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The CARIBBEAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. (CEF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, dedicated to helping poor children receive meaningful access to quality education in the Caribbean. CEF awards scholarships to children who are unable to attend school, because families are unable to pay school fees and other required school related costs. Our Student Scholarships pay school fees, purchase text books, school supplies, uniforms, meals and transportation. The Caribbean Education Foundation is established on the principles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UN Declaration of Human Rights. CEF believes education is the cornerstone to choice and ...
May 16, 2013

Happy Child's Month - Wonderful Jamaica Visit with CEF Scholars

CEF Scholars with CEO Nikiki Bogle in Jamaica
CEF Scholars with CEO Nikiki Bogle in Jamaica

Did you know that May is Child’s Month?  The Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) wishes a Happy Child’s Month to all children around the globe!  

CEF wishes that all mothers had a very Happy Mother’s Day! 

In addition, Happy Father’s Day when it comes to all dads in June!

Last month in April 2013, CEF’s President and Team members visited some of our CEF Scholars in Kingston, Jamaica.  As you know, CEF always receives our scholars' Grade Reports on how they are doing in school.  The detailed Grade Reports inform of us of not just their grades, but their overall attitude and behavior towards each subject matter (14 subjects) and their attendance record, including tardiness.  So, the CEF team learns a great deal from the Grade Reports!  However, there is nothing like a personal meeting to learn who a child really is.  It was truly wonderful to meet with the children in person! 

We met with some of our Kingston CEF Scholars at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica.  Our President had one-on-one sessions about academics, leadership roles and home life with each child.  As you can imagine, some things were very sad to hear about the difficulties and pains at home - - they are so young, at 12 to 14 years old and already experience so much in their young lives.  Despite their many challenges, our CEF Scholars persevere and stand tall.  We ask that you will continue to financially support our scholars who really need it most!

The overwhelming majority of scholars continue to do excellent in school!  We have a couple students in especially difficult circumstances at home and lack access to technology and homework assistance, which reflects in some of their grades.  In order to provide students with additional support, CEF is creating a Learning & Technology Center to launch in September 2013!  The Learning Center will provide a safe, well-lit space for homework and research, exposure to computer technology, homework assistance, tutoring, mentoring and other services, so these children continue to rise and swim.  We ask that you support CEF's Learning Center initiative, which will not only help our current CEF Scholars, but reach thousands of additional disadvantaged children we have not been able to assist due to financial constraints. 

Of course, no visit with children is complete without a treat…so we took them for some delicious pizza in New Kingston!  For some students, it was their first time having pizza and they truly enjoyed it!

The current school year ends in June, and CEF is asking you to make a donation, so these students may enter the next grade in high school in September 2013!   Please consider a recurring donation of $25 per month!

In addition, CEF is seeking Education Ambassadors for our Adopt-a-Student Program.  Ambassadorship is open to everyone:  individuals, businesses, organizations and groups.  The cost to fund one student to attend public high school for one year in Jamaica is $1,500 U.S. dollars.  Each Education Ambassador receives direct information about her or his adopted student along with a photograph.  Throughout the school year, each CEF Ambassador is updated with Grade Reports, Attendance Reports and Behavioral Reports about the school performance of his or her adopted child.  Ambassadors may also communicate with their adopted students.   

As you are aware, Public High Schools are NOT FREE in Jamaica.  The cost to attend public high school in Jamaica is at least $1,500 U.S. dollars.  The minimum wage is approximately $50.00 U.S. dollars per week or $200.00 U.S. dollars per month.  Many of the students who receive CEF scholarships have "working poor parent(s)" who are unable to afford the costs of high school due to the low wages they earn.  CEF’s goal is to give youth meaningful choices and opportunities in this world, and thereby break the poverty cycle.  

CEF is seeking 10 Education Ambassadors who are able to help a child gain access to quality education.  Will you be one of THE CEF 10?  Individuals and entities that wish to become a CEF Education Ambassador should contact the Caribbean Education Foundation directly at Email: or Phone:  800-677-0839.

Please continue to spread the word about CEF; and Like our page on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

As always, CEF cannot do our work without your financial support.  Thank you so much for contributing to help a poor child receive an education.   We truly appreciate your support!

CEF Scholars at Emancipation Park in Jamaica
CEF Scholars at Emancipation Park in Jamaica
CEF Scholars having pizza in New Kingston
CEF Scholars having pizza in New Kingston


Apr 8, 2013

Space Location Visit to Jamaica and University Students Team Support

Meet CEF Scholar, Daniellia
Meet CEF Scholar, Daniellia

This month in April, Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) team members are traveling to Jamaica to finalize space decisions for the Learning Center.  Our goal is to open the Center in September! 

We have also teamed up with some very hard-working management students at Bryant University in Rhode Island, to help CEF get the necessary supplies for the Center.  The students are hosting a number of events both on and off campus to raise supplies we need to get the Center off to a great start!

As you know, Caribbean Education Foundation added six (6) new Paul Bogle Scholarship recipients to our roster of students (CEF Scholars) who need exposure to technology and homework space!   The Learning Center will
serve our 18 scholarship recipients, but will also reach additional cohort of up to 5,000 underprivileged children each year.

We have also received the last term grade reports from CEF Scholars, and are excited to tell you that they are continue to do very well in high school.  Our 6 new recipients are also doing very well.  Imagine if these children had
the Learning Center with meaningful exposure to technology - - they would be unstoppable!

