Build an ambulatory community health care center in a town ravaged by the Mount Pinatubo eruption to provide immediate and accessible health care services to families who were affected and displaced by the catastrophe and are now returning and rebuilding their homes and families in their respective communities. Serve impoverished communities in surrounding areas with compassionate healthcare.
Jul 7, 2014

Updates from the field

Dear friend, 

Thanks to your donation, (100% of which goes directly to helping the victims) we have reached our goal of raising the $10,000 necessary for sending a shipping container of hospital supplies from our charity clinic, the Dr. Jesus A. Datu Medical Center (JADMC) in Bacolor, Pampanga to the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban City, Leyte. The shipment contains much needed potable water, medicine, and building supplies that Dr. /Sister Eloisa David at the hospital has requested from us to meet their immediate needs. The Divine Word Hospital has been instrumental in providing urgent care to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, caring for thousands of patients.


We realize that there will be long term health care needs caused by the Typhoon which we are ready to face. There will be issues with wound infections, obstetrical care, perinatal and postnatal care, infectious diseases, among others. The Love for Life Foundation started as a disaster relief organization after the Mount Pinatubo volcano eruption in the early 1990's and over time realized we needed to have a more reliable, daily presence, thus the JADMC. We are here to help not just on an immediate but also a long term basis.


If you are ever in the area we would love to give you a tour of the JADMC so you can meet some of the JADMC staff and the many patients you are helping. Some of our ongoing programs include cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries, prosthetic manufacturing for amputees, cataract surgeries, and mother and child care. Because of the clinic's overwhelming success we are planning to expand the waiting area to accommodate the overflow of patients we are caring for. We recently hosted Operation Smile and performed over 100 successful cleft lip surgeries.

Thank you again for your generosity. It is truly appreciated.

Jun 30, 2014

Updates from the field

livelihood project
livelihood project
The cleft lip/cleft palate mission went very well. We were able to do 122 surgeries and 7 obturators. The work continues, we need to coordinate the return of the equipment, attend goodbye receptions for the volunteers and now prepare for the june 21 post operation check up. Now that we have the extension building, we are now able to schedule such activities even during the rainy season
All screenings were done at JADMC., including pre operations and post operations. All the volunteer nurses also stayed at JADMC.
The two KDF scholars of the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (DHVTSU), for Prosthetics will graduate in a year's time. This will enable us to expand our services to prosthetics and orthotics at JADMC. 
The Arellano university will help us w the PT requirements up to the level of the households where our beneficiaries are.
The Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Program will be expanded to include training for the midwives. We plan to operate the birthing clinic at JADMC as soon as we have hired the full time OB/GYN. This is a big program and we need space.
Mr. Benigno Ricafort and Mrs. Sylvia Ordonez, our partners at the JADMC, are supervising two backyard piggeries which will earn the prosthetics beneficiaries a minimum wage. Please see photo of Mario Santos , a beneficiary for the above the knee prosthetics.  They are digging a hole , 30x 30 sqm for what they call deep bed technology.
This backyard piggery project will be started next week and will be inaugurated middle of July. 
piggery project
piggery project
piggery project
piggery project


Mar 20, 2014



Dear friends,
In addition to our ongoing activities, below are the goals of the Love for Life Foundation and JADMC for 2014:
1. Above Knee Prosthetics 
 -we will work with the International Red Cross sponsored Jubilee group of Davao to introduce KDF (Kapampangan Development Foundation) to their above knee suppliers from Vietnam;
 - work closely with the UERM Philippine School of Prosthetics and Orthotics to help us provide above knee prosthetics to at least  50 cases for 2014;
-additional training  of the prosthetics technicians on the use of these above knee mechanisms;
2. Wheel Chairs
- work with other groups for the donation of free wheel chairs aside from Operation Blessings
- work with Physicians for Peace (PFP) re free wheel chairs from its partners;
- target is 100 wheel chairs
3. JADMC Charity Birthing Clinic:
- work on hiring OB Gyn Doctors to help us launch a charity birthing clinic at JADMC
4. Eye center
- work with the Pampanga Department of Education to do free eye screenings for school children in cooperation w the Physicians for Peace 
5. Multi purpose hall:
build a multipurpose hall at the back of the JADMC for our outpatients screenings and followups. This means raising the funds for this purpose.
6. Livelihood program: launch the livelihood program for. 2014.program still being finalized
Targets for ongoing programs:
Cataract surgeries: 50 a month
Pterygium surgeries: 50 a month
Prosthetics ( below knees):  10 per month
Harelip/ cleft palate: 100 / year


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