Plant 1000 seedlings in the Brazilian rainforest



The Iracambi Forest Tree Nursery is one of the most popular spots on Iracambi: a focal point and meeting place for researchers, volunteers and Junior Scientists @ Iracambi. We produce 10,000 seedlings a year of more than 50 native species, and now that the rains have come we have 1000 trees ready to be planted. We plan to plant them in the Pico da Graminha Forest Reserve, which is an area adjoining the Serra do Brigadeiro State Park that provides habitat for a variety of endangered species.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Part of the Pico da Graminha Forest Reserve has been deforested and we are planning a reforestation campaign in March/April with the help of the Junior Scientists @ Iracambi and Iracambi Volunteers. This will involve taking first the trees from our forest nursery up to the reforestation area, and then the kids who are going to plant the trees. We'll also need to give them a snack to keep their energy levels high.

How will this project solve this problem?

Reforesting this area will extend the area of protected forest, providing habitat for the highly endangered muriqui, (shortlisted as mascot for the 2016 Olympics) as well as the masked titi monkey and howler monkey, the ocelot, the margay and other endangered species that we have registered with our night cameras. Moving the trees out of the nursery will also give us the opportunity to make more seedlings for next year's planting season.

Potential Long Term Impact

Long term impact will be on the health of the forest, and we plan to ensure that the kids are engaged in continuing to care for the trees they plant.We have already seen how their enthusiasm spills over to their friends and families, encouraging them to join in the campaign to plant 1000 seedlings, which will increase habitat for endangered species, include our Junior Scientists as forest guardians, and give you, dear donors, the opportunity to join us in this exciting project

Funding Information

This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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