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Nov 1, 2011

On-going Altai Mir University projects

ancient stone constructions on the Ukok Plateau
ancient stone constructions on the Ukok Plateau

Thank you for your continued support for Altai Mir University.

The International Altai Expedition duing the summer of 2011 was a great success in opening people's awareness about the amazing global resource that Altai offers. Although the expedition is now completed, the work of Altai Mir University to protect Altai continues.

In particular, despite lack of any legal authorization, Gazprom continues to desecrate the sacred Ukok Plateau in preparation for an awesomely destructive gas pipeline directly through the UNESCO World Heritage Site there. If you would like to help the local Altai people to protect their sacred lands, please donate to 2002 Prevent desecration of pristine Altai habitats.

Then, you will continue to receive updates on our work in Altai.


Sep 15, 2011

Protect sacred Ukok Plateau from gas pipeline and commercial highway

Ukok Plateau, looking south to mountains in China
Ukok Plateau, looking south to mountains in China

The Ukok Plateau is a glorious high-altitude perma-frost steppe that has been a place of pilgrimage since at least the time of the ancient Greeks. The most sacred part happens to have a 20 kilometer border with China.

It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been insufficient to protect it from plans for a financially indefensible gas pipeline, but also, now, a very lucrative proposed commercial highway, both of which would utterly destroy the pristine natural environment.

If you believe that such irreplaceably precious places should be protected from international economic machinations, please contribute in time and/or funding to the international campaign that was initiated this summer by the Altai people who are the ancient stewards of this land. To participate, contact Jennifer Castner at

Sep 15, 2011

Young Altai throat-singers go international

Throat-singers giving private concert
Throat-singers giving private concert

Donors to Altai Mir University have been providing stipends to enable extraordinarily talented, but financial destitute young Altai musicians to continue their university training as professional musicians. This summer, members of the International Altai Expedition were treated to wonderful concerts (see videos)

Alan Sameev, after winning several regional contests, was also supported by AMU in his first international concert, in France in July. Alan is sitting closest to the camera in the attached photo.

Members of the group need monthly stipends of $75. Contributions can be made on a continuing basis to provide all or part of one of the stipends.


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