Smiles Forever

The Smiles Forever mission is to break the cycle of poverty by vocationally training young indigenous women to be dental hygienists in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We recognize women as the first socialization factor in the family. Enabling them to become financially self-sufficient, we are both creating female community leaders and bettering the lives of their children. Students give back to their community by providing free dental care at the school, burn center and rural communities.
Arco Iris boy's shelter & school
Nataniel Aguirre, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.39681, -66.15692)
Excombatiente, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.38545, -66.17838)
Dental Professional from the U.S. visited & instructed at the Smiles Forever school
Calama, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.39496, -66.14907)
Madre de Dios, Cochabamba, Bolivia clinic/school sponsored by Smiles Forever
F. Salinas, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.38119, -66.16430)
Near the Dental Hygienist school for Young Indigenous Women
Avenida Guillermo Urquidi, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.39430, -66.14295)
Organization Headquarters Address
104 Rainier Avenue South, Renton, WA 98057, USA
(47.48288, -122.21706)
Our Dental Hygienist School's location
Mayor Rocha, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.39053, -66.16402)
Outlying village area we want to bring dental care to with your help
William Shakespeare, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.33798, -66.15162)
Cercado, Bolivia
(-14.55027, -63.98438)
Remote Bolivian Village outside Cochabamba
601, Bolivia
(-18.38442, -67.89551)
Smiles Forever Community Service Clinic, Cochabamba, Bolivia
F. Salinas, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.38119, -66.16430)
Smiles Forever Dental Clinic
Avenida Siglo XX, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.42160, -66.13804)
Tiquipaya, Bolivia a village where Smiles Forever gives free dental treatments
Calle Junin, Tiquipaya, Bolivia
(-17.33564, -66.21689)
Vacinity of Cochabama dental hygienist school
Sucre, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.39370, -66.14554)
free dental clinic for under-served Indigenous Community
25 De Abril, Cochabamba, Bolivia
(-17.38712, -66.18811)

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