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Aug 7, 2012

Closeout from Global GIving Muelle de los Bueyes drive.

Dear Donor,

CO2 Bambu raised $4500 out of its objective of $12,000 for a Women's Shelter in Muelle de los Bueyes.  With these funds, CO2 Bambu was able to build a structure that will, hopefully, be part of a future, larger build to fully meet the needs of the women in Muelle de los Bueyes.  For now, this "phase 1" structure is being used by the community for meetings, but not yet as a fully functional shelter, pending successful raise of additional funds.

Thank you for your generous support of our project.  Your contribution will help us continue to support women in Nicaragua. 

Jul 24, 2012

CO2 BAMBU Project Update

The CO2 Bambu initiative to build a safehouse for battered women in Muelle de los Buyes has accelerated since reaching the $4,000 mark.  We have met with the Director and two women teachers from the local primary school, who are working informally as the volunteer caseworkers for women in their community.  To date, they have worked on 80 distinct cases and they confirmed the urgent need for a safe house of their own.  In the absence of a single private setting, they are forced to meet with women in public places, not ideal for matters that require privacy.   CO2 Bambu took the initiative to broaden the scope of our support, beyond the building of the structure, by connecting these women to the national organization "Casa de la Mujer", a network of 17 field offices, with a broad and deep experience in setting up and running women-centric programs in rural communities.  The land has been identified and donated with the Oficina del Gobierno, which means that construction can start once we reach the minimal threshold of $8000, which corresponds to phase 1 of the "progressive house" that will eventually have 3 bedrooms, in addition to the main consultation area and office space.  Our immediate focus is to facilitate the creation of a formal Casa de la Mujer, with the help of the national organization, so that these women are not only given a physical structure, but a programmatic infrastructure that will enable them to reach the full potential of the services they aim to provide in their community of Muelle de los Buyes.  Acceptance as part of the Casa de la Mujer national program will open up the door to identifying further funding sources to complement the Global Giving initiative.


Jun 12, 2012

Thank you for your support

Women of Jocotan, coming to the pilot home event
Women of Jocotan, coming to the pilot home event

Dear Global Giving Friends,

We really want to thank you for your support in partnering with Guatemalan rural families, so they can access filters and stoves.

Since the last report, we have installed the two Wakami home pilots, in Clara Ines´s  and Victor Hugo´s houses.   Both are leaders in their communities, are studying in college and are producing for the Wakami Value Chain.  The entire communities were invited, and about 50 people where there during the setting of the pilot homes.  The community saw the products, how to install them, how to use them, and really important, the benefits.

With the first transfer of your donations, for $1,000, we were able to partner with:

8 families in buying the filters

10 families in buying the stoves.

There is a second transfer coming to us, which will help us cover the demand of these products.  Families are very excited, since both the smoke in the homes and very contaminated water sources, are things that these products solve.

Once again, thank you so much for your donations!!!  They are really making a difference!! 

Maria Pacheco


Communities of the Earth

Watching the installation of the onil stoves
Watching the installation of the onil stoves
Victor and family in their open fire kitchen
Victor and family in their open fire kitchen
Making tortillas with the new installed onil stove
Making tortillas with the new installed onil stove
Victor Hugo and his family with the new ecofilter
Victor Hugo and his family with the new ecofilter