Mosqoy: Sacred Valley Youth Fund

Educate: To empower youth in Peru & Canada to positively affect their own conditions and those of people around them by realizing their potential as socially conscious global citizens. Preserve: To create an organizational structure that revitalizes the local Quechua culture by providing resources for Quechua communities to work towards sustainable development & socio-economic well being. Connect: To connect people in North America and Peru, to facilitate deeper cross-cultural understanding.
Cancha Cancha, Peru. Four-hour walk up-hill, one way, to one of our students' homes, deep in the Calca valley.
28B, Calca, Peru
(-13.26258, -71.93024)
Cusco, Peru. Where our student dormitory will be built!
Libertad, Cuzco, Peru
(-13.52977, -71.98242)
Mapacho River Valley, Peru. Remote region on the border of the Andean mountains & the jungle, where our future students are from.
Camino a Qurqurpampa, Peru
(-13.11283, -71.74896)
Ollantaytambo, Peru. Where Mosqoy began, and where many of our current students come from.
Patacalle, Ollantaytambo, Peru
(-13.27328, -72.26532)
Urubamba municipality, Peru. Home to many Quechua campesino (rural indigenous) communities that our students call "home."
Ruta Santisimo Downhill 2, Urubamba, Peru
(-13.31070, -72.12799)
Vancouver, BC, Canada. Many of Mosqoy's volunteers hail from this city and its surrounding communities.
625-649 Jervis St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4R3, Canada
(49.28847, -123.12653)
Victoria, BC, Canada. Mosqoy's headquarters.
670 Dallas Rd, Victoria, BC V8V, Canada
(48.40648, -123.36823)