Youth Venture

Youth Venture's mission is building a global movement of young people being powerful now, changemakers now, by investing in young people to have the transformative experience of launching and leading their own lasting social ventures, connecting our Venturers into a global network of likeminded young changemakers and spreading our message that investing in young people to become changemakers is the key factor for success in every part of society.
Nov 15, 2013

Creating a new space for girls

In the School Leadership Track, we trained 20 LEADers to co-lead weekly leadership workshops for 300 students aged 14-15 in their schools. LEADers went through a month-long training session at our office before they launched the programs in their schools in September. During their workshops, LEADers discuss issues impacting their lives, such as sessions on Public Speaking, Teamwork, Leadership, Women’s Rights, Reproductive Health, Un/healthy Relationships & Bullying, Conflict Resolution & Active Listening and Street Harassment.

In the Internship Track, we trained 10 LEADers to intern at an NGO 5 hours per week during the school year to build their professional skills and gain experience in their chosen field. After a month-long training in basic office skills, LEADers are placed in NGOs around Kathmandu and must report their progress with us through monthly check-ins. LEADers intern at diverse nonprofits, working on environmental education in schools, burns violence survivors, children’s rights, and the media.

Funding from the Give for Youth platform is going to go towards building our Resource Center, including paving the garden on the outside of our office building (seen in the back of this photo) to create space for trainings and workshops. 

A safe space is critical for adolescent girls. Thanks to your support, we are building a community where they can exchange ideas, build supportive relationships, participate in activities for self-reflection and discovery, and raise awareness about girls’ leadership.