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The mission of Daktari is to inspire, motivate, and educate underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage.
May 21, 2014


The best 8 pupils from Ramatau at the game drive
The best 8 pupils from Ramatau at the game drive

Dear Daktari Supporters,

We’re already halfway through the year – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! 

Firstly, the Outreach team would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your continued support! Without your generous donations we would not have been able to teach our local children or launch our new and exciting community projects (more about that later!).

Thanks to your participation, we have been able to take our Ramatau eco-club 8 best attendees on a wonderful game drive at Makalali Game Reserve! The children are very grateful as they spent a great day and saw lots of animals, especially a leopard, two cheetahs and lions :)

Our eco-clubs are still going strong! With over 50 children attending at Ramatau and 20 at Maahlamele, we continue to share the importance of looking after our environment and its wildlife with lots of motivated and enthusiastic children.

Despite April being full of public holidays resulting in the schools being closed, we still ran the Eco-club and were thrilled to have many dedicated students in attendance. We've had to improvise and teach the lesson in the back of Daktari’s pickup truck! Even on Easter Monday, 15 children still came to Ramatau to learn (and of course were awarded with some Easter treats). It is fantastic to see these young people so eager to learn despite having a day off from school!

Some of our volunteers kindly ran a couple of lessons for the Eco-club. The students were taught all about diabetes (and tested their blood sugar levels!) and Russia (wrote their names using the Russian alphabet.) Check out this video of Dasha and the students singing in Russian…

Learning a russian song at Ramatau eco-club

To celebrate the Earth day on April 22nd, the kids wrote letters about saving our environment and did a very good job. You can be very proud of them.

Here is Zulu’s very nice letter, from Ramatau eco-club:

EARTHDAY speech by Zulu Walusungu 

In other very exciting news, we have recently launched our new Home-Stay family project. Our international volunteers stay for 24 hours with Maakosha and her family in The Oaks village, living a day in her life; cooking pap, helping to sell her fish at the market, wearing traditional African dress and meeting the locals. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to see and understand how our students live as well as providing extra income for Maakosha.

We are also setting up a solar cooker business selling these energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solar cookers to families in the community, saving people money, time and the environment. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Finally, we have very exciting news about Kutullo. Check out our website for details!

Big news to announce about Kutullo... 

After 10 months of hard work to develop the Eco-club project and other new ones she did very well, we have said goodbye to Claire in April. Welcome to Jane, our new Outreach project manager, who is taking over in May.

Check out our Facebook page and website to keep up to date with our projects.

Without your generosity, the Outreach Programme wouldn’t have been able to flourish and grow; once again, many thanks from Daktari team and children!

The Lion king is there!
The Lion king is there!
Lisa at Maakosha
Lisa at Maakosha's home stay
Rakoma is studying very hard at Ramatau eco-club
Rakoma is studying very hard at Ramatau eco-club


May 13, 2014

We've had babies!

Shiloweni in the big grass
Shiloweni in the big grass

Dear all,

After a very warm and rainy summer, our lovely Shiloweni found his happiness through the long grass. While he spends his time hiding we try to see him from the top of our perch. When suddenly you see a piece of tail, ear and orange spots, what a joy! Our leopard is still here with us! We would like to refresh his enclosure from its long grass but I think Shiloweni prefers it like it is now. Currently, few big pieces of meat compose his favourite meal, he really love that. Click here to watch him eat.

What else at Daktari?

  • We have had two adorable babies. Any guess from whom? Clues: they are little, love jumping everywhere, grey and brown color with a lovely face and long hair on their ears... It is... The Marmosets, King Kong and our Princess Leila!! These new cubs were really unexpected, what a surprise to discover them a morning! We are really happy for the parents, who seem very good with their new family life. The babies are still on their parents' back, but they started to open their eyes. They are so cute.
  • The Volunteers' team of DAKTARI, kitted with gloves and boots, did a good job with the crocodiles’ enclosure. The water from their pool has been completely cleaned and changed, but it seems that our two crocodiles like to live in a green water because it took them less than a week for all resoiling. To our great regret; with clear water it was easier to observe them.
  • After 4 years to raise baby banded mongooses, they are all grown up now. During this time, the cohabitation was not easy between all of them, they fought a lot and so we separated the mongooses into 3 small groups. But since a week, a lot of changes have occurred. Indeed we tried to move them, mixed them and finally they are all together now. It is a really good news to have 10 mongooses together because it means that we can now plan their release in the nature.

Here are the results: babies, rehabilitation and happiness of the animals. All of these good news are possible thanks to you. All DAKTARI are very grateful for your support. Please continue to help Shiloweni, the baby Marmosets and all the animals through this link: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/provide-food-and-care-for-our-leopard-for-one-year-1/

You can also Click here to watch our teaser about Daktari’s life and the goal of our association.

Stay tuned for news stories!

Anne-Sophie Mathieu - Marketing Manager

Email me: marketing@daktaribushschool.org

Beautiful Shiloweni !!
Beautiful Shiloweni !!
Lovely babies Marmosets
Lovely babies Marmosets
So cute
So cute
After the big cleaning of the enclosure
After the big cleaning of the enclosure
Happy Mongooses!
Happy Mongooses!


Mar 13, 2014

Our educational impact in 2013

Children in a lesson
Children in a lesson

Dear supporters, is it really March already?!

The first quarter of the New Year is almost finished and it seems to have gone by in a flash. That's not to say we haven't been super busy at DAKTARI - time flies when you're having fun!

In this report I am going to share a summary of how DAKTARI's educational programme impacted the underpriviledged children in our surrounding villages during 2013.


  • In 2013 we gave 330 children 5 days of evironmental education at DAKTARI
  • 42 children were chosen as winners of their week and went on a day trip to Kruger National Park
  • We received 97 volunteers from all over the world who delivered our teaching programme

Survey results:

On Monday of every week, each child was asked the same set of questions in 5 areas of knowledge. On the Friday, after receiveing DAKTARI's educational sylabus, each child was asked the same set of questions again and the scores were recorded. 

The percentages shown below are the amount of correct answers given on Mondays and the amount of correct answers given on Fridays - with the percentage increase highlighted.

1. The importance of a good education:

Monday - 81.65% | Friday - 89.30% | Increase - 07.65%

2. The importance of the eco-tourism industry:

Monday - 09.79% | Friday - 45.57% | Increase - 35.78%

3. Awareness of job opportunities:

Monday - 13.76% | Friday - 81.65% | Increase - 67.89%

4. Environmental awareness:

Monday - 26.30% | Friday - 59.02% | Increase - 32.72%

5. Life skills - HIV awareness:

Monday - 18.04% | Friday - 37.31% | Increase - 19.27%

A message from the parent of a child:

"Thank you Daktari for choosing my child on January 2013. She experienced more things and she is now respecting people and caring for people, animals and trees. I want to give the organisation word of thanks from the mother of Tiisetso Patricia Maanaso of Ramatau High School. I wish you all the best."

Thank you

We are extremely proud of what we achieved last year and we want you to be proud of the amazing contributions that you made towards our work - for which we are more than grateful.

This year we are already off to a great start and with your continued support, this year will be even better! Don't forget to stay up to date with all our news throughout the year on our website and on facebook.

Many thanks and all the best, 

Amy Hulme - Marketing Manager.

Child with baby mongoose
Child with baby mongoose
Feeding a Duiker
Feeding a Duiker
End of the week, proudly holding certificates
End of the week, proudly holding certificates

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