Puerta Abierta IAP

Mission Provide the tools for an integral development for girls in risk situation in Queretaro city within a family model so they can create a life project. Vision Replicate the model family project throughout Mexico to meet the high demand OBJECTIVES Puerta Abierta knows that the most important legacy that these children can receive is love from the carers of the institution within this new family and the opportunity for a quality education. This project will allow them to build a world full of opportunities and achievements. Love -Form a loving family so they can build the bonds that will protect and accompany their lives. -Give them the protection and security they require for their ...
Jun 24, 2014

Education is a never-ending endeavor


Our family is turning 10 years old!  Along these years we have been learning the benefits of being well educated women, with structured thought processes and abilities to express our opinions, dreams and desires.

As we have been going through our education process throughout these years, we have been opening and exploring new horizons. Our imagination has been pushed beyond our initial expectations, and now we feel we are truly the creators of our personal and family projects.

We cannot skip mentioning that we have also gone through an education of our feelings, and our character. We have learnt to think with our hearts, and be thankful for all the loving care and beauty that surrounds us. We are aware that we can be successful as long as we continue believing in ourselves that we are valuable as human beings. Thus, we are obligated to use our freedom in a wise way, choosing those paths that take us to new challenges to be better persons

We are convinced that education is a never-ending endeavor, with new learnings every day, taking us to being more conscious and responsible, so that our actions are directed to building a healthier and better balanced environment.

We want to thank Global Giving for the opportunity given to us, to continue dreaming and generating change in our world and move forward towards building and caring for this universe in which we live.

And ask you to keep supporting our girls dreams today 25th of june beggining 12 noon EDT in the Microsoft Youthspark Bonus Day that will be matching funds at 100% 

Give now a brighter future to all our girls!

Thanks to you all,

Margarita, Mercedes, Ana Gaby, Karla, Angeles, María, Lupis, Juanita, Moni





May 12, 2014

It is time to give back


Community Social Work 2014

It is amazing to see our girls evolving in different walks of life as they grow and mature

Just recently they had the opportunity to do social work in a very poor rural community. This

environment was somewhat similar to that from where they originally came. They had the chance

to socialize with girls their age, play with children and meet their families. After observing this, I could

realize the difference that the formal education they are getting is imprinting in their behavior.


Their interaction with their peer group during this community work showed that they were able to take

a leadership role, giving instructions and suggestions,organizing activities and giving answers to questions

posed by the group. Their performance during sport activities was also remarkable.


They were made aware of the social and material limitations that families have in such communities,

showing empathy, generosity and a natural tendency to serve their peers.

This experience has certainly left a mark on them, while assuring us all at Puerta Abierta that their

education will be making them better citizens, while giving them hope and a solid foundation for their

future in life.


As you have been part of this ongoing project we want to ask you if you would be willing to help Puerta Abierta

in a of a great opportunity we have next june through Globalgiving Yourh Spark Bonus Day. We are asking you

to become a Captain Donor, you know our project and believe in it so it would mean help a lot!  Dont worry we

would provide all the emails drafts for you in order  to reach your family and friends .

Please contact us via email


or FB Puerta Abierta IAP Querétaro




Mar 4, 2014

Ana Gaby & Moni



Ana Gaby & Moni

Living in any social Group or society generally generates camaraderie but also competition among

its members. When this competition is healthy, it brings the best of each individual

These two sisters, Ana Gaby and Moni, the last family members of our family at Puerta Abierta,

did not arrived from a supportive and challenging educational environment, but did arrived with

a lot of discipline. We were greatly surprised when with a lot of courage,effort and perseverance

were able to cope with a new and more demanding educational level. Their performance so far

has been outstanding, showing that attitude and discipline can overcome any difficult

This example has motivated the rest of the girls in Puerta Abierta, to improve their grades,

studying harder. The end result has been a better and more competitive academic level handled as

a game amongst the girls.

It is important to underline the will and pride that these two sisters have, empowering them to

overcome their academic disadvantages at the start of this unintended, but productive contest.

Their example has motivated the rest of the girls, showing how to bring the best within them and

allowing them to achieve higher goals.

This event has taught us how a quiet, determined and consistent example as shown by Gaby

&Moni is a very effective technique to stimulate and/or change our behavior.


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