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Our vision is the world where every child grows up in a lovely and secure family. Mission. We professionally assist families, communities and governments in their work to ensure the rights of every child to live and develop in safe and secure family environments. Our main focus until 2015 is to prevent separation of children from families and placement in institutional care; support and strengthening parental capacities of vulnerable families; support to children leaving care.
Feb 12, 2014

A story about a little boy who deseperately needs a new Mommy and Daddy

Meet Misha who is looking for a new Mommy & Daddy
Meet Misha who is looking for a new Mommy & Daddy

This is a story about a kind and polite little boy who deseprately needs a new Mommy and Daddy. Today, we can make this happen with your help.

Meet Misha*, a 4-year-old boy found on the streets of Kyiv one night, early October 2013. He was neglected by his mother who had recently returned from prison for the fourth time and experienced problems with drugs and alcohol. Misha’s Grandmother, who had been looking after the boy all this time, died unexpectedly in September 2013, just one month after Misha’s fourth birthday. That’s how he appeared on the streets of a residential suburban area of the Ukrainian capital that October night, cold, abandoned and all alone against the whole wide world.

Thanks to the work of the “Vital Emergency Fostering for Children in Ukraine” project and your generous donations, instead of staying in a shelter until further indefinite placement in the institutional care, Misha has found a loving home with the short-term and emergency foster carers: Natalia and Anatoliy. On the first days of his stay in a new home, Misha managed to surprise his foster parents by completely ignoring a big box with toys. “It seems that nothing interested Misha: neither toys nor playing with other children outside. Instead, he has spent ages writing letters to imaginary friends, making collages and drawings.” - says Natalia, his temporary “Mommy”. Creativity has most probably saved Misha from the trauma of separation with a significant family member who his late Grandma was. Misha does not remember his father; he does not like talking about his Mom or her partner. Because of the way the childcare system works in Ukraine, his 12-year-old stepbrother has been placed in the orphanage and has only few chances to be reintegrated with Misha again.

Two months later, the social services have confirmed inability of Misha’s biological mother to look after the boy in the future. The project workers are now in the process of looking for a permanent care solution for a boy: an adoptive or a lon-term foster family. “Misha is a very kind and polite little boy, who is very curious about each new day in this world. The only thing is, he just desperately needs a new Mommy and Daddy.” – says his short-term foster carer Natalia.

We know for sure how to make it happen. All we need is your help. Today is a Bonus Day on This means that every donation made will be 30% matched by the pledge. It also means that your help to children in need will go even further to ensure that this life-saving work is there 24/7.

  • It takes less than $10 to provide accommodation and food for children like Misha for 1 day.
  • And only $200 can keep children like Misha in urgent need of our support safe in a safe and secure family for 1 month.

So please donate whatever you can today, Wednesday, February 12 starting at 9:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM GMT at until the matching funds lasts. Hurry up and please tell everyone you know about this cause, too.

We thank you for your generosity. On behalf of Misha and every child in need. 

* The names have been changed to protect a child's confidentiality. 

He is very curious, kind and polite little boy
He is very curious, kind and polite little boy
Misha use creativity to overcome separation trauma
Misha use creativity to overcome separation trauma
He doesn
He doesn't like talking about biological parents
Around Christmas he learnt he needs a new family
Around Christmas he learnt he needs a new family
With your help we can find Misha his new Mom & Dad
With your help we can find Misha his new Mom & Dad
Feb 12, 2014

Lights! Camera! Youth in Action!

Dear Youth 4 Youth Project supporter,

We are pleased to share our first report on the transformational journey of 300 young Ukrainian orphans in becoming active, empowered and contributing citizens of society. So far, we have managed to reach over 10% of the funds needed. During November 2013 - January 2014, there was a first series of 40 training sessions held in 12 regions across Ukraine (all represented equally geographically), covering 243 young people between the ages of 14 to 18.

Training to develop leadership potential and life skills that young care leavers will need for their transition into independence has become the first phase of the three-stream interconnected project stages. The other two will be scheduled for later this year and will include peer-to-peer work using training course handouts, which nurture young people’s new-found capacities and participation of 20 of the most active young leaders in the Youth Summit.

“Informal training of the young 15-16 year olds who spent their entire lives in the repressive system of orphanages is something that happens to many of them possibly for the first time in their lives”, - says Valentyna, one of the youth trainers from Zhytomyr, a city in the north-west of Ukraine. “To imagine, that someone could talk to those children about their personalities, positive self-awareness, leadership, contribution to the community or empowerment is something far beyond their imagination.she adds.

