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The CARIBBEAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. (CEF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, dedicated to helping poor children receive meaningful access to quality education in the Caribbean. CEF awards scholarships to children who are unable to attend school, because families are unable to pay school fees and other required school related costs. Our Student Scholarships pay school fees, purchase text books, school supplies, uniforms, meals and transportation. The Caribbean Education Foundation is established on the principles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UN Declaration of Human Rights. CEF believes education is the cornerstone to choice and ...
Dec 2, 2013

Meet CEF Student Operations Manager: Ms. Tanya McLennon

CEF Student Operations Manager - Tanya McLennon
CEF Student Operations Manager - Tanya McLennon

As the Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) gears up for the much-anticipated opening of our Learning Center, we would like to introduce you to one of our Education Champions, Ms. Tanya McLennon, CEF Student Operations Manager for Jamaica.

Ms. Tanya McLennon has exemplary served the Caribbean Education Foundation since January 2010 and is entering her 4-year Anniversary in January 2014.  She is the Student Operations Manager for Jamaica - - the main liaison among the student scholarship recipients, their parents/guardians, the primary schools from which they graduate, and high schools they enter for the next education journey. 

Ms. McLennon explains the reasons she works with CEF, “It is wonderful to be a part of the Caribbean Education Foundation, because I witness daily how CEF is truly making a difference in each child’s education and the lives of poor children.  Without an education in Jamaica, you are going nowhere.  In order to get any job, including lower level, they require applicants to have passed subjects on the Caribbean Examinations.  Job notices say, applicants must have passed “5 CXC subjects”.  You cannot take CXC with without education and money to pay exam fees.  Education is critical to success in Jamaica and poor children need an opportunity.  CEF provides that opportunity.”

On any given day, you may find Ms. McLennon calling scholarship recipients to make sure they have everything required for high school; taking CEF Scholars to bookstores to purchase their textbooks and school supplies; meeting with high school bursars to ensure the school fees are paid; meeting with tutors to get assistance for a few students struggling in Math; conducting primary school tours; or meeting with Principals, Teachers, and Grade Six Coordinators on students' status with the CEF Paul Bogle Scholarship Applications; and more.  Wow!  Ms. McLennon does so much for CEF and the children!  Did we mention she is a Volunteer?

According to CEF's President & CEO, Nikiki Bogle, Esq., "Tanya McLennon is CEF's Education Champion in Jamaica.  Ms. McLennon does solid hard work with complete dedication; and always strives for excellence. She is invaluable to our student operations on the ground in Jamaica."

These are among the many reasons why CEF is very excited to have Ms. McLennon as the Learning Center Manager when we open our doors in 2014!  She is perfect for the position and up to the task.  The students love her and so do we!  CEF knows that the Learning Center will be in excellent hands.

On the Learning Center Management position, Ms. McLennon smiles and exclaims, “I am truly honoured!  The Learning Centre is a natural extension of what CEF already does to help educate poor children.  CEF Scholars will have access to technology, tutoring, and more, which is essential for success.  I am particularly excited, because I will get to spend more time with the children to help them.  I love the fact that CEF Scholars are bright, and simply need help to get their education.  Plus, they are so grateful for the assistance; and have been a joy to be around.”

Ms. McLennon explains why she has volunteered each year, for almost 4 years with CEF:  “Service and giving your time is important.  You may not have the financial resources, but making the time to assist a life-changing cause is important to me.  CEF is changing children’s lives for the better and I am happy to be of service to help make this happen in Jamaica.” 

CEF is extremely grateful for the dedicated volunteers such as Ms. McLennon, and our wonderful supporters like you all, who are helping to make the CEF Learning Center a success for our children!  We need your continued support to make the Learning Center a reality in 2014.

Thank you very much for your generosity!  You make education of brilliant, poor children possible. 

Ms. McLennon with Scholarship Recipients in 2010
Ms. McLennon with Scholarship Recipients in 2010
Ms. McLennon at CEF Primary School Tour in 2012
Ms. McLennon at CEF Primary School Tour in 2012
Ms. McLennon with CEF Scholarship Recipients 2013
Ms. McLennon with CEF Scholarship Recipients 2013
Sep 16, 2013

Back to School - Students Need Your Support

CEF Top Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient - Dania
CEF Top Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient - Dania

We hope you had a wonderful Summer!  It is that time of year again and Caribbean Education Foundation Paul Bogle Scholarship recipients are going back to high schools throughout Jamaica, due to the generosity of donors like you; and our Education Ambassadors who have adopted a student!  Our work would not be possible without your continued support. We are extremely grateful!


