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The vision of Pro-Microfinance International is to be a pioneering microfinance institution in Africa, by providing financial services to the most inaccessible regions of the continent. Using local social networks and in-kind loans, Pro-Microfinance International will be able to provide desperately needed credit and income generation assistance to those underserved by formal credit systems.Pro-Microfinance International's mission is to empower women and men irrespective.
Dec 30, 2011

Thank You for Your Support in 2011

Dear Supporters,

 Before 2011 comes to a close, we would like to thank you for your support to hundreds of families this year. During 2011, PMI expanded its loan programs to serve over 300 families in Butembo, North Kivu, hiring additional staff and gaining new volunteers in the United States.  

Mama Monique Kavuo, a real artist who makes, chains, bracelets, beaded baskets, carpets from wasted plastic bottles.

This Christmas, PMI clients will be able to impress their friends and families in a manner they were not able to last year, including purchasing new clothes for their children with savings from their businesses, and hosting visitors without preoccupation of the financial costs incurred. These important milestones bring dignity and pride to families previously displaced and separated by conflict.

This holiday season, I would like to encourage you to give a gift that will change forever the life for those in greatest need. Your gift today will bring a smile back to a women and her family.


John S. Kavyavu

Executive Director

Pro-Microfinance International

Sep 26, 2011

PMI Success Story from the field

Maman Musa poses with three of her children
Maman Musa poses with three of her children


Thanks to You, Some Good News!

In this issue:

  • ·         Maman Musa’s Road to Recovery
  • ·         Happy Hour for Humanity
  • ·         Make a Lasting Difference with a recurring donation through PayPal

 Maman Musa’s Road to Recovery


Maman Musa became a widow in January of 2011, at age 32 when her husband was assassinated by the military in Eastern DR Congo. Maman’s husband, a money exchanger in the town of Butembo, had just returned home from visiting his wife in the hospital. Maman’s husband was in bed the night three military men broke into their house, and locked three of the family’s children and babysitter in the kitchen. After robbing Maman’s husband, the men shot him in front of their fourth child, a 6 year old boy.

Living far from her parent’s family with four children to take care of, Maman Musa began continuing the work of her husband; borrowing money from money-lenders, changing it at a minimal profit, and returning it within a short time period. Despite her hard work, she was barely able to feed her family, and her hopes to send her children to school gradually faded.

Maman Musa poses with three of her children, while one daughter is in school

When a local website published her story, Pro-Microfinance DR Congo staff contacted her to offer her training and loan services. After hearing her story from a conversation with PMI Chief Executive Director, one of our donors made a pledge of $200 contribution towards Maman Musa’s business. In March 2011 she got the $ 200 and now Maman Musa is financially stable and all her children are going to school. Maman Musa, was able to transform her situation from housewife dependent on her husband, and victim of the war in DR Congo, to a successful entrepreneur supporting her family. This is just one of the many success stories PMI has co-created thanks to your support.

Happy Hour for Humanity

 A “Happy Hour for Humanity” organized by Brianne Dornbush was held at the Getaway Bar and Restaurant in Washington DC, for Pro-Microfinance International on Tuesday 26th, 2011. A portion of the of sales from drinks at the  bar were donated to PMI.


The event lasted four hours, and was the first event of its kind in the DC area. Both long-time supporters of Pro-Microfinance as well as new faces, attended; this was an opportunity for both the Getaway Bar and Restaurant and Pro-Microfinance to gain new supporters. Pro-Microfinance wishes to thank everyone who attended and made the event a success, and sends a huge thanks to Brianne for all her work in making it happen.

Top and bottom: PMI Board members and supporters at the Getaway Bar and Restaurant, Washington DC

New: Making a Long-Term Difference with a recurring donation through PayPal or


We invite you to become a monthly donor to PMI. Recurring donations are simple to set up, and can be cancelled at any time. By setting up your regular gift by Direct Debit on PayPal, we will be able to help even more small business owners in DR Congo work their way out of poverty:

  • $5 can fund financial training for one woman.
  • $10 can train a woman in new skills such as soap-making.
  • $20 can fund start up capital for one woman.
  • $50 can fund a sewing machine for a micro enterprise business.

To make a tax-deductible donation please go to:


or send a check to:


Pro-Microfinance International

7777 Maple Ave #208

Takoma Park, MD 20912


Thank you for your generosity and continued support for the women and families in DR Congo. Our success is a result of your united efforts. 




