Fondation Hirondelle

Fondation Hirondelle, Media for Peace and Human Dignity, is a global nonprofit based in Switzerland that provides information that is impartial and relevant in crisis zones and post-conflict situations. Our radio stations provide daily live news and information programming that is broadcast nationally through FM, SW, satellite feeds, and community radio stations. Transmitting the know-how to run a high-quality radio station constitutes our daily task.
Jun 30, 2008

STAR Project Fully Funded!

Humanity United’s Contribution Fully Funds STAR Radio Project Site!

One of our top goals this year at STAR radio in Liberia is to broaden our base of support by enhancing our income-generating activities (advertising, sponsorship, and training of other journalists) and to find new types of donor support. We at STAR radio are very pleased to announce that this goal was achieved this year when Global Giving ( agreed to our request to include STAR Radio on its internet platform and when Humanity United, a grant-making organization based in California, decided to donate $130,000 to STAR Radio in Liberia through Global Giving. Many thanks to both for their generous assistance and support to STAR radio!

Please visit our new STAR radio project site which highlights our innovative activities in strengthening our sustainability activities. Our goal is to become self-sufficient in 2009 - and we are well on way already! With the Humanity United grant we have hired a Marketing and Sales Director, significantly enhanced our sales force, and strengthened our journalist training course offering.

Very Best, STAR radio Staff