Campaign for Female Education (Camfed)

In Africa, where girls have least access to education and are most vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, Camfed's mission is to increase girls' access to education and economic opportunity and to accelerate the benefits to individuals, their families and communities. Camfed's vision is of a world in which every child is educated, protected, respected and valued, and grows up to turn the tide of poverty.
Aug 8, 2008

Chapwanya Mother Support Group Report

The Chapwanya Mother Support Group, from the district of Chikomba, consists of 14 women who came together in 2006 to help vulnerable and orphaned children in their community.

Their aim is to engage in self-help projects that enable the group to raise funds to assist these children, as well as their own families. By doing so, the Mothers hope to support the social and economic empowerment of rural girls and young women, and to promote their social, economic, reproductive, physical and psychological freedoms.

Thanks to the support of donors worldwide, the Chapwanya Mother Support Group has been able to help many children in their community. By consulting heads of schools in the neighborhood, they're able to best identify those children in need of support. The group's members are active in a number of ways; the greatest achievement, according to the leader of this group, Mrs. Chibawe, was when the group disbursed 100 exercise books, 40 pens and 20 pencils to 20 beneficiaries who were visibly delighted and overwhelmed by receiving the stationery. They were also able to assist some children with access to daily necessities such as salt, vaseline, and clothes.

The Chapwanya Mother Support Group's motto is, "Help them help themselves through empowerment, support and education". Thanks to the donations supporting this group, and others like it, Mothers across Zimbabwe are able to fulfill this motto and vision.

Aug 7, 2008

Empowering Mother Support Groups in Zimbabwe to Support Children

The first half of 2008 has seen the level of activity of Mother Support Groups (MSG) grow considerably in rural districts of Zimbabwe where Camfed works, as well as the level of need for their support. The capacity of these groups is being built and they are effectively working together to overcome the current difficulties faced within their communities.

Specific activities include district-level workshops (including one in Mount Darwin district, a focus area of this project, with representatives from 43 Mother Support Groups) in which members of the groups gained skills in leadership and business management. These skills have enabled them to establish successful projects, the profits from which they have used to support vulnerable children in their communities.

By supporting the continued activities of Mother Support Groups in Zimbabwe, this project is investing in the leadership of rural communities, ensuring they are empowered to play a key role in the education of their children.