John Syauswa,

Founder & CEO, ProMicrofinace International


Maman Musa
Maman Musa
PMI Board members and Supporters at the Getaway DC
PMI Board members and Supporters at the Getaway DC
PMI Board members and Supporters at the Getaway DC
PMI Board members and Supporters at the Getaway DC
Jul 7, 2011

Pro-Microfinance International Quaterly Newsletter

PMI Training on Microfinance Concepts and Tools
PMI Training on Microfinance Concepts and Tools


  • Global Giving April Fundraising Challenge
  • Success story: The Soap Maker 
  • Partnership with non-profit organization supporting rape survivors in North Kivu
  • Cedar Lane Church (Bethesda, Maryland) features Pro-Microfinance during fundraising event
  • PMI Training on Microfinance Concepts and Tools

 April Global Giving Challenge: Thanks to your support, Pro-Microfinance exceeded the fundraising goal by raising $4,075 from 68 donors during the month of April through the Global Giving April Challenge and secured a permanent spot on the website. This was a unique opportunity for the organization to use social media to raise its profile and access a renowned online community. The donations received have been used  to implement loans programs for three new groups of 23 women who have been waiting for a loan a while ago after their approval. Their training cost was taken care of as well.

Success Story of the Soap MakerMaman Katungu Kyarambi is a soap maker working with her husband at home. They started their soap-making business, Mileto Soap, with her first loan of $50 from Pro-Microfinance DRC in March 2010. Initially, they produced two boxes of soap per day to sell in the community. Two months later, after re-paying their original loan in full, they qualified for a $100 loan. Four months afterward, they were approved for their third loan, of $200. In order to meet the growing demand for the high-quality product, in March 2012, the entrepreneurs took out a fourth loan of $400 in order to increase production (12 months after their first loan). Today, the couple is planning to increase production even further. The couple is currently working on a business plan with the help of PMI loan officer and will apply for a $1000 loan, which would be used to purchase a mixer and employ two employees from the community.

If you or your friends and family would like to make a donation to support these women who are rebuilding their lives, please donate at the following link:

New partnership with Women Committed to the Promotion of Integral HealthIn North Kivu in the territory of Lubero, many women have been victims of sexual violence. Through the non-profit organization Femmes Engagées pour la Promotion de la Santé Intégrale ("FEPSI”) “Women Committed to the Promotion of Integral Health”, women receive a wide range of medical, psychological and social services. Pro-Microfinance DRC is developing a partnership with this organization in order to provide for the economic reintegration of these women. Successful soap-maker Maman Katungu Kyarambi, has volunteered to train 21 women in her soap making business. At the conclusion of the training, the top graduates will receive their first loan to start their own soap-making business.

 Cedar Lane Church (Bethesda, Maryland) features Pro-Microfinance during fundraiser: Pro-Microfinance USA was invited to participate in the “Harambe” event at Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church of Bethesda in Maryland. The event featured a traditional storyteller from Ghana, African cuisine, and brought together several non-profits working with African entrepreneurs, including John Syauswa Kavyavu, CEO of Pro-Microfinance who spoke to the audience about Pro-Microfinance International. Many thanks to Annette Scapritta who organized the event as a celebration of her birthday that made a difference.

 PMI Training on Microfinance Concepts and Tools: In an effort to raise awareness and build capacity on microfinance in North Kivu, DR Congo, Pro-Microfinance launched a monthly training program that benefits all its current and potential clients. The first session took place from June 24- 25, 2011 with over 42 attendees. During the training participants learned what is microfinance and how PMI’s microfinance services can help them start or grow their own small businesses and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. They also learned the importance of forming or joining Solidarity groups and how to hold meetings in their own groups. A detailed description of services provided by Pro-Microfinance DR Congo was given to them: In-kind loans, cash loans, savings, etc. Attendees were satisfied with the training and expressed interest to participate in future trainings organized by PMI. Refreshments were offered at the end by PMI to provide the opportunity for participants to network and exchange best practices.

Special thanks to those of you, who have contributed to the women and families who benefit from our loan programs. Pro-Microfinance International’s success is a result of your efforts. Your ongoing interest and support is helping to change the face of poverty in DR Congo, one life at a time. 

In Appreciation, 

John Syauswa Kavyavu                                                                                                                                      Founder & CEO ProMicrofinance International

PMI Training
PMI Training
PMI Trainer
PMI Trainer

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