The Teacher Foundation (Shraddha Trust)

To make schools enabling environments for all students by empowering educators to become energetic, effective, reflective practitioners and life-long learners.
Dec 17, 2013

Project Update: Sept - Nov 2013

Report to Global Giving

Intervention Period –December 2012 – December 2014


Project – Whole School Turnaround

School: Goodwill English School, Heganahalli, Peenya II Stage

Reporting Period: Sep 2013 – Nov 2013

No. of teachers/heads covered under the Programme - 1 head, 1 Coordinator and 18 teachers



Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

Heads Support


Action Points 

  • Review of action points of 8 months

  • Discussion and planning of action points for Sep – Dec 2013

  • The school has successfully completed below mentioned action points with the help of TTF. These positive changes need to be monitored by the schools heads to make these changes sustainable.


1. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the school

2. Positive disciplining using appreciation chart and ground rules in place or corporal punishment

3. Formulation of school vision and sharing the same with all stakeholders

4. Parent Orientation

5. Time Table – School and Teacher Time Table

6. Student Council

7. Maintaining school records
8. Use of Blackboard and display board effectively

9. Use of positive verbal and non verbal communication

10. List of library books

11. Staff Room

12. Installation of water purifier

13. Students participation in school assembly

14. Awarding classrooms as best classroom based on various indicators

15. Class observation by the school head



Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

  • The school will work on the following action points during September 2013 – December 2013

1. Regular and democratic staff meeting with proper agenda and

documentation of minute of meetings.

2. Teachers should be empowered by allowing them to share

their suggestions and views and incorporating the same in the

classrooms as well as school policies.

3. The class teachers will plan and motivate the students to speak in the

assembly in English on any topic for at least 3 – 4 minutes which will help

them to develop confidence to speak in English on topics.

4. All the classes must have a class monitor/leader, a cleanliness- in-charge

and a language leader.

5. Teachers will practice their learning from Prerana workshops in the


Prerana Modules


1.Tool for

teaching 1

2.Tool for

teaching 2

3. Assessment

4. Designing Learning 1


  • The teachers will be able to use different type of graphic organizers in the classes to help the students to understand the organization or structure of concepts as well as relationships between the concepts. The learner does not have to process as much semantic information to understand information.

  • The teachers will start using varied methods of assessment instead of conventional methods to assess the learning of the students at various stages.

  • The teachers will start writing objectives of the lesson in the format – Audience, Behavior and Condition

  • Teachers have started using KWL and “Clearest and Muddiest Point” in the classes.

  • Teachers found their learning on “Formative Assessment” quite useful and felt that understanding of “Bloom's Taxonomy” will help them plan the blue prints to set their question papers in a better way.

  • Teachers tried to write the learning outcomes in ABC format for the classes which were observed by TTF facilitators in Oct.

  • The teachers were clear that they are not supposed to use words” understand, comprehend, know, learn, appreciate” etc. while writing the objectives as these cannot be measured.



Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

School Based Support


Classroom Observation and one on one feedback to the teachers by TTF Facilitator


2nd round of Demo classes by TTF facilitator

  • To provide support to the teachers by observing their classes and by providing constructive feedback on teaching strategies used by them in the classes



  • To help the teachers to observe and understand as how to use of different tools for teaching for example – KWL sheet, graphic organizers and different forms of formative assessments in the demo classes

  • Classes of 15 teachers were observed during 2nd week of September 2013 by TTF facilitators.

  • The aspects observed were based on 6 Prerana modules and these were – positive demeanor of the teacher, positive verbal and non verbal communication, effective praise, effective use of BB and display boards and questioning skills and group/pair work and how to help the students to think.

  • Teachers’ effort was evident in the classes. However a few teachers were quite nervous during observation as their classes were observed for the 1st time during their teaching career.

  • Organized BB work, legible handwriting, word wall, positive demeanor etc came up as strong points for most of the teachers.

  • The feedback was provided to the teachers to help them to reflect on their strength and areas of improvement.

  • This exercise will help the teachers to make teaching learning more effective in their classes.

  • The teachers could see the strategies like KWL, clearest and muddiest point, questioning skills, use of maps in social studies etc in the demo classes. Demo classes also demonstrated as how various assessment methods can be used during class to gauge students' understanding.

Going forward:

1. Midline audit will be conducted to assess impact of intervention after one year.

2. Teachers will start writing lesson plans for units with clear objectives.

3. Mentors will be identified among the teachers to monitor classes of the peers and share constructive feedback with them.

4. Mentors will be trained for successful institutionalization of coaching and mentoring process in the school.








Photos to show improved teaching learning in the school:


















Students engaged in group work Organized blackboard














Students engaged in activity

Dec 16, 2013

Improve School Learning for 40,000 children

The Teacher Foundation plan to train 50 teachers under the programme 'Darpana'. It includes 5-days of workshop and two rounds of School Based Support. We gained permission for the programme from Commissioner of Public Instruction, Gulbarga - to start programme in Yadagiri region Shahapur block.

