Upsala Circus is an unique project, which shows children and teenagers from social risk groups in St. Petersburg with the method of circus pedagogy an alternative from the street and to integrate them into the society. As the only organization of it's kind in Russia, Upsala Circus directly connects the professional circus and theatre art, with social work. By the everyday training in the circus and attendance at circus festivals, the children and teenagers from social risk groups experience exciting and difficult challenges.The circus is referring to "high risk" nearly like the life on the street. It simply appeals to them with magic, lets them explore their individual skills and...
Oct 4, 2013

Festival Flying Children

Dear friends,

We're happy to tell you that with the support of our donors, our partners and the Committee for Culture in St.Petersburg, we were able to organize another annual festival for kids and grown-ups Flying Children in September 2013.

It is a kind of festival that demonstrates that the social theatre and circus projects, and projects that work with children, or with people with disabilities, can be as splendid and popular as the professional ones.

This year our circus tent welcomed a children's circus from Estonia, a professional art company from France, a non-traditional circus from Moscow, and of course our own show - "The niece" - where the main role is played by a wonderful and bright artist with a Down syndrome.

The festival space was even more fun than the last year: the visitors could participate in circus and percussion workshops, read children books and have cupcakes and other food. And as usual, one whole day of the three festival days was dedicated to our audience from social projects: a free show was organized for underprivileged families and children from orphanages and children's homes.

Thank you for making the colorful circus world more accessible for everybody!

Jul 10, 2013

Our new circus show "The niece"

Dear Friends,

We are proud to tell you about our new circus show based on the drawings of a well-known St.Peterburg artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky. The main role in the show is played by a very special Upsala-Circus artist: a 9-year-old Anton, a boy with Down syndrome who is a member of our Special Child group. This show is Anton's first experience of being on stage, in front of the audience, in the stage lights. And inspite of all the difficulties that Anton and his trainers met during the rehearsals, Anton is truly the star of the show, and he draws all the attention to himself when he is on stage.

After the premiere in June, the circus group went on tour to Europe for 1.5 months, all 9 artists of the show including Anton (to ease his experience in the tour far from home, his trainer from the Special Child group came with him). They have already visited France and England, and are now on their way to Luxembourg and Germany.

We are extremely thankful to all our donors and friends, who made this show possible: the props, the costumes and the special effects cost a lot, but the show is always the high point of our work with children. It is during those moments on stage that the children realize they can bring joy to others, that they are respected and admired by other children and adults, their own parents and trainers.

Mar 11, 2013

The only children circus tent in St.Petersburg

Show at the opening
Show at the opening

Dear Friends,

In 2012 our longterm dream has finally become true: 12 years after the organization was founded, we managed to open our own big circus tent for children that is functioning all year round. Before that we had only a small tent that was set every summer and kept in the garage for the rest of the year. The new tent is the whole world for the children we work with -- and it's important for them that the trainings, the rehearsals and the performances are conducted in this bright and colorful space where they can feel not only like young artists performing for the audience, but also like hosts welcoming guests in their own private territory, on their own terms.

The initial capital for the tent was donated by our private donor in Germany, and later we organized a fundraising campaign and cherished every small donation we got to finally build the tent, to construct the seats and the stage, to buy the necessary sound and light equipment. We still need to design the outside of the tent, which now looks just like an ordinary round building, but we believe that with the help of our supporters we can make this happen.

Our tent is a huge benefit for all our projects: now we are able to transfer our projects with children with disabilities (Special Child project) and children in a closed correctional institution (Circus behind the Fence project) at least partly to our own circus tent, so that the children will have a possibility to rehearse in a space very different from the dull pale green walls of their schools.

Please see for youself the joy of children from groups of social risk performing at the opening ceremony of the first circus tent for children in St.Petersburg -- on our photos.

Thanks for your support!


Upsala-Circus team

Special Child group at the tent
Special Child group at the tent
Circus behind the Fence group at the tent
Circus behind the Fence group at the tent
The outside of the tent
The outside of the tent
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