Train 20 Indigenous Health Workers in Panama

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Indigenous Woonaan tribal communities in Panama are drinking contaminated water and child illnesses are common. Agua Pura Para El Pueblo will train and support local health workers to test drinking water and make it safe.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Native Wounaan communities in forested areas of Eastern Panama live traditional lives of hunting, fishing and small scale farming. However they face increasing challenges from outside violence, drug smuggling, illegal logging and cattle ranching. Hundreds of families are forced to drink polluted water causing dangerous illnesses, especially in children. The Panamanian government offers little help.

How will this project solve this problem?

Agua Pura Para El Pueblo was invited to meet with Wounaan leaders to discuss their water problems. An agreement was reached so that Agua Pura will train local health workers to accurately test water for bacterial contamination. These health workers and others will monitor local water sources and help families learn ways to purify their water. Agua Pura will provide supplies for testing and for purification such as Water Purification Indicators.

Potential Long Term Impact

The Wounaan tribes of Panama are trying to become more self sufficient and independent. They want to clean up their water supplies and keep their families healthy. Local health workers and others will gain knowledge about water and contamination that will help hundreds of families in the region. Agua Pura will work to transfer responsibility for the training programs to the Wounaan tribes.

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