MISSION: To foment integral human development of the local underserved communities FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: It is a non profit organization created by the founders and shareholders of PUNTACANA Resort & Club, to formulate and to develop initiatives that contribute to the local and national human development. VALUES: Generosity- Compassion- Integrity- Make a difference GOALS: To create and support educational projects To create and support community health projects To foment communitarian developments projects that promote the sports and healthful lifestyle To promote the development of art and culture in the community To promote ...
Mar 25, 2014


Dear Donors:

May you receive a cordial greeting. Firstly, Thank you very much for your donations and for the opportunity to let you know what we are doing (together with you) to improve the emergency services to our disadvantaged population, for them this Community Health Center is the only option in this zone in terms of health care.

 This center is crowded constantly due to the inhabitants of the surrounding communities claim attention to their urgent health situations, which can cause loss of lives if they are not handled properly.

 This and all the reports to follow will update you periodically on our progress.

 We are currently in the developing stages of our project, specifically we are getting quotes from several suppliers, in order to purchase (hopefully with your support) the furniture, equipment, and materials needed to inaugurate the unit properly in the upcoming months.

We plan to keep you informed about the project, as usual. If you have any comments, advice or questions please do not hesitate to contact to us and we will try to answer them as best we can.

 Thank you for your generosity

 Kind regards,

Mar 20, 2014

Improving even more

Dear donors, may you receive our cordial greeting. We are very glad to inform to you that we continue making our best efforts to accomplish our objective of improving the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic School in the community of Veron, your contribution is definitely a very important component in our achievements.

We are in the developing stages of our project. The details are the following:

  • A new fence was built in the school, please see pictures attached.

  • We placed two new iron doors at the entrance of the school , please see pictures attached

  • We are planning to prepare an area in the courtyard for the practice of golf, football and athletics. In fact the staff in charge is working on the budget  

  • We are still involved in the alliance negotiation process with a recognized organization, in order to design and implement a suitable and innovative educational program, which would make a big difference in the methodology of teaching. 

  • On January 2014, we started the new English Language Improvement Program with the 8th graders of basic school and the 1st graders of high school, as part of the first stage of the program. The performance of the teachers and the students is closely supervised by an expert advisor in English language teaching. The program uses modern techniques, giving teachers the needed tools to do their job in the best possible way. At this moment the progress of the students is really evident, our goal is that they are fully bilingual so they can have better opportunities to positively change their lives. Please see pictures attached.

In the upcoming months we will keep you updated on the progress of our project, we remain at your disposal for any information or clarification you might need.

 Thank you very much once again for your outstanding support !!

Kind regards


Dec 23, 2013


Dear donors, may you receive a warm greeting. Thank you for your donations and for the opportunity to let you know the efforts we are making with the aim to improve the emergency health cares served to our population in need, for whom this Community Health Center is the only option in this zone.

Hundreds of people in the surrounding communities face frequently urgent health situations which should be attended appropiately to save their lives, due to the private health services are not affordable they must go to the aforementioned center.

This and all the reports to follow will inform to you periodically on our progress.

We are currently in the developing stages of our project, specifically we constructed the main infrastructure of the emergency unit. Please see two pictures attached .

In the upcoming months, we plan to keep you updated. If you have any comments, advice or questions do not hesitate to contact to us and we will try to answer them as best we can .

Thank you for your support.

May your holidays be merry and bright.

It is time to spread the generosity among everyone  you know  

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