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Mar 12, 2013

Check your e-mail to make your donation BIG!

Christinia Eala at Wounded Knee
Christinia Eala at Wounded Knee

Tomorrow morning, you'll have an opportunity to contribute toward the construction of safe housing on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and a matching grant will increase your gift.

Our Lakota partner Christinia Eala has to make preparations now, while the temperatures are still frigid, to be ready for next season's volunteer builders of safe eco-friendly homes for Lakota children. The situation on the reservation is truly as bad as any Third World slum, and if the families leave their land to try to improve their lives, they lose not only their land, but their culture as well.

Those of us who have benefitted from Native American lands need to right this situation. Please help Christinia be ready to bring hope to these families.

We'll send you a link in the morning when the matching grant begins. Thank you for your continuing generosity!!

Mar 12, 2013

Check your e-mail tomorrow morning to boost your donation to save Altai!

Tolunay Katynova -- the gold at the rainbow
Tolunay Katynova -- the gold at the rainbow's end

Svetlana Katynova's new initiative may be the last hope for the ancient Altai culture. Your support is urgently needed to prevent desecration of pristine Altai habitats by creating an eco-village to immerse ethnic Altai kids living in the city of Gorno-Altaisk in their indigenous culture.

We are very fortunate to have such capable local leaders as Svetlana, leveraging every kopek, persuading the local government to provide land. However, the Altai village needs a $20,000 jumpstart to move forward with land registration, access road repair, and drinking water management.

Please check out and sign up for the great new blog about saving Altai culture written by Svetlana's daughter Tolunay Mongush --

You have helped in the past with donations that have enabled the Altai people to get this far, and we are VERY grateful for your generosity. Please look for our e-mail tomorrow morning to see how your contribution can be substantially increased. 


Mar 12, 2013

Check your e-mail tomorrow morning!

Svetlana doing ceremony on the land
Svetlana doing ceremony on the land

Tomorrow, you will have a chance to make your donation to revive the Altai culture BIGGER!

Our Altai partner, Svetlana Katynova has persuaded the local government to make land available for a traditional Altai village so that Altai kids living in the city can experience their culture, which is otherwise lost to them. Thirty volunteers are ready to built the village and live in it, reviving hope for Altai culture for 25,000 ethnic Altai people in the city of Gorno-Altaisk.

First, however, the land must be surveyed and registered, a water tower must be built, and the mountainous access road must be made passable.

Check your e-mail tomorrow morning for the details on how to make a BIG difference.

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