Our mission is to teach women their rights, mechanisms to promote and claim. Our vision is to bring rural women to become aware of their rights, defend them, and claim them. Our objective is to contribute to respect for human rights in general, woman and children in particular.
Dec 2, 2013

Pilot Tutoring Program Successful

Luberizi Students at Vijana Primary School
Luberizi Students at Vijana Primary School

Happy Holiday Season, Supporters!

Remember I told you in my last report we would be trying a pilot program to provide supplemental instruction for our students? I have learned that it went very well - the students love it and their mothers/caring adults are thrilled. The cost is $100 per month for one school. This provides a salary supplement for two teachers (and believe me, they need it). The 45 kids at our Vijana Primary School in Luberizi are divided into 2 groups based on academic level. I would really like to keep this going, and in the future, even expand the program to our other two schools in Rwenena and Kiliba Sucki. But it will all depend on the funding we receive from donors like you. And to help achieve this, I have a personal request and important announcements related to GlobalGiving.

Since funding for our basic tuition plus this new program requires steady, continued funding, I'm asking you to consider recurring donations (and thanks to those who already do this). It's always nice to throw in the extra 15% fee charged by GlobalGiving since otherwise it comes out of project money. GlobalGiving is currently running a special promotion on recurring donations:

In other news, GlobalGiving just posted our new microproject to raise funds for math kits for our kids:

Thanks for remembering the kids in our program during your holiday giving. Remember that GlobalGiving donations are tax deductible.

On behalf of Bernadette, the schools, the kids, and their caretakers, I wish you all the best for the holidays, 2014, and beyond.

Oct 15, 2013

Vijana School Gratitude in Luberizi

A girl shows her gratitude for GlobalGiving
A girl shows her gratitude for GlobalGiving

When project co-leader Annette Scarpitta traveled to Congo recently to visit this project, she received a fabulous welcome at the Vijana Primary School in Luberizi. An important part of the ceremony was gratitude from a young student whose family has endured great hardship in this volatile environment. We hope you enjoy his video (posted on the main project page) in which he thanks the donors of Global Giving with Annette as his messenger.

Since school has recommenced, our program students have been doing well, but there have been some changes. With donations down in the last academic year, we decided to pare down the number of students in the program by not including the ones who did not succeed in their final examinations. The count is currently at 130 students. This way, we hope to raise funding for additional needs beyond basic tuition fees, such as uniforms, notebooks, and, perhaps an after-school tutoring program, which may reach a pilot stage soon.

Your support is needed now more than ever. We hope in today's tough economic climate that you will consider a few extra dollars to show this special community you care. A monthly pledge of as little as $10 (plus the 15% if you can swing it) can make a world of difference in the lives of struggling Congolese people overlooked by all except for this program.

Gratitude for!
Gratitude for!
Jul 19, 2013

Kiliba School Students Speak Out About Education!

Time To Speak Out
Time To Speak Out

Kids in our Elimu Boru Primary School in Kiliba Suki are still timid, but unlike when they first joined this program in their stigmatized states, they are now speaking out. They are not yet in a position to help those around them in ways they would like, but they know education is the right path. Here is what some of them had to tell project co-leader Annette on her recent visit about why their education is important:

Etuzi, Josephine, and Bernard like school “for the future.” Etuzi believes that school will help her with work. Both

Etuzi and Josephine aspire to be teachers. 

Dorcas, Oliver, Bukuru, and Lucien want to remain in school to help their families. 

Joseline aspires to obtain a secondary school degree.

Miriam enjoys studying because she believes it will allow her to have a good life.

Bahati also likes school because it will help her have a good life. She would like to help other women as does her role model, [AMCAV Director] Bernadette.

As we gear up for another school year, we hope we can continue to count on generous GlobalGiving donors like you. Donations have been on the low side lately, and we don't want to have to send these kids home for lack of tuition payment! Thanks in advance.

Annette tried to put the kids at ease.
Annette tried to put the kids at ease.
Bahati's interview, with Bernadette behind her
Gratitude to GlobalGiving and Its Donors
Gratitude to GlobalGiving and Its Donors
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