We oriented District officials and concerned block officials about the programme and collected teachers profile from three clusters namely Sagar, Shirival and Shahapur South. We had 60 teachers from 30 schools from this region for the programme. We divided the teachers into two batches of 30 teachers each. Training schedule for the teachers was drawn in consultation with Block Education Officer Mr. Rayappareddy and Block Resource Coordinator Mr.Shashidhar and distributed orders to teachers through the concerned Cluster Resource Persons.

We completed 2days of training for 2batches covering modules - 'Learning in Groups' and' Learning Spectrum' in the month of July 2013. Totally 59 teachers attended the training out of 60.

We completed the remaining 3 days of training for the first batch of teachers in September 2013 and covered modules - 'Tools For Teaching', Measuring Leaning', Multiple Intelligence' and 'Deigning Learning'. We also completed first round of School Based Support for teachers who participated in the initial two days of training. Training modules focused on different teaching techniques like, example-non example, Chunk and chew, 20 questions, open ended and close ended questions, active reading, blooms taxonomy, different assessment and evaluation methods, understanding of multiple intelligence, and how to make effective lesson plan. Teachers participated actively and were involved in all the activities.


We have completed 5 days of training for 1st batch and 2days of training for 2nd batch and first round of School Based Support for the teachers of Shahapur Taluk.



School Based Support (Classroom Observation and Feedback process):

As per plan we commenced first round of School Based Support after the completion of 'Learning in Groups' and 'Learning Spectrum' workshops. We covered 56 teachers during the first round. Remaining 3 teachers were not observed as they were transferred to other regions (Actual workshop attendance was 59 teachers in two batches). When the TTF facilitator visited the school for observation, initially, teachers were hesitant to give lesson/s in the presence of TTF facilitators. Some of them kept the facilitators waiting and they were preparing the students for the class before actually giving the class in the presence of TTF facilitators. While some teachers gave a repeated lessons - which was quite evident by responses from children. HMs of most schools were very eager for us to observe their teachers class and provided the facilitators with relevant information. Some of the teachers were very harsh in their tone, continuously lectured the students, students were not allowed to speak – even if they speak they were threatened not to speak.


Some of the teachers provided excellent class with total involvement of students. They used group techniques like pair work, envoy, fish bowl, carousel, effectively uses Block Board and Out door learning’s and also used variety of locally available TLMs to facilitates better learning among students.


Purpose of the School Based Support is to help teachers to reflect on their class and make them effective teaching in their daily practice. In this process TTF facilitators go to school, observe their 40 minutes classes and sit with them separately and give feedback - area they need to improve and what needs to be focussed in future.


In this process we “Classroom Observation Checklist” , a tool developed by TTF to assess the teaching-learning process, and identify the need areas and to track the changes in their performance. An evaluation report will be shared with you at the end of the project.


Some of the teachers were share their views about School Based Support:


Initially I feared about classroom observations, but now I am quite comfortable with this process and purpose. This will help me to reflect the way I am teaching”


Smt. Rekhabai. GHPS Halepeth, Shahapur.



This activity makes me to overcome the fear about classroom observations”


Shri. Ramesh. GHPS Ashray Colony, Shahapur


Facilitators feedback session will help us to think more ideas, more activities and do better classroom teaching”

Shri. Namdev. GHPS Kanyakoloor Agasi, Shahapur


We need to do remaining three days of training for 2nd batch and last round of School Based Support for all teachers. We will organize these activities in the month of December-13.


Appreciate the support by the donors and the Global Giving for the platform. We will update you about the progress of the programme.

Sep 11, 2013

Whole School Turnaround - Project Report

Report to Global Giving

Intervention Period –December 2012 – December 2014


Project – Whole School Turnaround

School: Goodwill English School, Heganahalli, Peenya II Stage

Reporting Period: June 2013Aug 2013

No. of teachers/heads covered under the Programme - 1 head, 1 Coordinator and 18 teachers




Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

Heads Support (Discussion on action points for May - August 2013)





















Action plans for May – August 2013 is to work on below mentiioned areas of improvement and help the school to make positive changes sustainable –

  • Formulation of school vision

  • Formulating a master time table for the entire school and teachers

  • Installation of display boards in the staff room and Std 1 to 7

  • Maintaining records and trackers

  • Instituting student council in the new academic year:



  • The school has formulated the school vision and has been shared with all stakeholders.

  • The school time table has been reworked for the new academic session and has been finalized and is displayed on the bulletin board in the staff room. This will help the teachers to utilize their time in a better and organized way.

  • Display boards have been installed in classrooms from Std I to VII. The display board has displays related to topics taught in the class as well as also has a small birthday corner for the students.

