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Our vision is the world where every child grows up in a lovely and secure family. Mission. We professionally assist families, communities and governments in their work to ensure the rights of every child to live and develop in safe and secure family environments. Our main focus until 2015 is to prevent separation of children from families and placement in institutional care; support and strengthening parental capacities of vulnerable families; support to children leaving care.
Nov 14, 2013

Behind every happy child is a hero parent

Taras and Tetyana Gursky, emergency foster carers
Taras and Tetyana Gursky, emergency foster carers

Meet Tetyana and Taras Gursky – short-term and emergency foster carers. They are one of the three families involved in the work of the “Vital Emergency Fostering for Children in Ukraine” project. For less than $30 a day the Gursky family provide 24/7 care and support to children who are in need of urgent protection due to cases of severe neglect, child abuse or abandonment. Their endless amount of energy and enthusiasm is multiplied by your kind donations – this yields great results which we are thankful for.

Over the past two years of the Gursky family has welcomed 8 children. Most of them have been removed from their biological families because of the potential threats to their lives. A mother of a one-month-old baby boy Oleg* has abandoned him in the maternity ward. While the project workers have been looking for potential adoptive parents, Oleg was looked after by the Gursky family. For 6 of the other children it was a similar story: two-and-a-half-year-old Artur* and his one-year-old little brother Zhenia*, two-and-a-half-year-old Glib* and his 18 months-old sister Marina*, as well as siblings Natasha* (three months old) and Vadim* (three years old). They have all been discovered by the social services while their biological parents – heavily abusing alcohol – by the time of the visit were missing. Next followed children’s placements with Mr and Mrs Gursky who have been working on restoring sometimes vitally missing motor and developmental skills of the children, but also filled each one of them with security and love they were all deprived of at those early stages of their lives. 

Tetyana Gursky, an emergency foster carer from Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Region, Ukraine says: “My work spurs this sense of vigour inside me every day. Otherwise, it would be impossible to work in tandem with social workers and biological parents of the fostered children for the families to be reunited again." In the end of September 2013, a five-month-old baby girl has been placed into the care of the Gursky family. Her mother Liuda, a young student without a partner or any support network decided to abandon her newly born baby girl. “I am sure that these are the consequences of post-natal depression, - says Mrs Gursky. She will take her time and change her mind eventually. Most importantly, she has to realise that there is help available. We are the help.”

In order to be able to continue this life-saving work, families like Taras and Tetyana Gursky need your support. So please donate whatever you can afford and tell everyone you know about this great cause.

We thank you immensely!


* All names of the children have been changed to protect confidentiality. 

Emergency fostering: first results
Emergency fostering: first results


Sep 23, 2013

Off to a good start

Young care leavers are enjoying summer camp 2012
Young care leavers are enjoying summer camp 2012

Dear friends and supporters,

It is always the start that requires the greatest effort. I am deeply moved, as I am writing these words, because thanks to your support we have reached our goal and raised the 8,000 USD needed to help 180 Ukrainian orphans leaving institutional care. We are thankful to each and every one of our 116 supporters!

The money you have been helping us to raise since December 2011 was used towards organising 2 summer camps for 80 young people in May 2012 and May 2013, conducting 152 meetings of the youth clubs for 60 care leavers during January - May 2012 and September 2012 - May 2013 school terms, participating at the International Training of Children and Young People in Alternative Care, as well as renovating accommodation for 2 young people who left care in 2012. Below, you can see the detailed breakdown of how we spent donations recieved from you through GlobalGiving

Thanks to the money donated, we were able to conduct life-changing work with young people leaving orphanages in 4 areas of Kyiv Region. They received professional encouragement and support, were taught social, vocational and independent living skills – this gave them a better position and ensured a smooth transition into independent life. Here is what care leavers say about the “Sure Start” Program themselves:

“For me, youth club meetings always mean interesting time, much fun and support” -  Olia, 15 (second to the left)

"Thanks to the “Sure Start”, I was able to make new friends and meet many interesting people." - Sasha, 17 (second to the right)

