much this schooling and the payment of all her costs for a year will mean to her: This opportunity gives me the chance to become someone who can help others, and I promise that I will not give away this chance!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Lucy Mariela Cachi Lopez will be given a living allowance so that she may attend school for an entire year. Her uniform and other school equipment expenses will be covered, as will her portion of the salary of her instructors. She will be helped with bus fare as needed, and she will not have to worry how she can feed herself and her family by going to school, rather than working at a subsistence wage with no secure housing.

How will this project solve this problem?

Lucy's tuition and other expenses will be paid, so that she will not risk dropping out of school. She will be able to dedicate herself to intense training and studying, and not to simply the worry of survival as a young woman in one of the poorest areas of one of the poorest countries in the world.

Potential Long Term Impact

Lucy's schooling will help to not only give her a secure footing for her and her family's future, but she will through her training and outreach clinics actually personally help hundreds during her time as a student. Then she will go on to bring much-needed dental care to the wider indigenous community, and help break the circle of poverty by having a marketable skill. Dental care is so lax in Bolivia that many of the cases seen are truly health emergencies, and much suffering can be averted.

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