  • Classrooms are lively, bright and buzzing and students are excited about the display boards.

  • The school has started maintaining the records of notices and memos, staff meeting schedule and its agenda, minutes of meetings, substitution register, extra class records for reference etc..

  • Student council has been set up and roles and responsibilities have been identified for the members. The members of the student council help in discipline and cleanliness related issues. This will help to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the students and also help to develop leadership qualities in the students.

  • Students are encouraged to speak in school assembly on a topic of their choice and these are planned by the teachers. This will help to express themselves with confidence in front of others.

The school head has been suggested to come up with a strong school policy to remove corporal punishment completely from the school to have safe and sensitive environment in the school


Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

Teacher Training – Prerana

1. Learning Environment

2. Using teaxbooks effectively

3. Power of questioning

4. Group work


  • To help the teachers to use display boards and blackboards in effective ways to make learning effective and powerful for the students


  • To help the teachers to understand different components of textbooks, identifying objectives of lessons, using text book in effective manner in teaching, comparing two textbooks for better content and questions for students etc.


  • To help the teachers to frame open ended, close ended, high order and low order questions to assess students learning in a better way


  • To help teachers to involve and engage students in the classes during teaching using pair/group work strategies

  • The display boards have been installed and teachers are using it effectively.

  • They have created a small birthday corner for the students.

  • All the classes have appreciation walls and appreciation charts.

  • Students are given stars based on their good behavior.

  • Classrooms are selected as “best classroom” based on the effective use of display boards, blackboards, neatness of the students and the classrooms.

  • Indicators to select the class as the best class have been shared with the teachers.

  • The teachers are suggested to frame at least 5 low order and 5 high order questions for each chapter of the subject they teach. The questions should be apart from text book questions and the record of the same should be maintained.

  • The teachers have started using pair/group work to involve all the students in discussion in the classes while teaching a topic.

  • Active participation of the students is evident in the classes.

HeadLamp Workshops

Module 3

Teaching, Learning and Assessment


  • HeadLamp, the leadership and management programme, is a series of 8 workshops designed to improve school leaders' participation in the teaching, learning and assessment processes, improve systems and processes within the school, support internal monitoring and evaluation and enhance internal reporting and communication.


  • The school heads and 4 teachers from the school attended 3rd module of HeadLamp workshop which was conducted on 19th and 21st August 2013.

  • The head has planned 3 changes for the next quarter which includes plans and strategies to improve teaching learning in the school and empowering the students and the teachers by encouraging them to express their opinions and suggestions in the classes and during staff meetings respectively and also incorporating bright ideas of teachers and students in class and school related policies.

  • The school has appointed a person who will help co ordinator to monitor and to ensure that positive changes are sustainable in the school.

  • The new staff will maintain a record and ensure that teachers help students to pick a topic of their choice and speak in the assembly regularly. She will also ensure that display boards are updated regularly with the displays related to current topics taught and include more of students work.

  • Teachers have been provided a staff room to sit together, plan and discuss.

  • Display board in the staff room displays school related information clearly e.g. master time table, teachers’ time table, teacher list, strength of the school, vision statement etc.














Objective of the Intervention

Actual Outcome

School Based Support – Demo classes conducted by TTF Facilitator

  • To help the teachers to observe and understand as how to use of teaching strategies e.g. “positive demeanor, positive verbal and non verbal communication, organized blackboard work with clear flow of lesson and effective use of low order and high order questions “ effectively in the classes to make learning fun filled, interesting and engaging for the students.




  • TTF facilitators conducted demo classes in Maths, Science and English and exhibited classroom strategies which were discussed during training sessions.

  • Strategies covered were – exhibiting positive demeanor in the class, positive verbal and non verbal communication, organized blackboard work, word wall and effective questioning.

  • Students were quite enthusiastic and participated actively in the classes.





Going forward:

  • TTF facilitators will observe teachers’ classes and share one on one feedback in a constructive manner.

  • TTF will monitor and support teachers to practice teaching strategies to make their classes active.

  • TTF will observe one of the staff meetings in the coming month. The school has been suggested to have a regular staff meeting in the school and agenda and minutes of the meeting should be documented and shared with all the teachers.

  • Teachers would be provided support in framing high order questions for each topic of their subjects and will be motivated to ask questions in the class which would help the students to think, analyze and answer and not just to recall the facts.

  • The teachers will also be provided support in using bloom’s taxonomy to prepare blue prints for assessment papers.

  • The school head and the teachers would be motivated to encourage students to share and express their opinions and views in the classes. The teachers would be encouraged to plan a few lessons as per students’ interest.

  • TTF will strictly monitor that instances of corporal punishment in the school have gone down.



A few photos


Before After



Appreciation Wall in the class Display Board in staff room




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