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Baby Buggy provides essential items for infants and children to New York City families living in poverty. We accomplish this by collecting new and gently used items from corporations and families and delivering them to the communities with the highest rates of family poverty. Working with a network of social service sites throughout the five boroughs of New York, bringing cribs, strollers, clothing and diapers to families in need, we have delivered over 2,600,000 items to date.
Jun 9, 2010

Great Strides

Baby Buggy offered a fifth cycle of Credit Where Credit Is Due financial education workshops on May 18, 2010 through the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s Head Start in the Bronx. In addition to providing these client families with ongoing donations of critical gear and other essential baby supplies, Baby Buggy is currently scheduling individual financial counseling sessions for the graduates. The purpose of these sessions is to ensure the graduates have the necessary support to help them meet the goals set in their personal financial plans. We could not be more proud of the great strides these families have taken to reduce their debt, increase their savings, open education savings accounts for their children, and improve their credit scores!

On May 14th, 19 families enrolled in the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s volunteered for a Baby Buggy mending project. Baby Buggy regularly receives corporate donations of beautiful, brand new children’s clothing; some of these donations include sample clothing with small tears. Volunteers regularly help mend this clothing so that they can be donated; the families at St. Anthony’s have graciously lent a helping hand to mend this clothing so that it could be passed along to other families in need!

Apr 6, 2010

One Family At A Time

• Since its launch in March 2008, Baby Buggy has served a total of 91 families and 181 children enrolled in the St. Anthony’s Family Resource Center! Baby Buggy ensures these families receive regular donations of baby supplies, which many of these families would otherwise have to go without.

• Baby Buggy has provided these families with over 82,615 baby items including critical gear, safety items, diapers, clothing, books and toys.

• The following quotes are from two of the clients enrolled in Baby Buggy’s Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s Head Start in the Bronx:

“Baby Buggy has been very helpful to me. When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know how I would be able to get all the necessities for my child. Baby Buggy was able to give me a crib, stroller, diapers, and other basic necessities for my daughter. With the money I save I was able to open a savings account and now my daughter will have a better future.” “I received all the things my baby needed. I no longer have to worry about my daughter not having a crib, diapers, clothes, stroller and other items like that. I am very thankful that Baby Buggy was here to help me. They even gave me stuff for my oldest daughter. Thank you Baby Buggy.”

• In March of 2010, Baby Buggy trained a team of Credit Suisse employees to facilitate benefits analysis sessions with families enrolled in the Family Resource Center. The Credit Suisse employees interviewed the clients to determine their eligibility for over 20 public benefits, tax credits and work supports and shared information on how to access these benefits.

• These benefits analysis sessions were a great success. The volunteers and clients really bonded; the clients reported that they felt very comfortable and welcome and found these sessions to be informative.

• The idea is to raise awareness about the multitude of benefits these client families are eligible to receive, help them access these resources and alleviate any fear or mistrust they may have around accessing these benefits

• Baby Buggy followed up by with referrals to many community resources offering specialized services to meet their individual needs. .

• The following are quotes from the staff at St. Anthony’s on the benefits analysis sessions with their client families: “You have offered and provided our families with more services than we would normally be able to provide. As a result, they are well on their way to financial security. Thursday's benefits analysis session offered them more support and as a result we now know how to better serve them. The information and guidance you offered the parents was well accepted and they look forward to acquiring the necessary assistance and support from our Family Workers to help them with their benefits enrollment. Thank you for your help.” - Site Director at St. Anthony's Head Start

“I look forward to helping the parents obtain all the services they need. With the information they obtained from the benefit analysis our parents know which benefits and tax credits they qualify for. One of the parents was concerned as to how she will provide milk for her baby once it’s born; once she left the analysis she felt a weight lifted off her shoulders because now she knows she qualifies for WIC. Stories like this make my job worth it. With your help, my parents now feel confident that they can provide a better future for their kids.” - Family Worker at St. Anthony's Head Start

• The following is a quote from one of the Credit Where Credit Is Due graduates from a previous workshop cycle:

“As a result of the class that I took I decided to start my own business as a child care provider in my house. I already made the class (15 hour) and have my license. I organize my house to be safe. With the information that I got from the seminar of finance I am planning to have a savings account, and a plan to use the money. Thank You!”

Dec 7, 2009

Baby Buggy's Service to The Bronx

Since March of 2008, Baby Buggy has donated a total of 78,861 items to 69 families through the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s Head Start in the Bronx! These families have been receiving quarterly donations of essential baby gear, clothing, books and toys and monthly donations of diapers to help keep their children safe and bring some cheer into their lives.

Baby Buggy just finished the fourth cycle of Credit Where Credit Is Due financial education workshops at St. Anthony’s – Baby Buggy had 20 families graduate from this fourth cycle. These financial education workshops help families develop a personal financial plan, reduce their debt, increase their savings and improve their credit. Many of the graduates have reported that they have been successful in reaching their financial goals as a result of attending this five-week workshop series.

Families enrolled in the Baby Buggy Family Resource Center at St. Anthony’s were excited to share the following feedback on how Baby Buggy has impacted their lives: “I want to start by saying thank you very much!! Without Baby Buggy I’m not sure how I would have clothed my new baby! I have been going through some very hard times in my life right now and I was not sure how me and my children were going to make it! Baby buggy was like a gift sent from God! Not only did Baby Buggy help me by providing my family with clothes and toys for my unborn child & my daughter, but Baby Buggy even helped me by providing me with maternity clothes that I really needed.”

“If it wasn’t for the crib, clothing, stroller, and all the other necessities I needed for my newborn baby I wouldn’t know what to do. Baby Buggy’s donation was priceless. Thank you so very much. You were even able to give me clothing for my other children as well.”

“I am very grateful for all the donations I’ve received from Baby Buggy and I now know that my baby is ready to come into this world because she has a roof over her head, clothing, and diapers. Thank you very much.”

“I met most of the financial goals I set in the Credit Where Credit Is Due workshop. My biggest goal was to get myself and my children out the living situation that were in. I also got additional help for myself. This was very helpful in my life and for my children. “

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