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May 30, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Teams Up to Fight Child Hunger

Photo Credit: Jorge Monteiro
Photo Credit: Jorge Monteiro

Cristiano Ronaldo is gearing up to take on child hunger in Guatemala. "See how @SavetheChildren is showing parents how to use goat milk to tackle child #hunger in Guatemala," tweeted the Real Madrid football star. Cristiano is referring to a goat milk program, featured in a new Save the Children video, which is helping chronically malnourished Guatemalan children like four-year-old Isabella gain weight and grow. View the video in English and in Spanish.

"Parents want to do everything they can for their child. As a father, I can only imagine how Isabella's mother must have felt, knowing her child was not getting the nourishment she needed," said Cristiano Ronaldo, referring to a mother and child featured in the video. "Fortunately, Isabella's mother got good advice from Save the Children on how healthy foods like goat milk can help Isabella gain weight and grow. But not all parents get this guidance, and that is heartbreaking."

Save the Children's goat-raising center in Guatemala offers milk as a source of protein for undernourished children living in rural communities. Nearly half of all children under age 5 in Guatemala are chronically malnourished. In Quiche, a rural mountainous area about 165 kilometers outside of Guatemala City where Isabella lives, the number of chronically malnourished children climbs to more than 72 percent of under 5 children. One-year-olds are especially vulnerable once they stop breastfeeding and no longer get enough of the right proteins and nutrients in their daily diet.

"Healthy foods fuel the growth of a child's brain and body in their early years. Without them, children suffer life-long consequences — their growth is stunted, they are more susceptible to illness, they struggle to keep up and pay attention in school," said Carlos Carrazana, country director of Save the Children in Guatemala. "But when we reach children early on, we can change their future, and make sure they have a chance to reach their full potential."

Empowering Families to Tackle Child Hunger in Guatemala

Save the Children provides child hunger programs to families in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, an under-resourced area that is home to the country's ethnic minority community and where a high percentage of children are malnourished. In addition to the goat milk program, Save the Children counsels pregnant women, mothers and caretakers on how to breastfeed, and on how to help their kids be healthier and eat a better diet. Working with community volunteers and health workers, Save the Children reaches mothers through classes, home and health clinic visits, community fairs, community theater events and soccer tournaments.

The global humanitarian organization also advises families on how to grow more nutritious food, such as beans, corn, potatoes and vegetables, and how to raise animals for eggs, goat milk and meat. Families also learn how to increase their income through better marketing approaches and new business opportunities like horticulture and animal husbandry, which helps pay for food and other needs for their children.

"Look at beautiful Isabella today. She is a happy, healthier child," added Ronaldo. "I want her story of a life free from hunger to be the story of every Guatemalan child. That's a goal worth pursuing."


May 29, 2014

Final Report for East Africa Crisis

In 2011, a deadly food crisis across east Africa claimed tens of thousands of lives and left millions destitute and hungry. We launched the biggest emergency response in our 90-year history – delivering food, water, health care and other crucial life-saving aid to families. Your support helped us save thousands of lives. Thank you.

How you're still helping the children of east Africa

Thanks to you, we’re still on the ground, saving lives and giving children a chance at a better future.

You’re helping us feed hundreds of thousands of people, providing many more with clean water and healthcare across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

You are helping us to provide a quality education to children – many for the first time in their lives. And your donations are supporting families find sustainable solutions to drought in their villages.

This is the final report on this project. Please visit to learn more about our work in Africa and our response to crises in South Sudan, Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

Thank you again for your generous support.


Apr 21, 2014

Motherhood in a Syrian Refugee Camp

Photo by Giles Duley
Photo by Giles Duley

This is Save the Children's final report for this microproject. Our work continues for the children of Syria and we invite you to support our latest project in the region. Please take a moment to read a mother's story in her own words. Siwar* lives at Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, where her five children can take advantage of our programs. Here is her story in her own words.

I have been in Za’atari for a year and a half with my husband and our five children. The youngest is 8 months old and was born in the camp. We left Syria because our village was under heavy shelling.

Before the war, we lived a normal life in Syria. My kids used to play with friends and work with their uncle. They want to go back to their country where they grew up.

We miss our family, relatives and neighbors. I miss the village that I lived in all my life. I feel very lonely. The main problem is lack of medical services.

During my last pregnancy, I was in a lot of pain. I was alone when I gave birth to my daughter in the camp. In Syria, my relatives were there to support me during my past pregnancies. It’s been so hard to raise my youngest without them, and it has been difficult for us all living in a small trailer.

I worry about my children becoming sick. Two of them have already suffered from the flu. They are homesick and miss their cousins and grandparents—they too are lonely and isolated here.

We thought the conflict would end within one or two months. We didn’t expect all the killings and bloodshed, and we certainly didn’t expect to end up in Za’atari.

Today, over 5 million Syrian children need help. Save the Children is on the ground helping to keep children safe and providing the basics they need, like food and health care and offering programs to help them cope with tragedy. Please kindly donate to our Syrian Children’s Relief Fund.

* Names changed to protect the family's identity

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