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Mission: Exposing the community, nationally and internationally to the concept of arts integration as a multi-faceted arts approach that seeks to affect all aspects of our life on a daily basis. Arts Integration as taught by Story Tapestries serves to develop the total person, social-emotional, intellectual and physical. Utilizing an arts integrated approach specifically tailored to the needs of each community, Story Tapestries teaches and demonstrates through performances and workshops the tools necessary for integrating the arts. * We will utilize and build upon a world-class network of artists, educators, and community members dedicated towards advocating and implementing the concept o...
Mar 31, 2014

STEAMing Right Along

Here at Story Tapestries we believe that learning = movement. The experience of learning moves students forward both personally and academically. We also know that in order for a child to successfully move full STEAM ahead in their lives, including the arts in their education is a necessity.

The arts are the glue that holds the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) of STEAM together. Our teaching artists integrate concepts across disciplines and engage both sides of the brain in the learning process; activating the minds of every type of learner, and helping students dissolve all barriers to learning. Learning through the arts means creating an experiential learning environment where children utilize all their senses to synthesize information. The push and pull of disseminating information between teacher and student can often be an interaction that is difficult to navigate.

Utilizing the arts into STEM and core curriculum empowers teachers to help students reach their full personal potential, bringing the fun back into the learning process. Thanks to your support, our thoughts and ideas are turned into actions and programs that are transforming the lives of teachers and students. Our STEAM programs allow students to build something they can be proud of while learning valuable life skills, such as teamwork, creative problem solving, and overcoming obstacles. We aim to give students a break from endless standardized tests and get them away from working in isolation by moving them into an interactive, inspiring group dynamic.

Thank you for being a part of this inspiring learning process, allowing us to keep moving forward!

Pictured: Max Bent teaching math and science through beatboxing in a Story Tapestries residency program.

Mar 3, 2014

A Teaching Tale of Success

We may be just a few months into the new year, yet Story Tapestries has been moving full steam ahead with our programming. Story Tapestries Master Teaching Artist Debbi Arseneaux shared about such programming in a Story Tapestries blog post about her recent residency experience: “I am thoroughly enjoying these classes and the process of creation with these students. They are smart, funny, insightful, thoughtful and their enthusiasm each time I arrive is infectious.”

Debbi taught a five-session residency in two 6th grade classrooms at Washington Yu Ying, a Chinese immersion public charter school in Washington, D.C. In meeting with the classroom teachers prior to the residency, it was decided to focus some of their goals on creating a script from an existing story and connecting it to Chinese culture and history. The team chose Yeh-Shen: a Cinderella Story from China and Debbi led the students in creating tableaus to physically recreate the story as well as their own lines of dialogue and monologues based on the story.

Debbi then “combined all their ideas into one script, making almost no edits…this is THEIR script, no question.” The students then performed their script for fellow students, accomplishing another goal from the residency’s pre-planning: that students would gain experience in performing for peers.

So a journey that began with the click of a “donate” button ended in great success, as Debbi puts it: "I am so proud of the great work these students have been able to accomplish in such a short time. Their scripts are funny, bilingual, and demonstrate an understanding of key ideas and themes. I am certain that the teachers will be able to apply many of these techniques in future lessons and projects. I feel incredible satisfaction knowing that we will have accomplished all the goals we set for this process, and then some. And the students have clearly had a blast doing so."

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Dec 30, 2013

Bringing In Smiles One Child At a Time

We wish you a Beautiful, Holiday Season full of smiles, light and laughter.
Happy Holidays
This year  has been an amazing journey.  WE simply want to say Thank you for all of your support.  The children in our community benefit from your belief in the power of the arts to change community. 

Our Impact, Your Impact, the Arts IMPACT

Today was the last day of school before break.  A Kindergarten student came up to  Arianna Ross, our Executive Director, and said "Thank you.  I do like school. But I love coming to class when you are here.  Can you come every day?" 

Sadly, we can't come every day.  Our time at a school is finite.  However, our goal is to build sustainable arts integration programming in every location we partner with across the country.  We have partners now in MD, DC, VA, FL, NC, LA and CA.   AND we are planning to spread the gift of arts to other states even as we write this e-newsletter.  

WE know and you know the value of the arts.  We just have to convince everyone else through our actions.  The more we do, the more we can change our community. 

 A NOTE From the Executive Director:

 We at Story Tapestries wish you and yours a Happy Holidays.  Thank you for the gift of  supporting the arts and education.  We look forward to seeing where 2014 takes us.  I believe that we are at the edge of a cliff towards great expansion.  We get calls on a weekly basis from donors who wish to support our programs.  At the same time, we get calls from schools who need financial support to bring the arts to their communities.  Just $35 can make sure a student experiences an in-depth 5 day artist-in-residency program.  $55 gives 3 adults professional development training to benefit hundreds of children.

 Thank you,

 Arianna Ross

Executive Director



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