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OneVoice is an international mainstream grassroots movement that aims to amplify and strengthen the voice of Israeli and Palestinian moderates, empowering them to demand their elected representatives achieve a two-state solution. The movement works to forge consensus for conflict resolution and build a human infrastructure capable of mobilizing the people toward a negotiated, comprehensive and permanent agreement between Israel and Palestine that ends the occupation, ensures security and peace for both sides, and solves all final-status issues in accordance with international law and previous bilateral agreements. OneVoice aims to give ordinary citizens a voice and direct role in resolving...
Nov 27, 2012

Success of Israeli, Palestinian Youth on Tour

Since OneVoice opened the GlobalGiving campaign at the beginning of the fall, we have successfully engaged over 1,000 Americans in the important conversation about ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a result of your continued support, OneVoice has brought 3 pairs of Israeli and Palestinian youth activists on two tours throughout the Northeast, and one tour in Northern California, connecting students and communities across America to the voices of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians who are working towards conflict resolution. During these very challenging times in the Region, these young leaders have brought the experiences they’ve gained from these tours back to their communities and have redoubled their fight for an end of conflict, focusing on propelling their leaders toward a two-state solution.


Through the three IEP tours, Youth Leader pairs Or and Amro, Adva and Ahmad, and Shai and Obada, , have shared their unique experiences of organizing grassroots initiatives with over 1,000 people at 17 colleges, dozens of community centers, and even at the United Nations. We also launched a call to action from our New York office, designed to contribute to and amplify the hard work of our Israeli and Palestinian youth activists. As a result we have received over 850 signatures to our petition amplifying our activists’ work and calling on President Obama to prioritize the two-state solution in his second term.


Adva Vilchinski, Youth Leadership Program Director of OneVoice Israel, is one of the youth activists who took part in this fall’s IEP tours. Read about her experience in New England here:


OneVoice Palestine youth activist Amro Brighith, who at only 22 years old has already been a part of the movement for two years, took part in the NY/NJ tour. Read about his experience here:


While we always try to reach ambitious dollar goals, the true worth of a tour campaign is the impact that we are able to have with American audiences and in the Region making progress toward ending the conflict. Though this Global Giving campaign is coming to a close, we look back at this IEP season as a success.  Events were organized for the first time at Middlebury College, Dartmouth, and the New School, as well as at several high schools and community groups. In October, OneVoice youth activists briefed UN staff about their work in the Middle East at a luncheon sponsored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations helping to fulfill our commitment to building bridges between the grassroots and decision makers.  The conversation across universities and communities is still buzzing as people ask themselves about their role as Americans toward Israeli-Palestinian peace.


Our work in advocating for a two-state solution, especially through the International Engagement Program, will continue.  In fact, we have ambitious plans to scale our impact in the coming year. We will keep you updated on future tours and other exciting news from OneVoice. Thank you for your support in bringing these important voices to America.


OneVoice is an international mainstream grassroots movement that aims to amplify the voice of Israeli and Palestinian moderates, empowering them to seize back the agenda for conflict resolution and demand that their leaders achieve a two-state solution.


Aug 21, 2012

OneVoice Update - August 2012

Tal Harris during a OneVoice Israel campaign
Tal Harris during a OneVoice Israel campaign

Despite the heat of the summer, OneVoice activists were busy with many grassroots campaigns that generated public and media attention.

Grassroots Campaign Highlights

Throughout the summer, OneVoice Youth Leaders kept up the momentum to promote a settlement freeze and return to negotiations. OneVoice Israel activists continued to pressure their government urging the Knesset to quash legislation legalizing outposts on private Palestinian land. OneVoice also released a poll showing that 57.7% of respondents supported the Supreme Court’s decision to demolish the outposts and 57.6% opposed the bill legalizing the settlements. Although the bill was not passed, it was subsequently announced that a new set of housing units were to be built. Moreover, an Israeli appointed committee report recommended legalizing the majority of West Bank
outposts. Wearing blindfolds, OneVoice activists warned their government against the dangers of blindness towards the problems on the ground. In addition, OneVoice Israel Activists have been mobilizing with heavy winter coats in different major cities in Israel every week, symbolizing the need to freeze settlement construction and unfreeze peace negotiations.

OneVoice Palestine continued to gain presence across different communities through creative initiatives intended to revive faith in the two-state solution in the occupied Palestinian territories. Infusing social and cultural activities with political work allowed OneVoice Palestine to expand in numbers. OneVoice Palestine’s latest activity drew hundreds of participants from the outskirts of Hebron for a trivia night and signed up more than 300 people to its mission in support of the two-state solution. In addition, over 120 students from several Palestinian universities attended the trivia night, a testament to OneVoice Palestine’s efforts on university campuses. OneVoice Palestine now has 18 active chapters, providing space for activists to meet and create transformative programming to address these issues.

