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To help impoverished children succeed in life. We enable children to access schools and we help them to stay there, by paying fees, teaching life skills, providing counseling when problems arise, providing medical help when needed and making sure every child has at least one square meal every day. We provide both formal education and technical training for children who would otherwise suffer hunger, disease and permanent poverty.
Mar 28, 2014

Greetings from Mathare

Dear Friends

Every child should have a right to an education!

Who knows what kind of abilities these children poses, who knows what adults they could grow up to be and what they could achieve. The problem is, if you leave them uneducated, they cannot better themselves and will often fall to crime. What if, one of these kids has the potential to come up with a bit of technology that changes the course of humanity?

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination results were released in March, 2014 and our 10 students did fairly well that we will be required to continue their support to colleges. For the two who did not get good grades, we are going through counseling processes to ensure that they do not stop dreaming on what they would want to achieve. We had 3 students who sat for the end of their primary education who later joined high schools later in February and are now settled. The 10 students who finished high school are currently undertaking basic computer skills that are being taught by a beneficiary of the sponsorship program who finished University after taking Physics and Mathematics as an undergraduate.

When Nasieku (Not her real name) started having her monthly periods, her world shattered. Her teacher had taught them about menstruation but she viewed it as punishment. Nasieku felt responsible; the young girl could not talk to her family about menstruation because of the culture of silence surrounding the issue. One day as she sat in class her classmate discovered her tearing pages out of her exercise books and sitting directly on it to absorb the blood. The teacher was no better than the students as she questioned why she was being an embarrassment to women like this. It is a taboo for a school girl to go on her periods, it means something is wrong with her or she has been naughty. Nasieku describes it an embarrassing, degrading, disillusioning and disempowering experience. “It’s the time I realized that womanhood is a BURDEN!” Nasieku says. Menstruation is a subject which has led many girls and women to be disempowered.

As MCFpanairobi we have taken it upon ourselves to see how best we can address this situation and from a donation of 5,000 Euros, we were able to buy re-usable sanitary towels. These re-usable sanitary towels last for a year and we have been able to distribute over 800 pieces around the country in the 70 schools that we work with. While distributing the sanitary towels, one thing was made clear; sanitary towels have to come with inner wears! Most girls especially in the North part of Kenya do not have inner wears which is key in the use of sanitary towels.

The idea behind the re-usable sanitary towels project is the establishment of a social enterprise for the production of re-usable sanitary towels run by single mothers in Mathare. This will be determined mostly by the feedback that we will get from the girls using them.

We currently have 26 teenage mothers after we got one year funding from an Austrian donor, DKA to run the project. 17 teen mothers are undertaking a course in hairdressing which we are in partnership with Mathare Youth Polytechnic while 7 are undertaking a course in tailoring. They are also offered life skills training in different areas of concern that they identify especially on nutrition, reproductive health and parenting. We also offer them a meal a day for both the mother and the child, counseling services and medical care. We continue to have some challenges but recently 2 teen mothers graduated from the hairdressing training and were immediately employed meaning they can now meet their needs and those of their children. The tailoring department also is able to generate some income for the project after we started making uniforms for different clients and schools nearby. These clients include some diplomatic core within Nairobi.

In partnership with WRAP (Women Rights Awareness Program) our teenage mothers are also benefiting from the food basket that they get once every month.

Our strategic plan for the next 3 years, 2014-2017 is now ready. It captures our vision, mission and objectives for the various programs that we are undertaking. We hope to attract funding soon to be able to implement the programs. (Please send an email if you would like to get the strategy)

Thank you for your continued support. It truly is changing the lives of children and young mothers!



Jan 3, 2014

The year that was - 2013

Mathare In Jan
Mathare In Jan

Dear Friends,

The year 2013 is over and it was a good year for MCFpanairobi thanks to you.

We have uploaded a few photos that capture activities, feelings and moments of 2013 which were dear to us that we are happy to share with you.

Check out the 4 short videos we are sure you will enjoy…

MCFpanairobi hopes it has been a good journey for you too as we walked hand in hand in supporting the less fortunate in our midst and pray that you will be part of the journey in 2014.

Happy holidays…


Kids reporting to school
Kids reporting to school
One of our donors visit
One of our donors visit
Teenage Mum in training
Teenage Mum in training
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Children Meeting/parliament during holidays
Children Meeting/parliament during holidays
Creating awareness
Creating awareness
Day of the African Child
Day of the African Child
Teenage mums meeting
Teenage mums meeting
Clean ups
Clean ups


Nov 27, 2013

Holiday Greetings

Dear Friends

Holiday season is a time of joyful celebration, yet also a time of reflection. As these days’ approaches, it’s time to reflect with gratitude on the blessings and bounty that you’ve received. While making your holiday plans and reflecting on all you have to be thankful for, it’s also a good time to think about those who are less fortunate, and consider whether you can be of assistance to those who are in need.

At Mathare Children’s Fund panairobi, we know that education can make a difference to people living in extreme poverty. Since 14 years we are committed to provide assistance for trainings and school education to the once in need; former street children, teenage Mothers and the vulnerable community in the Mathare Slum. More children than ever before seeking assistance for sponsorship, medical care, one meal per day, textbooks among other services, but our resources are limited. We need support.          

This year, thanks to you;

·         10 children have just graduated from high school and hopefully will join colleges next year

·         3 children graduated from primary school and next year will be joining high school 

·         6 kids graduated from universities in different under graduate degrees including, Actuarial Science, Teaching, Mathematics and Physics, Software Engineering, Business Administration and Human Resource

·         4 students joined the university to undertake; Geo-mapping, Diplomacy and conflict resolution, Hotel management and Pharmacy

·         14 teen mothers with their under 5 year old babies are currently undertaking either a course in tailoring or hair dressing and receiving training on life skills every second week

·         We are working on reusable sanitary towels for girls within the 70 schools we work with

·         We started a clean-up campaign in Mathare slums every school holiday that has attracted the attention of the City Council who has come in to support

·         We have livelihood projects  Handbags and Nairobi Walking Tours that is bringing income for the single mother’s and students who finish high school respectively

We are truly proud and we hope you are too….

Needless to say, we want to keep going and help more kids.  There are 106 kids with us right now, and more joining in January.
We hope to raise more funds to continue with our work and there exists several options that we hope you can take part in;

·         GlobalGiving is offering nine bonus awards (including a $3,000 and $2,000 prize!) to the projects that raise the most money from their supporters. The project must raise $3,000 from at least 30 donors in the month of December to become eligible for $10,000 in bonus awards! The campaign begins at 12:01 am EST on December 1st and lasts through 11:59 pm EST on December 31st.

·         If you’re looking for a last-minute gift, please think of donating in honour of someone you care about.  They will receive a tribute card telling them about the donation that was made in their name.  To find out how, click here. 

We just finished a new (short) film about the handbag project.  Please take a few minutes to check it out on  and Diana’s poem, a beneficiary of the sponsorship program on  

All funds received will go directly to support the sponsorship of 106 children in Mathare. What better way to celebrate this holiday season than to make a conscious decision to help your neighbors who are in need…

On behalf of the staff and children of the Mathari Children's Fund, we wish you all the best for the holidays.

Best Wishes


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