NW AR Resource Conservation & Development Council

The mission of Northwest Arkansas Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. (NW AR RC&D) is the social, economic and environmental betterment of the rural communities in our nine county area which includes Baxter, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Madison, Marion, Newton, Searcy, and Washington Counties.
Oct 21, 2013

Thank you

NW AR RC&D has exhausted all funds available for the Low Income Home Repair program and is choosing to concentrate our efforts in other areas at this time. Thanks to you, our donors, we were able to leverage other funds and complete 16 projects in partnership with Rebuilding Together of NW Arkansas in Washington and Benton Counties utilizing 5,629 volunteer hours. We also partnered with the Fuller Center for Housing and helped them with the expense of moving a donated house for a low income recipient in Boone County. A grandmother in Carroll County raising three grandchildren on a fixed income has running water because of your contribution to repairing her well. May you be greatly blessed because of your generosity.

Jul 31, 2013

Water for Grandmother

Dear Partners,

In June we received a call from a grandmother in Carroll County who was raising three granchildren alone on a fixed income. The problem was that their well pump needed a repair and they had no water. This repair cost over $2,500.00 which might as well have been a million since they had no resources to pay for the repair. Thanks to your past donations we were able to get this family something that most of us take for granted "water".

This repair officially exhausted the funds we had available for this program at this time.Your partnership means everything to to those who are in desparate need. We will continue this program as more funds become available.

May 10, 2013

Four Generations Benefit from Home Rehab

Four Generations
Four Generations

In April we assisted a single working mother of four who is also supplying a home for her mother and grandmother. The client supports seven people working as a secretary in a Washington County AR school.

When I was first introduced by one of our partner organization’s executive director she broke down in tears just completely overwhelmed with the generosity of all the partners who had been involved with her rehabilitation. As we walked through her kitchen, which was in the process of being rebuilt, she explained to me that she had returned home from work one day to a lake in her kitchen where pipes had busted. The water ruined all the cabinets and the floor. She had managed to save enough money to repair the floor but had lived without a fully functioning kitchen for a long time. She had also repaired a leaky roof but did not have money to repair the interior damage caused by the leak. The client was resourceful and had collected old doors that people had thrown out to created walls in a covered porch to use as a laundry facility. The porch had extensive damage and needed to be replaced with a real laundry room. This hard working lady and her children worked alongside volunteers until all the repairs were complete only stopping long enough to wipe away the many tears of gratefulness.