"I learnt how to make the first step towards the problems and how not to be afraid of obstacles and failures." - Oleg, 16 (on the right)

"Great time, friendly atmosphere, lots of new and interesting things. I like being able to speak up and to be heard." - Katia, 17 (on the left)

We are also excited to report about fantastic progress with renovation of the care-leaver’s accommodation. Just over a year ago we wrote about Nina, 20 who was supported by “Sure Start” in a battle over a 2-room apartment which belonged to her but was taken away by dishonest relatives. When she finally won it back, the flat needed a complete renovation. GlobalGiving donations have contributed towards reparation of Nina’s accommodation. Please see the amazing results of the hard work on the photos below. Despite the hard times, Nina is looking forward to her future with great optimism and much appreciation: "My social worker is my blessing - together with her I managed to overcome all difficulties. This person made me believe in my better and bright future." We can also add that it would not be possible without your generous support and donations.

In the related news, we have launched a new GlobalGiving project providing emergency fostering for children who are in need of urgent protection We hope you continue to support our projects that are close to your hearts.

Meanwhile, you can follow the updates on “Sure Start” in 2013-2014 on our Facebook page – your feedback is very welcome! Once again, we thank each one of you for giving Ukrainian orphans a sure start in life.

/With best regards,

Vasylyna Dybaylo

Project Leader

Nina's apartment before renovation in 2012
Things are in progress (winter 2013)
Things are in progress (winter 2013)
Nina and her social worker, proud of great results
Nina and her social worker, proud of great results
Looking forward to bright future (summer 2013)
Looking forward to bright future (summer 2013)


Aug 14, 2013

Spread the word: "Fostering works"

Recent pictures made by Alina, 9.
Recent pictures made by Alina, 9.

This summer has brought us another amazing story that we cannot wait to share with you. When Social Services discovered nine year old Alina*, she was living in a tent with her Mum and a dozen of other construction workers in the middle of the building site in one of the recently developed residential areas in Kyiv, Ukraine. The girl knew her own name and the names of her parents, but that was about it. At the age of 9, Alina has never been to school and lived in the constant fear of being discovered by the police and sent to an orphanage.

Thanks to the work of the “Vital Emergency Fostering for Children in Ukraine” project and your kind donations, Alina has been placed into a loving foster care family who started gradual but persistent work with the girl to develop her handwriting and reading skills. By August, Alina was able to read fluently in both Russian and Ukrainian. She could also write short sentences and was keen on drawing beautiful bright pictures, full of flowers, hearts and kittens.

After her placement into short-term foster care in May 2013, Alina has also received professional psychological treatment to help a girl overcome permanent frustration and anxiety and to cope with the nightmares. She has had a full medical examination to retrieve her immunisation history and completed medical tests needed for school that hopefully she will start this September. 

Staying in the short-term foster care gives a girl hope to reunite with her Mum who is currently overcoming the problems that have separated them. Natalia, Alina's biological Mum, with support of the project worker, has renewed her passport, Alina’s birth certificate and other paperwork needed for a girl to be able to go to school for the first time in her life. At the moment Natalia is undergoing rehabilitation course from her alcohol dependence. Both Alina and her Mum are looking forward to their big future together. “I miss Mummy and once she finds a new house for us I want to show her my new school and to make her proud”, - says Alina. 

Alina is just one of the many children this project is supporting. As little as $28 will cover a salary for a foster carer to look after children like Alina who are in need of urgent protection. By supporting this project, you are not only helping to ensure this caring families work, but also enable parents in difficult life situations who are not able to look after their own kids to rebuild their lives and to begin their stories anew and together. Please spare whatever you can - be it your time, donation, sharing this link on your blogs, social networks, just merely bringing us up in a conversation - everything would count! Spread the word and the fostering WILL work. 

Thanks to all who are making happy endings to our stories possible.

 *The name has been changed to protect a child’s confidentiality.  

Alina's pictures before placement in foster care
After receiving professional help pictures changed
After receiving professional help pictures changed


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