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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their communities. Global Grassroots' work is guided by four core values that form our theory of change: 1. Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change. 2. One of the most effective levers of social change is a woman with the capability, resources, power, courage and inner commitment to initiate positive change for herself and others. 3. Sustaining and accelerating conscious social change requires investment in supporting, civil society architecture. 4. Mind-body trauma healing plus t...
Jul 2, 2013

70 Receive Training to End Violence Against Women

Conflicts Over Property Often Triggers Violence
Conflicts Over Property Often Triggers Violence

In the rural district of Kibuye, the 16 members of APROFER noticed that conflict over property often escalated into violence and resulted in the disenfranchisement of women. Although there are laws in Rwanda regarding women’s property rights, too few people in this community were aware of them.

Through your generous donations, representatives of this team were able to attend the Academy for Conscious Change and receive high-engagement support to develop their social venture into a sustainable, locally owned organization to address this issue.

In the last quarter, this team provided training to 70 individuals on laws regarding property rights, and how to fight against the violence that often ensues from conflicts over property.  Of the 70 people who received this training, 54 of them reported that they had a new understanding of women’s rights to property and to be safe from violence. APROFER is also working at creating new expectations in the next generation, and worked with 20 local youth, engaging them in debate and discussion.

This team is continuing to make home visits to families struggling with conflicts over property. They are using their training to train others and have reached more than 500 to date. We applaud them and invite you to help support more locally-lead initiatives that are building peace and improving the lives of women in post-conflict Africa.  

Jul 2, 2013

Women Feel Empowered to Speak Out

In the last three months, this team, working on gender-based violence, has had a profound effect on the lives of 20 local women who received their training on women's rights. These beneficiaries report that they no longer feel afraid to come forward when they experience domestic abuse or denial of their rights. They no longer feel they must suffer in silence. 

The Relax team has also bought airtime on local radio to broadcast public service announcements to help end gender-based violence. Additionally, they were able to purchase and distribute 23 pigs and piglets to local women in order to help alleviate poverty and malnutrition by providing manure for crops. 


Jul 2, 2013

Building Partnerships to Defend Women's Rights

Learning at the Academy For Conscious Change
Learning at the Academy For Conscious Change

Part of the training that teams receive at the Academy for Conscious Change is in the importance of creating strategic partnerships with other stakeholders within a community. This helps form a network of people addressing the issue at different levels, raises awareness about the issue, and helps ensure community support for the venture. 

Have Pity and Compassion, a team working in the rural community of Mutara District in Rwanda to fight violence against women and promote women's land right have been putting that lesson into action. 

On June 17 they met with the Justice & Peace Commission at the Kabgayi Diocese to share their work and build common ground. The Commission was moved by the work they have been doing already to reduce violence and agreed to partner with them, creating a club called The Path of Peace. This anti-violence club will educate children about women's rights so that the next generation can grow up with greater expectations of equality. 20 Children are already participating in this project, and the team was able to visit the homes of the 11 families where the children come from to reinforce the message throughout the entire family. 

We invite you to continue to support these change agents and others like them by making a donation. 

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