Waste Ventures Charities

Waste Ventures changes the paradigm of 'collect and dump' garbage practices in emerging market cities into a commercially competitive model of environmental solid waste management owned by waste pickers. In doing so, Waste Ventures, over the next 10 years, will create a sector that will alleviate poverty for 20 million people and annually eliminate 350 million tons of garbage from developing city dumps.
Laxmipur Pottangi Range, Pottangi Ghat Rd, Odisha, India
(18.76472, 82.90755)
Ghazipur Dairy Farm Slum
NH 24 Byepass Rd, Ghazipur, New Delhi, Delhi, India
(28.62650, 77.32758)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Bypass Rd, Madhya Pradesh, India
(22.62570, 75.84439)
Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India
National Highway 211, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India
(18.17457, 76.04726)