To ensure these orphans,semi orphan and needy children are healthy and receive a good education and giving good bright future for the poor and orphan children. Children in the orphanage are provided free accommodations, clothes, medicine, education and recreational activities such as dancing, sports and song practice.
Sep 29, 2010

Give life to orphan children

Dazzling Stone Home for Children (Income tax exempted under 80 G Act) Sirukalatur, Chennai - 600 069. SOUTH INDIA. Cell 9444273518 Tel: 24780031

Dear Loving Hearts, Greetings to you and all. Thank you very much for your kind mind and wonderful support through prayers and donations. All children are fine and happy . All the babies are very fine. All the children finished the 1st term examination. The 2nd term will start next week. Many leaders and local people came to the orphanage and visit the children every month. We are very busy now. Children are very happy to stay here and study well. The rainy season started. This is the very worst season for the children. So we are very careful to look after the children very much. The water around the orphanage that time. The orphanage need lot of unfinished works. Children need good health food and better medical treatments.We need lot of electrical equipments, computers and plumbing items. We and children send our thanks and greetings to you. We and children are praying.

With love, J.Deva Dhas-President, Dazzlingstone orphanage. “Global Giving” giving tax deduction Under 501(c)3 for the donations. If you want to donate any money( 10$ or more), you will pay through credit card,paypal or check through “ global Giving” web site. The Web site address is www.globalgiving.com/1834 .)

Jan 27, 2010

Give Life to 140 Indian Orphans and Needy Children

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Dazzling Stone Home for Children

(Income tax exempted under 80 G Act)

Sirukalatur, Chennai - 600 069.


Cell 9444273518 Tel: 24780031

Dear Loving Hearts,

Greetings to you.

Thank you very much for your wonderful supports. All the children are fine and ok. We and children send our thanks to you with tears. God will bless you.

Now the children’s 3rd term lesson in the school is started. Children get good marks from the 2nd term examination. Children celebrated Xmas and New year 2010 very much and also celebrating Pongal festival very much. The children are enjoying very much.

This month the Police officer handover one lady with a tiny baby. The lady ran away from the family due to absent mind (little mental).She took the tiny bay from the unknown place (robbery) .The police officer caught the lady and send to our orphanage. They tried about the ladies history details, but they not received any answer from her, Joy’s idea workout, the lady told her house phone number, so the police officer contact her family, they are in Bangalore(other state, very distance from our orphanage.),the next day her husband, father in law, mother in law, her own daughter came to the orphanage, the police officers came to the orphanage and they send to the lady to their family, and handover the baby to us. We are not know the baby’s place or any history, she is very thin, unhealthy, with loose motion ,we send the baby to the hospital and she is under treatment.(before 3 months back one baby coming through police officer without any history. Now he is fine and ok.

Day by day the rate of food materials are very high and the expanse of the children also too much, but God will lead us .and send the helps through you. Please pray for us and children.

We and children are praying.

With love,

J.Deva Dhas-President,

Dazzlingstone orphanage.

New child
New child
New dresses
New dresses
Oct 14, 2009

Postcard from Clare Rutz, reporting from Chennai, India

Dazzling Stone visit
Dazzling Stone visit

The tuk-tuk pulled into the Dazzling Stone Home For Children, and without knowing if it was actually the place that was expecting me I climbed the stairs built on the side of the building. I made my way into the first room I see with a cloth hanging at the door frame that is not attempting to keep out the warm or cold. More than often a project is the director’s home and I quickly realize I am in both the office and a living room. My presence is detected and soon I am speaking very slowly and with easy English to a beaming older man happy to show me his accomplishment. We make our way through the language barriers using a bit of sign language and I learn that he and his wife started the Dazzling Stone Home in 1994 and it has grown to 120 children with a staff of 18. The children have come from pasts that include pick pocketing, stealing, and slum life that take them away from their education. Some children are abandoned while others have parents who are unable to suppo rt them. For these children they stay with the parents for one month out of the year, while the parents are allowed to visit the second Sunday of every month. As you can see, the definition of “orphan” is much different in India than it is in the United States.

Orphanages that feed and care for the children and encourage them to continue their education are in high demand (to say the least). It is never an issue to find the children to fill up these homes, but rather to keep the numbers down. The Dazzling Stone Home just opened their doors to twenty more children while trying to expand the orphanage. The infrastructure is there, but it remains to be a few cement buildings with limited lighting and not much comfort. They are hopeful about future plans to continue building, but they work as fast as the money comes. The first and most basic need is food, and I’m told the children can live off seventy cents a day. Clothes come next, and then the fancy stuff like a paint job and tiles for the floors. I ask, “What happens if the money doesn’t come? How are you going to care for the additional children?” The reply comes with a smile and assures me that, “God will provide.” The protocol is much different than any kind of children’s home you’d find in America with a trust in a higher power to keep the revenue flowing and to work from the bottom up with the children already there. However, I always have to keep reminding myself that in almost all cases this situation is better than the one they left.

I can scan the room and guess how long they’ve been at the orphanage. The twenty who arrived a couple of months ago are easy to spot. They aren’t completely present in the activities and their eyes glaze over just a bit. Their faces are hardened and it kills me to know that laughter would seem out of the ordinary for them. Those who know the space and are comfortable with the adults who line the room look as children should. There’s a lightness about their expression that indicates a happy innocence. I am encouraged to see the difference and know that these children who have only known what a hard life feels like are capable of finding that laughter again that should come so easily. Even without floor tiles or shelves for the food, this is a safe place, and safe places don’t need to be fancy. They just need to feel like home.

To help make Dazzling Stone feel more like a home please visit www.globalgiving.com/1834 and give.

Clare Rutz
Clare Rutz


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