Africa SOMA Inc.

Africa SOMA sees education as a central tool in improving the lives of all people. In Kenya, progress has been made in expanding access to education, however large hurdles remain: quality is often low, secondary schools are prohibitively expensive, and often the most vulnerable groups, such as Maasai pastoralists, continue to be unable to access even primary education. Improving participation in schooling requires creative solutions that lower barriers to entry and improve the learning environment. Our programs aspire to contribute to such creative solutions. We work in partnership with local organizations and community members and promote community investment and involvement in all of our p...
All recipients of Africa SOMA scholarships come from the two school districts of Elangata Wuas, Kenya.
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88563, 36.58411)
Area where Gladys is from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88626, 36.58379)
Area where scholarship students are from
Unnamed Road, Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88571, 36.58445)
Community Africa SOMA Scholars come from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88658, 36.58520)
Community Damaris is from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88666, 36.58387)
Community where Africa SOMA's 2014 Scholarship Winners are from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88588, 36.58393)
Community where Damaris is from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88691, 36.58428)
Community where Emily is from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88592, 36.58389)
Community where Yvonne is from
Unnamed Road, Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88520, 36.58355)
Community where the Elangata Wuas Library and Resource Centre's Computer Lab is located
Elangata Waus, Kenya
From report: Computer Lab
(-1.88512, 36.58405)
Elangata Wuas is the town center for the region from where our scholarship students come from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88575, 36.58368)
Elangata Wuas, Kajiado District, Kenya
Rift Valley, Kenya
(-1.89775, 36.59951)
Location of the Elangata Wuas Resource Center and Library
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88618, 36.58392)
Mile 46 town centre, Elangata Wuas group ranch, Kajiado District, Kenya.
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88622, 36.58440)
Organization Headquarters Address
5180 Rue de Mentana, Montreal, QC H2J 3C4, Canada
(45.53054, -73.58788)
Organization's Headquarters
5180 Mentana St, Montreal, QC H2J 3C4, Canada
(45.53053, -73.58789)
Region Gideon is from
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88631, 36.58430)
Region where Africa SOMA Scholarship students come from
Unnamed Road, Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88601, 36.58392)
The Computer Lab is located inside the Elangata Wuas Community Library and Resource Center
Elangata Waus, Kenya
(-1.88600, 36.58366)

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