Provide Shoes for 45 Kids in Eastern DR Congo


Project Leader

Annette Scarpitta
No. 26, Ave. de la Paix
Uvira, Kimanga District
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
243-81-31-833-74 OR 243-99-41-900-83


Avenue de la Paix
Mwami Road, No. 26
Uvira, Kimanga District 0000
Congo, Democratic Republic of the
(+243) 81 31 833 74

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Project Personnel

Christine Mukalay, Valentine Matunda, Bernadette Ntumba, Celestin Mbarato, Neema Bichingini, Byadunia Mashuhuri, Theodore Mufano, Christine Kanku, Savant Kulimba, Cecile Kalubi, Boniface Ngwangwa, Karahusi Nabintu, Jean Pierre Oko, Antoine Lwaboshi, Bernadette (Kayembe) Ntumba, Pelagie Misasa, Josephine Bitondo, Jacques Kitabo, Mafumba Seni


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