If you recall from our last project report, one of our new scholars, Daniellia, had to relocate to the countryside and forfeit her dream school, that she passed her exam to attend.  Her mother died suddenly and her dream school is located in the city of Kingston.  She had to move to live with her grandmother in the country, as her father does not have the resources to take care of her and the additional children.  As you can imagine, this has been an extremely a difficult transition on many levels, particularly for a 12 year-old girl.  When CEF team spoke to her about the new school, Daniellia found it to be very challenging - - she wondered if she could do as well there.  Well, we are excited to report that she is doing excellent in all her classes!  She is an "A" student at a very challenging high school.

CEF is counting on your financial assistance to get the center up and running so that we can continue to help Daniellia and other students to excel too.  Please make a donation to the Learning Center Project today!

Recurring Donations:  it is very important to get recurring donors to our project. 

We will update you once our team returns from to Jamaica.

Thank you for your generosity.


Jan 14, 2013

Happy New Year - Saving 18 Children's Lives

Sarah - CEF Scholar in 2010, 2011, 2012
Sarah - CEF Scholar in 2010, 2011, 2012

Happy New Year!  Caribbean Education Foundation hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family.  CEF wishes you and your loved ones more love, light, health, happiness and blessings in 2013 and beyond! 


You have done the right thing in donating to us - - and we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) is off to a wonderful start in 2013!  We are excited about our upcoming programs, events and initiatives!  Our CEF Scholars have continued to soar to great heights both academically and in being awarded leadership roles at their schools!  We will let you know in detail about individual children in subsequent reports.  CEF will also update you on our latest initiatives, but first, we wanted to show why you made a difference in 2012.

CEF was honored with a TOP RATED 2012 NONPROFIT AWARD from GreatNonprofits!  We share this honor with all of you!  Nothing is possible without your help.  We truly appreciate your financial support to each child.


18 children.  18 breaths. 18 smiles.  18 voices.  18 educated.  18 opportunities to thrive.

You have impacted and are transforming the lives of 18 children in need of education.

You are responsible for helping 18 children who are living in poverty to receive meaningful access to quality education in Jamaica.  If education equals opportunity, and opportunity equals life, and we know it does, each of you have directly saved 18 children’s lives in 2012.  The magnitude of your impact cannot be understated.

And so, we wanted to share a letter we recently received from the guardian of a child, Sarah, whom you are helping to educate in Jamaica.  Sarah applied to our Paul Bogle Scholarship Program for high school students in Spring of 2010, so she could attend one of the best public high schools in Jamaica, Immaculate Conception High School for Girls.  At the time, Sarah was 12 years old and wanted desperately to enter Grade 7 in September 2010, but her family did not have the financial resources to fund her education.  Due to our CEF Scholarship, Sarah was able to enter Grade 7 in September 2010; and with your continued generosity in funding our scholarship renewals, Sarah entered Grade 8 in September 2011 and Grade 9 in September 2012.


Dear Caribbean Education Foundation: 

I am so pleased that you were able to sponsor Sarah for another academic year! THANK YOU so very much for your help! 

Sarah continues to be driven by ambition, maturity, initiative and dependability and continues to be a top student and high performer at the Immaculate Conception High School for Girls.

Your continued support has played a major role in my niece, Sarah’s life. I use the word ''life'' because it is not only her education that you have impacted. I am proud to say that this scholarship continues to be a blessing to Sarah’s growth and development.

I personally will continue to push and motivate her to do even better so she can make herself proud and her family, and also make you and your CEF team proud scholarship sponsors.

May the Lord continue to bless you for the work that you and your foundation does.

CEF is also excited to report that this month, we received Sarah’s latest Grade 9 Report and Attendance Report from her school.  Sarah has made Honor Roll again with A grades!  She has also received an additional Award for Perfect Attendance for the Year in Grade 8!  We are very proud of Sarah's achievements!  JOIN US in saying CONGRATULATIONS!




"A" STUDENT IN GRADE 9:  A's in 13 out of 14 SUBJECTS! 


Sarah’s Latest Grade Report:  Sarah is in Grade 9 and taking 14 subjects.  She earned an A in 13 subjects! 

Physics:  A+

Chemistry:  A

Mathematics:  A+

Biology:  A

History:  A

English Language:   A

English Literature:  A

Information Technology:  A+

Spanish:  A

Religious Education:  A+

Food and Nutrition:  A+

Arts & Craft:  A

Physical Education:  A+

Geography:  B+

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Please continue to donate so children like Sarah are able to stay in school and excel!  Caribbean Education Foundation is now raising funds to help Sarah enter Grade 10 in September 2013; in addition to the 17 more children in our scholarship program.

Start an Online Fundraiser through Global Giving

You can help raise money for our project or an individual student by hosting an Online Fundraiser, where individuals and companies can donate directly to the project!  You may be surprised at how many people and entitities in your network help you reach the goal!  Everyone will want you to win.  It is easy to set up!  Like this one!

Make a Recurring Donation

Make a recurring donation on GlobalGiving! 

Tell a Friend

Please spread the word about CEF to raise awareness of our cause through your networks!  Knowledge is power and people cannot help if they do not know about our work.  Maybe they would host an Online Fundraiser or Adopt a Student!

DID YOU KNOW THAT CEF HAS ANOTHER PROJECT ON GLOBAL GIVING?  CEF is creating a Learning & Technology Center for Youth in Jamaica – this project will help our current scholarship recipients and also allow us to serve hundreds more children in the inner cities of Kingston.  Learn more about it here!

Thank you very much for your generosity!  CEF’s work would not be possible without your continued financial support.  We appreciate your help.

CEF Scholar Sarah with CEO Nikiki Bogle
CEF Scholar Sarah with CEO Nikiki Bogle


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