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AIU Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of secondary and higher education and expand enrollment in the disciplines of social science, information technology, and business instruction in Africa. The institution will function as an access for African students to learn and excel in academic programs that are significant to the future maintenance and growth of the people of Africa and their communities. AIU is the first higher education institution in West Africa to offer a preliminary college/ secondary education program to provide the access, knowledge and preparation for the comprehensive college curriculum it will offer.
Jan 30, 2013

My First Visit to The Academy...

Intro to PC Exam in session
Intro to PC Exam in session

Dear Friends,

It is with pleasure that I am writing to you about my first visit to International Academy of Niamey, which took place during the week of December 18 - 22.

My visit confirmed to me that we are investing in the right cause. The various testimonies from students, parents, and teachers only gave me the drive to get going. There are, of course, many challenges that we are facing right now. Amongst these are the location, meeting our monthly expenses, and providing more resources to our students and teachers. In spite of the challenges, the students are learning a lot and they are very happy with what they are getting from the International Academy of Niamey. The parents I spoke with are also very pleased with what their kids are getting.

Finally, I like to share with you this not so good news. For the first time since opening the school in June 2011, we are have difficulties meeting our monthly expenses, including teachers salaries. Your continuous support at this moment of our existence is very crucial and I invite you to help us in any way possible. Thank you so much for your never ending support. May the blessings of The Lord be upon you.

 Enjoy the pics...there are more on our new website that is


Nov 5, 2012

Here comes the new 2012-2013 academic year...

7th graders
7th graders

Dear friends,

Here at International Academy of Niamey we do not have to think long or hard about what we’re thankful for this
Thanksgiving month of November. We’re grateful for you, every single day.

You reached out your hand and helped many middle school students getting quality formal education. You
made the first steps and many young women and men are taking a journey of a thousand miles.

With your support, we are in our second academic year, enrolled nineteen students, and provided half or full scholarship and all school suppliers to all students.

Together, we are changing lives and developing a new generation of hope.

You’ve made an immense difference this year to the young girls and boys of NIGER Republic. I can’t thank you enough.

Why am I writing you?

As these young women and men have been a blessing to me over these past year and a half, so too have you been to me in some way (which is why you are receiving this).  I've learned that life is indeed short, and so I make the conscious decision to only surround myself with people who are good, caring, and fun (again, people like you).

So what's next?

There are many ways join me in my efforts and help:

(1)  Have some time on your hands?  Organize a mini  fundraiser on our behalf!

Any contributions count.

(2)  Have some extra cash or a tax deduction lying around?  Donate it!

You can donate through our Global Giving page or make out a check to "AIU Foundation, Inc." and mail it to 5309 Technology Drive, Tampa, FL 33647.  All donations are tax deductible and you will receive the appropriate receipts for tax purposes.

(3)  Have an interest in volunteering?  Contact me!

We are always looking for new people to volunteer in many capacities.

(4)  Have a good line to God?  Pray for us and the children!

I will be in Niger in December. The main objective is to begin working toward building our own buildings for the school. We are currently renting a place that can no longer hold our growing students population body.

(5)  Have email?  Forward this along!

There are many wonderful organizations out there wanting to help provide quality formal education to young girls and boys in West Africa.  You just never know who this will strike a chord with, so please share this with others who are cool like you.

8th graders
8th graders
9th graders
9th graders
Students body...administration...teachers
Students body...administration...teachers


Oct 1, 2012

Imagine what life would have been for them...


A supporter of our dear cause shared this article from The Tampa Tribune with me a few days ago. The article focuses on Niger Republic, the place where our school, International Academy of Niamey (IAN), is located. Title says it all: In Niger, child marriage on rise due to drought. Please take a few moment to read the article that is attached to this report. 

While reading the article was very disheartening, it also made me appreciate you more on what you have helped us to accomplish, and the long road that is still ahead of us. At IAN, one of our main objectives is to provide opportunities to more young girls in order to bridge the gap that places girls literacy rate at 15% versus 42% for boys (according to the CIA World Factbook).

Our goal for the 2012-2013 academic year is to increase our enrollment to 50 students, from 9 during 2011-2012, with a desire to have girls representing over sixty percent of that population. As school starts in only a few days on October 3, 2012, we are far from our fundraising goal that will enable us to reach our enrollment objectives.

Your support is needed more than ever. Please consider making a donation so we can obtain resources needed to meet the challenges inherent in fulfilling our mission to provide quality education to young girls in Niger Republic.

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