Social and Economic Developers Association (SEDA)

SEDA sees a Laos where every child has an equal opportunity to reach their potential as a person and as a citizen. We envisage a country where each person is a productive contributer - helping to build an enduring, just and equitable society.
Access to traditional healthcare for the poor
(17.98918, 102.59033)
Ban Pao, Vientiane Lao
Boulevard Khouvieng, Vientiane, Laos
(17.96016, 102.61958)
Lao Weaving Artisans - Micro Credit Project
(19.47695, 102.39258)
Micro-credit for disadvantaged farmers in Laos
(15.24179, 106.56738)
Provide Microfinance to Disadvantaged Laos Farmers
(20.13847, 102.39258)
Renovate Three Elementary Schools in Laos
(18.29195, 102.78809)
School Renovation in Laos
(15.32657, 106.45752)
Vientiane Lao
Khouvieng Rd, Vientiane, Laos
(17.96248, 102.61613)