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Mission statement: To make a real lasting difference to the lives of children through provision of quality education and care. . Founding principles:To efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children and the communities they live in through offering formal education to them by paying for them school fees, and provision of other scholastic materials like school uniforms, we believe that education is one of the fundamentals of success
Apr 11, 2014

Piggery progress

Members taking care of their farm
Members taking care of their farm


I know you have been waiting to hear this,

Your donation helped 05 youth to boost the youth piggery project, every penny counted-as a result we have purchased 15 piglets, we have paid the veterinary doctor to treat the pigs for five months and also purchased little feed to begin with, the youth are very ambitious and have already partnered with the nearby school in this project, they have secured a bank account to enable them keep the savings. As reported in the last report, again with the assistance of pig waste, youth also will be able to grow the vegetable. Other vegetables and a banana plantation have also been established with hopes of selling the products at a local market.

“We are very grateful for the support” narrates Leonard a youth group leader

After realizing that the piggery project is a sustainable income generating project, Mountains of Hope Children’s Ministries has also adopted the same approach and has started to embark on the construction of the piggery house, we intend to start with 20 hybrid piglets to be kept in the orphanage land, with this, the project will be able to run its activities and take care of the children even without sponsorship monthly donations which are also unreliable, to donate to this sustainable piggery project click here:


Kind regards

Mar 18, 2014

Wealth in piggery

Group members with their materials ready to start
Group members with their materials ready to start

Thank you for donating towards our youth piggery project recently, as a result, we have already held a two days’ workshop to continue teaching them about piggery management, the nearby school which will be one of the beneficiaries indirectly also sent representatives, the school has provided a wheel barrow to facilitate the piggery project, the youth have purchased a spray pump for spraying the pigs to avoid diseases, a plastic water tank for water storage. High breed piglets will be purchased as they grow fast hence good results realized fast.

The focus of the workshop discussed selection of stock, pig disease and control, and use of pig-waste. They participated in a visit to a farm that currently raises pigs, so the youth could witness firsthand how the farm is properly managed. With the assistance of pig waste, youth also will be able to grow the vegetable. Other vegetables and a banana plantation will also been established with hopes of selling the products at a local market. Of the fifteen piglets we will be purchasing as parent stock, they will be kept in a joint farm.

Globalgiving will disburse funds on 25th of this month, we will send you update pictures of the piglets when we purchase them

Mar 18, 2014

Our children are writing a great letter to you

Complete wall
Complete wall

I know you would love to hear the news:

We’ve had progress in the construction project you are funding in Mpigi, Uganda, your generous donation has enabled us to complete the orphanage wall including tying on the concrete ring beam to help hold the walls strong, this week the veranda columns will also be fixed and surely we will be done with the walls!

“Am glad we will be shifting to our new property soon, I will be sleeping in the first room, it’s cool, it’s nice” Patrick

“I can’t wait to see the projects that are going to be done on the property, especially the chicken and water projects that will benefit both the children and my community” Local council 1 chairman Kitaanula village where the orphanage is located

“Our donors are doing a great job, three of them have given to the project more than two times which is great and two of them have volunteered to be our ambassadors in the USA, one ambassador mobilized her friends and family to donate on the Globalgiving bonus day that took place on February 12th” James-Project leader giving progress report to the staff during the executive meeting

Now that we are done with the walls, we are beginning on the roof, good news! We have funds enough for the roof timber, roofing nails and labour but we don’t have iron sheets, this is a rainy season, our engineers have advised to fix iron sheets as soon as possible to avoid weakening and collapse of the walls due to heavy downpour. It takes seconds for the building that has taken one year under construction to collapse but only six generous people will save it from collapsing, if we could only get six donors to commit $200 this month, the roof will be fixed immediately and we will save all the dollars we have injected in this project.

Our children are drawing great pictures and designing a letter with your name in it, if you will give $200 to this project this month you will receive that wonderful letter with colored pictures as a gift of appreciation!

Donors that will give from March 20th  to April 6th   will receive the children’s gift of appreciation, Isn’t it great?

The strong ring beams help to hold the wall tight
The strong ring beams help to hold the wall tight
The compound next to the proposed guest house
The compound next to the proposed guest house
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