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Our core belief is that disaster response begins with preparedness, and that both disaster preparedness and response should integrate the efforts of governments, militaries, NGOs and the private sector. By strengthening disaster preparedness and response in the Asia Pacific, PWA seeks to reduce the high human, political and economic costs of natural disasters in the Pacific Rim.
May 24, 2013

Our past response in the Philippines - Typhoon Saola, Sept. 2012

A recipient of our relief package
A recipient of our relief package

Dear Peace Winds America supporters,

We wanted to share our past reponse response reports on this site, so that you will have better idea about how we respond in the Philippines.  Our response is simple: work directly with the trusted local partner on the field.  This allows PWA to maximize your donation, and enables us to help more people.

Your contribution to the Philippines Disaster Response Fund will enable us to respond quickly to new disasters, and address unmet needs as we evaluate the progress of recovery. 

Thank you,

Mari Poorman


September, 2012

Thank you very much for your generous support for our effort to help flood affected communities due to series of typoons passed through the Philippines.

With your donation, PWA worked very closely with our local partner, the Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC), and together we were able todistribute emergency relief packages to 350 families in the communities of Barangay, San Roque, San Pedro and Laguna in early September, 2012. 

The heavy rain mainly by Typhoon Saola had caused massive flooding in the area, with thousands of people evacuating.   Almost one month after the typhoon struck the area, many families were still remaining in evacuation centers, waiting for the floodwaters to recede.  For most of the beneficiaries, this emergency package was the first relief support received. 

One lady at the evacuation center said, “At first, the water came to the first floor of my house, so we all moved everything to the second floor.  But the water kept rising so quickly and we had to leave the house because it was unsafe.” She continued, “We could not bring much from our house and we did not have much food.. but we all share what we had.  With the help from PWA, I will be able to cook something good tonight for my family.  Thank you.”

The funding from this project enabled PWA to help over 2000 children, adults and elderly persons in flood affected areas.

PWA appreciates partnering with CDRC who directly assisted the people most in need.  Timely aid delivered through a capable local partner remains the best way of reducing the devastating impacts of natural disasters.

We appreciate your support!

Flood affected community
Flood affected community
Relief package distribution site
Relief package distribution site
Thank you for helping us!
Thank you for helping us!


May 24, 2013

Our past response in the Philippines - Typhoon Bopha - January, 2013

Providing relief to most needed...
Providing relief to most needed...

The following is our response report from Typhoon Bopha in December 2013.  Thanks to the support of GlobalGiving and donors like you, were were able to assist 500 families on the Philippine island of Mindinao. 

It's been six months, but communities are still struggling from this disaster.  We will continue monitoring the situation and provide support to those who need the most. 

Your contribution to the Philippines Disaster Response Fund will enable us to respond quickly to new disasters, and address unmet needs as we evaluate the progress of recovery. 

Mari Poorman- Peace Winds America


Dear Globalgiving supporters:

THANK YOU!!  We have completed our Typhoon Bopha emergency response.  Your contribution helped us to support 500 families with emergency packages and provide disaster preparedness training to 100 children.

Peace Winds America, together with our local partner, Citizen’s Disaster Response Center (CDRC), a Disaster Relief NGO based in the Philippines, and its regional center in the affected regions conducted relief supply distribution operations in Typhoon Pablo-affected communities in Bukidnon Province on Mindanao Island.  The planned response goal was to help affected families cope with the immediate negative impacts of the disaster with the ultimate goal that the assistance would prevent further deterioration of their lives as they struggle to recover. 

Community-wide effort to help five Communities:

Many relief organizations focused their relief operations in and around the Compostela Valley region.  Our local partner, CDRC, initially concentrated their relief efforts in the Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental region.  However, CDRC and its counterpart organization Panday Bulig (PB) soon recognized five communities which received very little assistance in the province of Bukidnon, and identified 500 families in two cities needing immediate attention.  Peace Winds America decided to help CDRC’s relief effort in this area to help its underprivileged population.  PB led the coordination and preparation of the relief delivery operations.  Community members as well as volunteers from Health Bukidnon and KASAMA, a farmer’s organization joined PB and helped with packaging and distribution of relief goods!  Your donations and volunteer action supported people in Cabangahan, Bangcud, Campuhan, Batangan and Poblacion.

Reaching out to over 100 children with psychosocial support!!

During relief package distribution, CDRC took the opportunity to provide psychosocial support for children staying at the evacuation shelter.  These children witnessed their houses being swept away by the flood and have no idea where they might be relocated.  By sharing and expressing their experiences through talking as well as drawing pictures among peers, children could better understand their current situation.  Most of the children shared their experiences of the flood and strong winds that happened in their area.

What’s inside the relief package?

The PWA supported relief package contained basic foods items which could sustain an average family for one week.  It also included basic items to help improve the quality of life for the family at the evacuation centers.  The package included:

  • Rice: 10kg
  • Mongo Beans: 500g
  • Dried Fish: 500g
  • Sardines: Four cans
  • Cooking oil: 250ml
  • One laundry soap bar
  • One blanket
  • One mattress.

For the first three weeks after disaster struck the area, evacuees from these five communities received only 3 kilos of rice and noodles, and 3 cans of sardines from the government and other groups. “Christmas was so lonely, we just slept the night away,” said one of the beneficiaries. The mattress and blanket we provided were much appreciated, as most of the beneficiaries were forced to sleep on the cold cement floor or on the benches of the gym.

The serious situation continues:

Many families who lost houses lived by the river.  They cannot go return to their home, because erosion from the flood took away their property. “We cannot go back to the area because our community is still submerged in the water,” one of the beneficiaries said. “We badly need shelter and food,” another one added.

Although Peace Winds America is concluding emergency relief operations for Typhoon Bopha at this time, we will continue monitoring the situation in the typhoon-affected areas with our local partners.

PWA would like to send most sincere appreciation to your generosity.  With your help, we were able to provide critical supplies to 500 families.




CDRC distributing relief packages
CDRC distributing relief packages
Disaster Preparedness education is important!
Disaster Preparedness education is important!
Thank You!
Thank You!


May 3, 2013

Thank You and Next Steps

We did it!
We did it!

Dear Supporters:

We did it!  On April 25, we reached the project goal of $30,000!!!  This is such exciting news to us and PWA cannot thank you enough for supporting the livelihoods of fishing families in Minamisanriku.

Your support has been an important part of the 82 sheds we are building there, where about 70% of homes were swept away by the tsunami.  Sheds continue to be built thanks to the great work of Grace Mission Tohoku, our local partner.

Since we started this project over a year ago, we have received 163 donations through GlobalGiving. These include contirbutions from individual donors, group fundraisers, corporations and foundations.  All of the staff here at PWA wish we could meet you in person and thank you ourselves.

We also could not have done all this work without our local partner, Grace Mission Tohoku.  Their commitment to help fishermen and rebuild the fishing communities of the region is evident. They are a huge part of why our program has been on time and successful. 

What is next for our project?  Leaders from other districts in Minamisanriku have requested that we expand to new areas and continue building new sheds. However, it has been over one year since we started this project, and it is important to fully understand the ever-changing situation in the area. We would like to raise our goal amount by $5,000 in order to conduct needs assessments in these new districts.

PWA hopes that you will support our decision for this assessment.  We hope to give you an in-depth report when it is completed. 

Thank you for your continuous interest in supporting our project, and thank you for your support of Peace Winds America.

View of Minamisanriku, March 2013
View of Minamisanriku, March 2013


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