Youth Leadership Training

OneVoice Palestine

During the month of July, OneVoice Palestine organized 7 Youth Leader training sessions with Generations for the Peace in Jericho, Bethlehem, Nablus, Qalqilya and Jenin. Around 170 youth leaders received basic training with Generations for Peace (GFP). In addition, OneVoice Palestine conducted a basic training session in Hebron (not
part of the GFP) and two introductory sessions in Qalqilya.

OneVoice Israel

This summer OneVoice Israel is spearheading a joint training initiative with OneVoice Palestine. They endeavor to produce highly skilled Youth Leaders who will meet once a month with their counterparts from OneVoice Palestine to generate higher level youth leader.

Thank you for your support,

The OneVoice Team

A OneVoice Palestine community event
A OneVoice Palestine community event


May 22, 2012

OneVoice Update - May 2012

Thanks to your support, March and April were busy months, with grassroots campaigns that drew public, political and media attention, as well as intensive trainings to make our youth leaders more skilled and effective activists for the two-state solution.

Grassroots Campaign Highlights

In March and April, OneVoice youth leaders kept up the momentum to promote a settlement freeze and a return to serious negotiations. Joined by Israeli politicians, civil society organizations and regular citizens, OneVoice Israel (OVI) activists stopped a bid by right-wing members of Knesset to introduce the Outpost Bill, which aimed to transform illegal outposts over four years old into legal settlements. Meanwhile, hundreds of OneVoice Palestine (OVP) activists united to plant trees in several areas of the West Bank earmarked for confiscation by Israeli military order.

In April, OneVoice activists launched complementary campaigns in Israel and Palestine asking their leaders, “What about the Arab Peace Initiative?” (API). 10 years ago, the 22 Arab League member states came together in Beirut to propose a historic peace plan to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and create an independent Palestinian state. OVI has worked across its 8 university chapters to advocate for the API, incorporating social media with a Facebook application that replicates people’s comments directly onto Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Wall.

A OneVoice Israel online campaign banner asks the public to weigh in: “The king of Bahrain…is offering us peace and an agreed-upon solution to the refugee issue. He calls it the Arab Peace Initiative. Good? Bad? What do you say?”

Last week, OVP youth leaders led a media-grabbing event near Jenin, by the 1967 border, releasing hundreds of helium balloons carrying the text of the Arab Peace Initiative to float into Israel. OVP has also held several high-profile Town Hall Meetings, including a women’s empowerment meeting in Qalqilya attended by 200 women along with the governor and the mayor.

Hundreds of OneVoice youth activists and locals, wearing flag caps of countries supporting the Arab Peace Initiative, released into Israel hundreds of helium balloons carrying the text of the regional peace plan.

Youth Leadership Training

In Israel…

In March, OneVoice Israel (OVI) conducted an advanced fellowship seminar for 45 youth leaders. The weekend-long seminar gave youth leaders practical skills as well as a deeper understanding of the psychological and political dimensions of the conflict. Topics ranged from the use of media to the role of Israeli-Arabs in resolving the conflict. Prominent guest speakers included Yossi Sarid, the former education minister, Atalia Shompebeli, the political analyst of YNET and Professor Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University.

OVI has also held smaller, specialized training sessions for the university chapter leaders, featuring guest speakers Ori Rotkovitch, CEO of Arbinger, and Yuval Avramovich, a prominent Israeli writer.

In Palestine…

In March and April, OneVoice Palestine (OVP) trained 83 youth leaders from across the West Bank in 3 weekend-long, advanced workshops. These trainings emphasized public speaking skills (featuring guest trainer Mohammad Darawsheh) and tools for mobilizing youth and engaging the community. OVP also held 7 introductory workshops in Ramallah, Qalqilya, Jericho, Jenin and Hebron.

In March, OneVoice Palestine sent 3 youth leaders to participate in an advanced training program with our partner Generations for Peace (GFP) in Amman, Jordan, on peace-building within their society using sports. Later that month, the trained youth leaders implemented the GFP conflict resolution training techniques by organizing a workshop for 60 orphans in Arabeh, West Bank.

OneVoice Gaza director Ezzeldeen Masri conducted an introductory session out of the recently re-opened Gaza office; at the end of the workshop, 25 out of 30 participants expressed willingness to become activists in the movement.

We are also pleased to announce the reopening of the OneVoice Gaza office, which closed in 2009. OneVoice Gaza director Ezzeldin Masri has been testing the ground slowly since November 2011, holding informal sessions with nearly 200 young people. The most recent introductory session, in late April, gave 30 university students in Gaza a historical background to the conflict and underscored the potential of the two-state solution. 25 students signed on to become OneVoice activists after the session.

Thank You for your support!
-The OneVoice Team