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Oct 1, 2014

VISIONAR Scholarships - Matias' Story

Letters from a firefighter: Matias’ story.

In this report, I invite you to get to know a bit more about one of our VISIONAR students. Matias embodies the spirit of VISIONAR. He is goal-oriented, ambitious, hard-working student, and more: when Matias is not busy studying or helping in his uncle’s clothing business, Matias is a volunteer firefighter. He is an inspiration for us all.

Nota Bene: I obtained Matias’ permission to share excerpts of his email messages.


Feb 17, 2014

I am Matias, and I receive a VISIONAR scholarship. First of all, I want to thank VISIONAR for this great help; I don’t have words to thank you enough.

I am 22 years old and am in the 3rd year of college with a major in international business. I come from a very hard-working family. My father is a factory worker for a company that manufactures sewing machines and kitchen stoves. My mom is a housewife and works as a seamstress. I have two older sisters, Vanesa and Noelia.

Besides going for my degree in international business, I am truly passionate about my service as a firefighter. Unlike in the United States, the majority of firefighters in Argentina are volunteers. No pay means that we have to find other careers in parallel to firefighting. But our training is just as rigorous and our involvement in the community is just as professional as if it was a full-time job.  The best pay as a firefighter is a hug and a “thank you” from the people we get to help. Sometimes I get to save lives, sometimes I get to save property, but I do it all with a lot of passion. And after an incident that might require long hours and dangerous situations, I and my team get to go back to our “day jobs” and occupations.

For now I will stop here, because I could write pages and pages about my experiences as a firefighter and what that means to me.


As always, thank you for your donations and your support! They are helping change the future for our students.

Warm regards,


Jul 8, 2014

VISIONAR Student Graduates with Honors and Lands her First Job

From Graduation to Her First Job: A Dream Come True for Maria Angela

VISIONAR scholar Maria Angela is another outstanding example of ambition, hard work, and making things happen. Last May, Maria Angela graduated from UCES with a degree in Accounting, and less than two weeks later, she was hired as an accountant by one of San Francisco’s local firms. When she tells us about it, her excitement is palpable, and so is her determination:

“I was afraid I would not find a job right away,” Angela shared with us. “But my job search started months before I got my degree: I would get up in the morning as if I was going to work, and worked at it: updating my resume, taking additional courses, searching for jobs online, sending resumes to accounting firms. Finally I ran into an accounting firm that I had not heard about, and left them my resume. They called me for an interview and days after I was offered the job.”

Given Argentina’s struggling economy, with inflation tracking at 30%, and unemployment between 9 and 10%, young people sometimes lose hope, and opt not to go to college. Jobs may be few, especially for young graduates, but that is even more reason to focus on getting an education, and to search for opportunities with tenacity. Maria Angela is a clear example of that, and yet another success story that we are so proud to share with all our donors and supporters.

Congratulations, Angela!!

Mar 31, 2014

New VISIONAR Students

In 2014, the VISIONAR family continues to grow! We proudly introduce four new students: Matías Brusa, Micaela Contreras, Jesica Rosso, and Agustina Chaves. In the attached newsletter you will find out why we are so happy to welcome these four students.

We wish our new and on-going scholars great success in the 2014 academic year!!

VISIONAR supports higher education in Argentina, one student at a time. Currently, we provide scholarships to a total of thirteen college students with excellent academic performance and a commitment to their communities. Each student receives a stipend of ARG $900 pesos per month (approximately USD $115) that helps them with their school expenses including school fees, books and school supplies.

In turn, all our students commit to a minimum grade point average of 7 / 10 in the first 2 years of college and 6/10 afterwards, and they all engage in at least four hours of community service per month.

By donating, you become a partner in our mission. To donate please go to:

Thank you for your invaluable support!

VISIONAR Scholarships

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