The overwhelming majority of CEF Scholars continue to do excellent work in school!  14 out of 18 students excelled with “A Grades” and made the Honor Roll.  11 have "A" Grade Point Averages:  Dania, Trevisa, Sarah, Janneil, Daniellia, Shamarie, Tamia, Janet, Savena, Nicole, Ashauni.  3 have "B+" Grade Point Averages; and 4 are struggling and need additional assistance.  We have a couple students in especially difficult circumstances at home; and additionally, lack access to technology and homework assistance, which reflects in some of their grades.  In order to provide students with additional support, CEF is creating a Learning & Technology Center!


As you know, Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) renews scholarships for students who are still in financial need, attended high school regularly and maintained good grades.  This month, CEF provided 10 student scholarships! 

High School started on September 2nd in Jamaica and unfortunately, many of our brilliant scholarship students are unable to attend due to a lack of funds!  Many don't have bus fare, text books or school supplies!  Danielle says, "I don't worry so much that I don't have any lunch, as long as I have the bus fare to get to school and text books to learn the lessons and do my homework.  This is all I ask for."  She is 12 years old. 

Although students qualify for scholarship renewals, sadly, CEF has not been able to renew all scholarships as yet, due to a lack of funds.  We need your help to assist the additional children to attend high school! 

Our Back to School Campaign is to raise funds to send 25 children to high school.  As discussed 10 children already received scholarships.  We need your help for assist the remaining 15 children.  Please make a contribution and help us make high school happen for these brilliant children!

As you know, Public High Schools are NOT FREE in Jamaica.  Our Paul Bogle Scholarships students' pay school fees, textbooks, school supplies, transportation and lunch.  CEF is a registered U.S. based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are 100% tax deductible.


Dania is currently an "A" student at Campion College, the top high school in Jamaica.  She just entered Grade 8 on September 2, 2013.  She excelled at St. Peter Claver Primary School, maintaining an "A+" Grade Point Average. She performed outstanding on the GSAT, obtaining 100% in Communication and 98% in Science. Her goal is to become a Medical Doctor, a Cardiologist.  Dania lives in the inner-city community of Seaview Gardens with her mother and siblings. Her mother is unemployed and unable to provide all the items required for high school attendance. Dania wants to be able to focus on studying and continuing to excel, without worrying about finances to attend school.

Yesterday, Dania called CEF pleading for scholarship renewal.  She is only 13 years old and in Grade 8.  She is attending high school, but the administrators are asking when their fees will be paid, which is embarassing the child.  Importantly, Dania explained, "I have no text books, and cannot do my homework.  School started two weeks ago and I am behind in classes because of it.  The lady who helped me last year died in July.  I really your help." 

Dania is an "A student".  She made Honor Roll last school year; and is among our Top CEF Scholars!  We cannot let her lose hope.  At the moment, Dania and many of our scholarship students do not have meaningful access to education.  We hope you are able to assist CEF by making a contribution today; and sharing our GlobalGiving Report wth your networks.  You never know who will give, so please SHARE our report with everyone!


1.  Please Make a Contribution and forward our email to your networks!

2.  Adopt a Student and become a CEF Education Ambassador or Refer a Friend or Group to do so!

Please adopt an individual student today, or refer someone to do so.  Your assistance will be invaluable in that child's life. 

3.  Make a Recurring Donation

Make a recurring donation on GlobalGiving!  GlobalGiving is doing matching donations for new recurring donations that are made this month!

Thank you very much for your generosity!  You make education of brilliant, poor children possible. 

With Deep Gratitude,



Nikiki T. Bogle, Esq.
President & CEO
Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc.

Send a Child to High School in Jamaica - Campaign
Send a Child to High School in Jamaica - Campaign
CEF Top Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient - Dania
CEF Top Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient - Dania


Aug 7, 2013

Almost there - Update on Jamaica Visit

Outside a potential space for the Learning Center
Outside a potential space for the Learning Center

Our Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) team members were in Jamaica in Spring of this year to see our scholarship recipients and finalize things for the Learning & Technology Center.  We visited a number of spaces.  A few of the spaces looked very promising to host the Learning Center for our children.

In our last update, we told you that CEF was working with some volunteer management students at Bryant University to help CEF get the necessary supplies for the Center.  Thanks to their efforts, we received received 10 donated computers for the Center!

We also met with eight of our CEF Paul Bogle Scholars to see how they were doing and what their additional needs might be.  The children's responses were overwhelming that a Learning & Technolgy Center would provide the anchor they needed to excel and be better prepared for the global technological environment.  The biggest issues are a lack of computers and consistent electricity to do homework.

Our team is hoping to launch the Center in October, with your support! 

Please make a donation to the Learning Center Project today!  A recurring donation of $25 or more per month will go a long way to ensure the Center gets up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.

Inside a potential space to host Learning Center
Inside a potential space to host Learning Center
8 of CEF Scholarship Recipients -May 2013, Jamaica
8 of CEF Scholarship Recipients -May 2013, Jamaica
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