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DTC's mission is to protect the rights of at-risk children and families, and provide them with access to quality social, psychological and medical services. DTC's goals include: (1) Forming policies and public opinion around the issues of at-risk children and families, (2) Decreasing the number of neglected and abandoned children and at-risk children and families through prevention and multidisciplinary interventions, and (3) Providing access to high-quality medical, social and psychological care to at-risk children and families. To achieve these goals, DTC employs the following strategies: (1) Advocating for the rights of at-risk children and families; (2) Providing direct comprehensive ass...
Dec 19, 2013

Recent news about Maksim and his mother

To date, the boy’s health status has improved. His mother’s everyday care and love have brought good results – the neurologist no more confirms ICP. The doctor marked improvements in the child’s psychomotor development. The boy has become more active and communicable. After the New Year’s celebration, the mother and the child are preparing for hospitalization for scheduled monitoring and treatment of Maksim’s main disease. The boy’s mother has also decided to manage her own problem: she is attending peer support groups at a rehabilitation center. Maksim accompanies her at every session. The woman has also improved relationships with her family members: she is no more in conflict with her father who could not understand her behavior and problems related to the disease. Maksim’s mother is still facing financial hardships, with all the money spent mainly on provision of care to the child (diagnostics, treatment, specialized monitoring). Kristina’s main source of support is her parents. They provide her with material assistance for raising her older children. The MAMA+ Project provides the family with psychosocial assistance, limited material support, as well as diapers, baby formula and clothes.
Presently, Maksim needs warm winter clothes and jumpers.

Dec 16, 2013

Latest news about MAMA+ project

volunteers and clients
volunteers and clients

World AIDS Day Action

Every year in early December, DTC jointly with Cosmetics traditionally hold an action devoted to the World AIDS Day. This year •• (Estée Lauder) volunteers visited DTC’s + Center again. The professional visagistes told the mothers about makeup specifics and gave them prompts for skin care, as well as engaged the women in a holiday makeup party.

The Estée Lauder Corporation and its brand osmetics provide support to DTC projects aimed at assisting HIV-affected women and children. “This is really a good tradition for us to hold the action jointly with M•A•C makeup designers on December 1,” says Olga Sukovatova, MAMA+ Project Coordinator. “All company employees, from visagistes to senior staff, are really concerned about the problem of HIV/AIDS”.

The World AIDS Day has been commemorated since 1988. In 1996, it was turned into a campaign against AIDS. In 2011-2015, the World AIDS Days will be held under the headline “Getting to a Zero: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, and Zero AIDS Deaths”.

Dec 16, 2013

Latest news about Denis and Ekaterina

Denis and Katya
Denis and Katya

Denis is nine months now. He has grown up a lot and feels good at the moment. The boy has taken two tests at the AIDS Center - all negative. We hope that he has no infection. Due to the project support, Katya regained documents and registered for government children’s allowances. All this time, Katya has been attending peer support groups regularly at the MAMA+ Center and working actively with the project psychologist.  Together with the project staff, Katya is trying to solve the housing problem, as her family of six is currently living in a one-room apartment. Denis is attending the local children’s outpatient hospital for monitoring. Due to special nutrition, his disbacteriosis and allergy have almost been cured. Katya was assisted in purchasing a crib and other things for her baby. The woman has improved the relationship with her partner – the boy’s father. Presently, they are living together, with the man working and taking care of them.

Now MAMA+ staff members are sure that the child will stay in his family. Katya and Denis will continue to receive the project assistance until the boy takes all HIV tests and examinations (usually up to the age one and a half years old). We will keep you informed of any changes in this family.

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