“I couldn’t believe that most of the boys and girls in my group could not find any positive characteristics of themselves, resorting to some rather harsh descriptions as “freaks from the orphanages” – admits Olga, another youth facilitator. “This is where along with motivation and coaching, de-stigmatisation of youth in care comes in handy.”

As for the young care-leavers themselves, these are just few of their reflections after the first phase of the training:

  • “The information I learnt was important for me and for my future. Now I know that leaving care is not just my “release to freedom”, everything depends upon me and my responsibility to make the right decisions and choices.” – Marianna, 16
  • “What I liked the most was that we were able to share our views and express ourselves freely. Also, learning about job market was helpful indeed.” – Maxim, 15
  • “I attended the training hoping for some fun, new knowledge and  good company. I got it all and I’m eager for more.” – Ruslan, 15
  • “I enjoyed the positive vibe at the training. Through play, we learnt a lot of useful stuff about ourselves and our personalities. We are not enemies to ourselves and our past should not to be an obstacle in the future either.” – Stanislava, 17

As you can see from the recent events on the streets of Kyiv, inspired youth aspire changes, when thousands of young people rise up striving for their democratic rights and liberties, freedom and democracy. Imagine, what would it be if, instead of fighting for their rights, young people get empowered with opportunities for education and employment? This Wednesday, February 12 2014 young Ukrainians can get a chance to become active and contributing citizens by getting equipped with leadership and professional skills through education, training and volunteer activities. Today GlobalGiving will provide a 30% match to donations made on-line beginning at 9:00 AM EST / 1:00 PM GMT until available matching funds are spent. Please help us spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues who would like to make the kind of difference that you have made by supporting Ukrainian unprivileged youth through education, training and volunteer activities. Your generosity will allow 300 Ukrainian orphans become empowered with an opportunity to serve as the agents of social change in their communities. Just go to 

Together we can create brighter futures!

With many thanks for your support,

Vasylyna Dybaylo

Partnership for Every Child Director & Project Leader


Nov 14, 2013

Behind every happy child is a hero parent

Taras and Tetyana Gursky, emergency foster carers
Taras and Tetyana Gursky, emergency foster carers

Meet Tetyana and Taras Gursky – short-term and emergency foster carers. They are one of the three families involved in the work of the “Vital Emergency Fostering for Children in Ukraine” project. For less than $30 a day the Gursky family provide 24/7 care and support to children who are in need of urgent protection due to cases of severe neglect, child abuse or abandonment. Their endless amount of energy and enthusiasm is multiplied by your kind donations – this yields great results which we are thankful for.

Over the past two years of the Gursky family has welcomed 8 children. Most of them have been removed from their biological families because of the potential threats to their lives. A mother of a one-month-old baby boy Oleg* has abandoned him in the maternity ward. While the project workers have been looking for potential adoptive parents, Oleg was looked after by the Gursky family. For 6 of the other children it was a similar story: two-and-a-half-year-old Artur* and his one-year-old little brother Zhenia*, two-and-a-half-year-old Glib* and his 18 months-old sister Marina*, as well as siblings Natasha* (three months old) and Vadim* (three years old). They have all been discovered by the social services while their biological parents – heavily abusing alcohol – by the time of the visit were missing. Next followed children’s placements with Mr and Mrs Gursky who have been working on restoring sometimes vitally missing motor and developmental skills of the children, but also filled each one of them with security and love they were all deprived of at those early stages of their lives. 

Tetyana Gursky, an emergency foster carer from Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Region, Ukraine says: “My work spurs this sense of vigour inside me every day. Otherwise, it would be impossible to work in tandem with social workers and biological parents of the fostered children for the families to be reunited again." In the end of September 2013, a five-month-old baby girl has been placed into the care of the Gursky family. Her mother Liuda, a young student without a partner or any support network decided to abandon her newly born baby girl. “I am sure that these are the consequences of post-natal depression, - says Mrs Gursky. She will take her time and change her mind eventually. Most importantly, she has to realise that there is help available. We are the help.”

In order to be able to continue this life-saving work, families like Taras and Tetyana Gursky need your support. So please donate whatever you can afford and tell everyone you know about this great cause.

We thank you immensely!


* All names of the children have been changed to protect confidentiality. 

Emergency fostering: first results
Emergency fostering: first results


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