Providing a safe space for young girls and young women to envision and pursue the future they want for themselves and their communities through life-skills and reproductive health training and awareness, Arts and Sports, professional development and scholarship program me.
Aug 20, 2014

You Give Me Hope

dramatised teaching
dramatised teaching

“I felt strong grips on my legs, No sooner than I realized what was going on, a sharp pain consumed my belly. I couldn’t scream my mouth was covered by my father’s own hands .I didn’t want to believe seeing the sharpness of his eyes sinking into mine”

I reached to my grandmother the next day but she told me when I talk about it will be a shame to our family. What followed was rape after rape nights. My sister who is 12 years old was not spared either. My brothers 9 and 11 years had to come to terms with sodomy too. Our mother had passed on few years back.

“We felt our lives hanged somewhere between the captivity and freedom. We were in dilemma. On one hand we needed him in our lives for protection and provision of food and clothing and escape from the cultural tag of being bastards but on the other hand the only person who could provide that package turned our sleeping rooms into torture chambers. I disclosed the nightmare to safe spaces when I discovered that I was pregnant. I regret it had to take this long, I just didn’t know who to share with.”


Many girls go through these ordeals every day in our community. Many girls need spaces   where they can get help and support and skills to counter such incidents In their lives. Education is Key but should be combined with flavor in sports, music, Dance, artistic expressions to make it wholistic.1200 girls have benefited from Safe spaces programs since its inception in 2008.Building on diverse life skills and creating a platform for self-knowledge and expression has helped the girls to pick the paintbrushes and paint their world of tomorrow.

This has happened because of your love and support. Let keep walking together to make a difference in girls lives like Lillian.

Girls reciting a poem
Girls reciting a poem
girls reciting a poem
girls reciting a poem
Lifeskills session
Lifeskills session
May 22, 2014

"Its Better To keep Quiet"

I'm so happy

"My name is Janet, Im 14 years Old.I live in Mathare slums.  I fell into a group of girls who introduced me to sex work with older men in order to get food and nice clothes as my family is so poor.  I was not able to attend school. We help each other make contacts and find clients.  Most nights i spent with clients.  There are gangs in our area who often Gang rape us and harass us.  We get into fights with other girls over clients and other clients beat us after the service and dont pay us.  When i go to the police, they become as violent as the gangs and sometimes beat us and I kind of feel it is better to keep quiet as a girl no one takes care of you or respects you in the society".

I joined safe spaces 3 months ago and after councelling,  I decided to stop this sex work.  I'm glad to be learning Auto mechanics and i hope for a better life in future.Im rebulding my self esteem and trying to cope with others as i didnt go to school and i dont feel as smart as those around me.  I feel that i have wasted my body and I feel older than my age mates.

"I know this will be over some day as im now in a positive environment.I play basketball and i feel so happy and keeps me away from sad memories of my past.I could not have found this space if it were not for your support.

I thank safe spaces for rescuing me from that dark life"

Feb 19, 2014

Its Not My fault

girls forum on HIV/Aids Awareness
girls forum on HIV/Aids Awareness

"Iam a woman and as a woman I am vulnerable to acts of violence because i live in a violent and misogynist world and i am percieved as vulnerable. I am often  physically smaller and i am not taught at home  emotional,sexual, and physicall skills to prevent or deal with any acts of violence or unfairness in this world.As a woman I may find it difficult to defend myself because i have been conditioned not to trust myself,that im not capable of taking couragious action by myself and i need to be look for someone to protect me.I have been taught that i am not physically strong or capable of fighting back on men grievances and any attempt to do so will be laughed at and bring more ridicule to me.I have been taught that im not valuable except bringing dowry and therefore i am not worth fighting for and if something bad happens to me it is because i invited it,asked for it,was too stupid to prevent it,should have expected it and overall deserved it.I need education,i need mentors,i need more women coming together to build my inner power so that i can fight back"

As the new year starts,support safe spaces girls to build the power to fight this war.Its everywhere not only in our place.

33 girls need support with school fees,school materials and school transport to complete their High school education and continue pursuing their dreams.They can only start fighting back if they have the right skills.If me and you join hand together to change their lives.Be part of the change you want to see in the world.


Happy new year

women forum on extremism
women forum on extremism
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