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Jun 24, 2014

A Milestone!

Helen and her grandmother
Helen and her grandmother



Today we mark an important milestone!

It is exactly 6 years since the first cup of porridge was served in our pilot school-feeding school- Kengoma Primary School in Kabale Municipality, Uganda. What started as a dream to meet children in their impoverished school compounds and help them where they are has become a model school-feeding program that is fully scalable.

Helen had her first cup of porridge in Primary 1 (Grade 1) and she is now a proud candidate in Primary 7 (Grade 7) about to take her national primary leaving exams in November and will be on her way to secondary school (Uganda's middle school) next year. A cup of porridge has meant the world to her. She was born in her grandmother's house and her mother left her after just a few months to look for work (and life) and never returned. Although her whereabouts are vaguely known, Helen's mother has never returned to meet the daughter she had 12 years ago.

Says grandma with a hearty laugh, "she always talks about the porridge with sugar and milk...she enjoys going to school". Helen's mother dropped out of school at age 9 so we know that Helen has already gone further at age 12 thus reducing her chances of getting trapped by the ills of poverty such as early pregnancy cause we know that for each additional year of education, a girl reduces all the risks that come with poverty and we also know that her own children will go to school.  

Helen is a success story! She has recently registered for her primary leaving exam. She attends school regularly, she concentrates and works hard. She has good grades and came second in her class last term. 

Thanks to you, children like Helen have remained in school and are working hard one day at a time to escape poverty. Your donations help us keep children in school today. Tomorrow is too late!  Please donate today to make a difference today.  

Thank you. 

Team MCF

Helen was among the first porridge kids in 2008
Helen was among the first porridge kids in 2008
Helen's P1 classroom block back in 2008 collapsed
Children having porridge at 10:30am
Children having porridge at 10:30am


May 30, 2013


A meal keeps them coming to school
A meal keeps them coming to school

                            TODAY IS WORLD HUNGER DAY!


Please help us restore porridge to over 350 school- children at Rushakyi Primary School 

Dear Supporters,

My name is Akampurira Alex and I am the headmaster at Rushakyi Primary School which has been supported by the Mpambara Cox Foundation since 2009 providing scholastic materials, volunteers and most importantly by feeding our school children with a cup of porridge everyday.

Unfortunately, we started 2013 academic year without any porridge due to lack of funds. In the past year our partners at Piney Branch Elementary School in Maryland, USA and GlobalGiving helped raise funds to ensure a cup of porridge was available to all 326 school-children and 13 teachers for 190 school days of the year. We served 67,000 cups to be precise and that was thanks to you.

I can tell you that in the short-term, porridge transformed the school:

1)      Increasing enrollment;

2)      Reducing short-term hunger;

3)      Reducing sick days because of improved health;

4)      Better concentration; and,

5)      Higher attendance numbers as parents sent their children to school.

In the long-term, an entire community is transformed through education. Most rural parents haven’t ever spent a day in a classroom and their children are the first to have the privilege of a free-government aided education. But a hungry child simply cannot learn. 

Volunteers from the US arrived at the school during Spring Break 2013 and met the children and did some wonderful things to help morale.  We have attached photos from the trip.


To help us alleviate HUNGER and make a real difference! The Mpambara-Cox Foundation is  experienced in delivering the education message along with a cup of porridge: cooking and serving porridge on the school compound with community buy-in and teacher support.

Most of our donations come from individuals like you that are driven to make a change in small ways that add up to big things.

Please make a donation today in honor of world hunger day and help us reach our goal of raising $5000 to feed the school for an entire year: May 2013 – April 2014

Thank you!


Akampurira Alex

US Volunteers at Rushakyi Primary - Spring 2013
US Volunteers at Rushakyi Primary - Spring 2013
The first day we served porridge in 2010!
The first day we served porridge in 2010!
Nov 14, 2012

67,000 Cups of Porridge!

Akankunda Leticia - one year of school at Rushakyi
Akankunda Leticia - one year of school at Rushakyi

As the children at Rushakyi Primary School end their school year (the school year in Uganda extends from February to November), we would like you to know that your contribution helped the Mpambara-Cox Foundation provide 67,000 cups of porridge in 2012!

It all started with you! Your contribution helped us continue an efficiently run program in which we buy food items - firewood, maize porridge flour, milk, and sugar; provide training to and pay our parent cooks; transport food items; buy cleaning supplies to clean cooking and feeding utensils; procure utensils to replace broken ones; monitor and evaluate program delivery; and in the end, put a smile on the face of a school-child, DAILY!  Now isn't that 'food for thought'? 

Thank you!

Thanks to you, our GlobalGiving supporters, we managed to feed an entire school for an entire school-year! In the large scheme of things, it means we are positively impacting  an under-developed nation by impacting a school-child, a family and a community.

The stats

More importantly, we are a beacon of hope in a place where hope is hard to come by. For those living in abject poverty, education is in crisis and the opportunity to go to school continues to be a gift. Consider the facts:

  • 72 million children are not enrolled in school (over two-thirds are girls); the vast majority of that number live in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 771 million adults worldwide are illiterate (64 per cent are women); the vast majority of that number live in Sub-Sharan Africa
  • Two million new teachers are needed today to provide kids with a decent education

                                                 Source: United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The ‘ifs’

In Africa, it is a celebration to end the school year because unlike the American education system where every child automatically goes from one grade to the next, the Ugandan child ends the school year and walks home on the last day knowing he or she might never see the inside of a classroom again. They only hope that they can re-enroll and join school the next year. The end of the school year is therefore a time riddled with ‘ifs’.....if parents decide to send them back for another year, if crops don’t fail and there is some extra income to pay the $10 school fees, if they can buy a uniform, book and pencil, if they can efficiently juggle daily labor activities, if there isn’t a sick family member, if, if, if....

Our goal this holiday season is to remove the provision of a daily cup of porridge from the list of 'ifs’ - if there is porridge next year.

Our program is helping children attend school and to date, Rushakyi Primary School has the steadiest attendance of area schools and the least sick days for the student population. We are making a big difference because every incremental year in primary school makes a huge difference.

The difference   

  • An individual’s potential income can increase as much as 10% with each additional year of primary schooling and 15% for girls.
  • A farmer’s productivity increases nearly 9% with 4 years of primary schooling.
  • Annual GDP increases by 1% with each year of additional schooling.
  • If all students in low income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty. This is equal to a 12% cut in global poverty.
  • Every additional year of schooling reduces the number of children a woman will have by 10%.
  • Investing in girls’ education could boost sub-Saharan Africa agricultural output by 25%.

                                                         Source: United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The hope

By working in remote and poor schools, MCF is changing lives and giving impoverished children hope for a better future through education. The goal is to give every child in our partner schools the opportunity to gain the critical life skills of numeracy and literacy. No matter how difficult the conditions are for the children at Rushakyi Primary School (and they are very difficult), MCF strives to create a conducive environment for them to learn in a step-by-step program plan. Alleviating short-term hunger is the first step to helping them achieve regular attendance and increased concentration. 

For the 326 school children that have gone through an entire year, MCF together with you would like to remove the provision of porridge next year from their long list of ‘ifs’. Will you support MCF again this holiday season as we continue to put a smile on the face and hope in the heart of a school-child through a cup of porridge?

We cannot do it alone, we need your support!  

Natukunda Jennifer, 3 years of school at Rushakyi
Natukunda Jennifer, 3 years of school at Rushakyi
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