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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports conscious social change for grassroots women and girls in post-conflict communities worldwide. Our purpose is to catalyze the development of conscious communities of change agents who will work independently, collectively and systemically to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls. Global Grassroots' work is guided by four core values that form our theory of change: 1. Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change. 2. One of the most effective levers of social change is a woman with the capability, resources, power, courage and inner commitment ...
Apr 10, 2013

Celebrating International Women's Day

The Have Pity and Compassion team joined their sisters across the world when they participated in International Women’s Day on March 8. In partnership with other local leaders, they organized a community event to raise awareness about women’s contributions both in and out of the home. Women’s work has too often been undervalued globally, so recognizing the value of women’s contribution is a crucial step towards gender equity. Four hundred and fifty women attended and heard this message. Recognizing that engaging the next generation of women is a key to social change, they organized information sessions with 120 school-aged girls, emphasizing governmental programs that provide them access to educational opportunities. They also organized a public discussion to educate women about opportunities to advance their well being in both their professional and personal lives.

Apr 4, 2013

New academic year 2013 for Rwandan Women in our literacy program has started!


Dear sir/ Madam,

Thank you for your great support for helping women from our community to learn reading, writing, and calculating.

We are very grateful that due to your donations we were able to reach all the goals that we shared with you in our previous report.

We are very happy to inform you that on February 4, 2013 we have started our new academic year with 20 adult women from our community.

The women are completing their first term program this April. This year’s students are amazingly unique and impressive. In the first term the majority of our students are able to read and write all alphabets from A up to Z. They understand well how to exercise their rights. They have started practicing in class how to speak, discuss, and debate on different topics which prepare them for being able to stand in public and claim their rights. The most impressing thing is that all students attend every day on time from Monday to Friday. They motivated and very interested in learning, for preparing their future. They want to learn business skills so that they can know how to come up with innovative income generating activities.

Some women from our program have been giving testimonials about their expectations about our program in their lives. Mukankuranga Jeannette said:" I decided to join this literacy program, because I appreciate the impact of this project in the lives of my neighbors from this class. Usually I never direct myself as I could not read a road post. Apart from that I use to ask my neighbor to read for me letters I receive from my friends. I fear to participate in local meetings. I use to give more than required balance to my customers in my selling cassava flour business which makes me always have shortfalls. My neighbor from this program does all these things without any problem. I wish at the end of this program I will be able to do all that things by my own and have no problem concerning with illiteracy".


The following are the challenges that we have:

  • Although there is a difference from last year, we are still unable to regularly pay the teachers' salaries.
  • We are still having shortfalls in our monthly operating costs such as buying chalks, books, etc
  • We are still unable to get teaching materials including instructional materials for a better undestanding.

The following are the plan we have for the second term 2013:

  • We are still renting the costumes of the dancing troop that helps us in fundraising.
  • Teaching students how to make a sentence.
  • Teaching women’s rights, and business skills.
  • Buying teaching materials.
  • Organizing different fundraising strategies.

We can't thank you enough for your consistent collaboration. We really appreciate it very much.

Don’t you think that a woman is the first person who can effectively do family management? What do you think can be added in our project program as innovation?

Thank you again for your support to our program!

Apr 4, 2013

Teach Rwandan women to use unused ressources!

Joyce who gave us her testimonial
Joyce who gave us her testimonial

Dear sir/ Madam,

Gratefully we thank you for your donation, because we were able to support our all beneficiaries that were mostly affected by poverty and malnutrition in their household. Today we can start enjoying the impact of our project.

Happily we inform you that during these last three months we have served 25 orphans and 25 widows. The service we gave them was to we gave them trainings about having a nutritious meal and starting an income generating activity. In addition to that we taught them how to grow mushrooms and learn a skill of making jewelries such as necklaces out of papers.


Joyce Uwamariya one of our widows said” God bless this project and whoever support it, because I could not imagine my life without it. My child was almost dying, and these people of God gave me mushrooms and now the child is healthy. In addition to that, they taught me how to grow them. I can sell some, and eat the rest. I am getting the beauty of life, because of what I learnt from here. Thank you Charlotte, your project helped me when I was about to give up to life.”

The following are the challenges that we have:

  • We receive a lot of request from widows and orphans girls from our community who want and really need our service. We want to recruit other women, but financially we can’t now.
  • Getting all training materials is still a challenge for our venture
  • Paying regularly the trainer is also a big challenge to our venture’s progress

Although we encounter challenges, we still set goals, strive to achieve them, and have plans.

We plan to:

  • Recruit another session of 25 widows and 25 orphans to benefit from our programs
  • Conduct community sensitization about having a nutritious meal as it has become a big issue in our community
  • Teaching people about women’s rights, and business skills on the public meeting or on (umuganda) community service days.
  • Teaching our beneficiaries waving using Rwandan grasses that were used long ago in the past.

What do you think about our project? Can we give up on widow who are about to commit suicide, just because her children are dying of hunger in her eyes? Do we have to let young girls stop dreaming of a bright future, because they got undesired pregnancies and have no one else to care about them? Don’t you think teaching skills to the poor can lift her from her poverty?

Thank you again for your support to our program!

Charlotte at home of one beneficiary
Charlotte at home of one beneficiary
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