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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to catalyze women and girls as leaders of conscious social change in their communities. Global Grassroots' work is guided by four core values that form our theory of change: 1. Deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to social change. 2. One of the most effective levers of social change is a woman with the capability, resources, power, courage and inner commitment to initiate positive change for herself and others. 3. Sustaining and accelerating conscious social change requires investment in supporting, civil society architecture. 4. Mind-body trauma healing plus t...
Apr 1, 2014

20 Women Win Certificates in Literacy Training

Literacy program supported by this dance troupe
Literacy program supported by this dance troupe


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Thank you for your great support.

We are excited to let you know that the fourth graduation of 20 women in our program happened on February 28, 2014 and new academic year 2014 started on March 3, 2014

In the previous report we were in preparation of fourth graduation. All the women received their certificates They are now able to read, write and calculate, they also understand well how to exercise their rights, and they have enough knowledge about small business skills.

The most impressing thing is that all the students succeed well; no student got less than seventy five percent (75%) in the exam, on the graduation day the women read and write down in front of local leaders and other invitees. This was to test their knowledge that enables them to receive certificates.

The women gave testimonials about the impact of our program in their lives, one of the beneficiaries said “before joining this literacy program I was unable to direct my self as I could not read a road post. I couldn’t vote my self, I feared participating in local meetings, I used to give more than required balance to my customers in my selling shoes business. Now I have no more problems related to being illiterate I even have my own bank account to save my money”.

The following are challenges that we have:

  •        We are still unable to regularly pay the teacher’s salaries
  •        We are still having shortfalls in our monthly operating costs such as buying chalks, books etc…
  •        We are still renting some costumes of dancing troop that helps us in fundraising.

The following are plan we have in this new academic year 2014 for Rwandan women to read, write calculate:

  •        As usual teaching 20 adult women from our community: reading, writing and calculation and providing training about their rights and business skills.
  •        Starting new program of teaching English to adult women in this academic year 2014

Don’t you think that our program is of great value? What do you think about our plan?

Thank you again for your support to our program!

Mar 25, 2014

20 Women Join Land Circle Groups

Dear Friends: 

We are pleased to provide you with a final update on APROFER.  Though this Venture's profile will be retired through Global Giving, it will continue to work to prevent violence against women specifically relating to the issue of property ownership. APROFER also remains focused on the issue women face in their households when they have no right to speak out about family issues and/or control of their family finances.

Currently the team reports that they faced two obstacles described below but nevertheless continue to make progress on their mission.

In their words, " we are running a workshop and public talk on violence with community members. We have helped 30 couples so far since last year, and 20 of them have decided to join land circles groups.  We always meet every the other week. We have a group of 21 women who formed a project that produce cheese. We have a promise of a fund that will help our project to keep running, however, we had a challenge of not given a standard of certificate to be able to supply our cheeses at the markets. That fund is still in process but once we got it will enable us to proceed with certificate and rehabilitate our center.  At the end, we want to recruit more members to expand our business project." 

The team members also reported that they visited the youth couples that they trained from previous training workshops and 4 couples are acting as good example in their communities.

The group reports that their achievements have been hampered not only by the certification issue for their cheese but also by challenges they have faced with their car. They are trying to raise money so that transportation no longer creates an obstacle to their progress.

To those of you who have provided financial support for this group's work, thank you so much. It has made a significant difference.  In spite of the obstacles they have faced ithey continue to implement impressive work in their community.  They will plan to focus on finding sustainable financial solutions that will help them to continue their work of reducing violence in their communities. 



Feb 3, 2014

Training for 320 leaders,150 families, 20 schools

Following is a report direct from the venture leadership of Light in Our Home in Rwanda.  This venture will be deactivated following this report, as they have been fully funded and are fully operational.  We thank all of our donors for their generous support for making this project possible.  You have enabled over 320 leaders, 150 households and 20 high school clubs to benefit from gender-violence training in rural Rwanda.  We hope you enjoy this report from the field: 

Following is an update on the training project of women leaders that has been implemented under of RALGA (Reassembly Association of Local Government Authority) and Light in our Home. 

  • The mission of that Project was:  to enable women leaders to contribute in entire district development by provision of training on gender-based violence and good governance workshop that leads to the sustainable development.
  • Training has focused on following topics:

-       Provision of skills on good governance to the decision-making women, in order to better emphasize sustainable development.
-       Equipping women in EDPRS and presenting to them their contribution in those strategies implementation.
-       Organizing debates on problems related to the violence related to land property, property law and gender based violence law.
-       Encouraging women in their contribution in mobilizing or influencing community families on wellbeing (health nutrition and hygiene) 

  • Training has been conducted in 3 zones that equals to 9 sectors. Each zone benefited from training on items mentioned above for 2 days. 320 Women from different decision-making institutes have benefited from this 6 days training.
  • Achievement from previous activities: 
  •       Goats that have been awarded to 100 households, have been able to receive back 20 goats (kids) and we then awarded new goats to 15 more households.
  •       The awarding of goats was made to the households who showed the greatest behavior change, which has played a big role in improving understanding on the causes of violence, and many people are feeling more open to share their stories between each other. We have recorded a total of 150 households changed and improved in their relationship towards economical improvement; that Light in our Home has helped in getting out of violence through training, home visits and technical advisory support.
  •       We also reviewed operation of anti GBV clubs at schools. Most of the schools are still taking into consideration of establishment of the anti GBV clubs and we have more than 20 clubs in high schools that operate in Ruhango district, most of them are equipped in Gender Based Violence skills, to be able to do monitoring and educate the youth at high school level.

We thank you for your generous support, which has made this impact possible!

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