Help girls in rural Niger achieve their dreams!

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Nomadic students living in rural, remote areas of Niger face extreme poverty and hardship with no chance to continue their studies after primary school, as there is rarely a school to attend. These students find new opportunity at the RAIN Learning Center and Dormitory. This project supports girls' dream of attending secondary school with a place to live, study, tuition, meals, and tutoring. In the works: a mentoring, program resource center, and more.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The literacy rate of rural Niger is less than 15%, and girls especially face daunting challenges to staying in school, dropping out before the 4th grade. Most desert rural children are nomadic and must live at school while their parents search for pastureland. Their communities are hundreds of miles away from secondary schools, so even if a child successfully graduates primary school there is no opportunity to go on. Extreme poverty and hardships from droughts compound obstacles to education.

How will this project solve this problem?

Rural students find new opportunity at our learning center. Located in the Niger city of Agadez, the center and dormitory houses ambitious students from rural desert hamlets. They live, study and receive tuition, meals, and tutoring. Now in its first year, plans for 2014 include a mentoring program, practical skills training, a resource center and more.

Potential Long Term Impact

Investing in a girl's future is investing in the world's future. Girls that stay in school delay marraige, have fewer children and earn higher incomes. The rural poor of Niger are marginalized, but with more educated citizens will be more empowered. As RAIN expands the center, we expect to set a new precedent in Niger. As girls in our mentoring programs graduate from primary school, they will have an option to continue their studies they would otherwise not have.

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Mentoring for At-Risk Nomadic Girls in Rural Niger
Rural Niger, West Africa has a 10% literacy rate, and girls rarely progress past the fourth grade - instead staying at home to work or marrying as young teens. RAIN offers mentoring to at-risk nomadic and rural girls to keep them succeeding in school. Girls learn from local women volunteering as mentors in traditional and life skills. Mentors are also trained in hygiene as well as gender specific health and life issues to offer guidance and advocate with parents and teachers. project reportread updates from the field


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